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Trending Cryptos on DEXTools – Top 10 List

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

DEXTools is a data aggregator platform that provides charts and prices for cryptos on the decentralized exchange Uniswap and SushiSwap. It has recently emerged and quickly gained a reputation alongside PooCoin (which displays price charts for PancakeSwap coins) as one of the best data aggregation platforms offering a go-to place for investors looking for the best crypto to trade.

This guide lists the top trending cryptos on DEX tools in February 2024, their USPs, and why they have gained the crypto crowd’s attention.

Top 10 Trending Cryptos on DEXTools in February 2024

Here are the then best cryptos that have recently been highlighted on the ‘hot pairs’ list on DEXTools and are among the best assets to buy today:

  • Sponge – High Potential Memecoin Trending #1 on DEXTools
  • PEPE – Fastest Memecoin to Reach $1 Billion Market Cap
  • LAMBO – A Decentralized Memecoin with an AutoBurn Mechanism
  • BOB – A PEPE That Everyone Loves
  • TURBO – A Token Created Using ChatGPT
  • Ribbit – A Trending Token With Little Information
  • MONG – Memecoin Representing Political Comedy
  • WOJAK – Project that Connects People Through Memes

Check out our full reviews of these trending cryptos on DEXtools below.

Trending Cryptos on DEXTools – A Complete Overview

Crypto rankings on the DEXTools chart shift rapidly, sometimes every minute. It is suitable for crypto investors who want to act fast according to the volatility of the crypto market and make gains quickly.

The tokens that we have listed are the ones that persist on DEXTools for the longest time. Many of these cryptocurrencies have only just recently arrived and, because of their strong fundamentals and the capacity to attract the crowd, have gained ground within the crypto space.

DEXTools is slowly becoming one of the most reliable data aggregation platforms – providing insight into the cryptos that might have momentary or long-term potential in the market.

Sponge – High Potential Memecoin Trending #1 on DEXTools

Sponge is a new entry to DEXtools that started trending on DEXTools within a couple of days of being launched. Being a memecoin created for the purposes of “entertainment only”, the only thing that pushed $SPONGE up was the high-octane nostalgic factor, leading it to get close to a $100 million market capitalization in less than three days before a retrace.

As well as Uniswap, Sponge is now listed on half a dozen exchanges, including MEXC, and may soon be listed on OKX and Bybit as its part of a ‘vote to list’ event on those leading platforms at the time of writing.

sponge token exchange listings

The sudden buying frenzy for $SPONGE has been attributed to the rise of tokens like PEPE, BONK, Turbo, and Wojak. These community-driven assets have been riding the high wave in which people are mostly interested in trending penny cryptos and internet memes.

Sponge has been inspired by the cartoon character – SpongeBob SquarePants – a quirky resident of Bikini Bottom, the town in the fictional underwater show. The show ran for 12 seasons and accumulated hundreds of millions of viewers across its lifetime. That instilled the token with a nostalgic factor that has helped Sponge reach triple-digit gains on a daily basis.

As well as trending on DEXTools, $SPONGE at points has been trending on CoinMarketCap and ranked among the top crypto gainers.

Buy Sponge

PEPE – Fastest Memecoin to Reach $1 Billion Market Cap

Trending at the #1 spot on DEXTools at press time is PEPE. PEPE is a memecoin inspired by the “PEPE The Frog”. It is this token that created the ripple effect across the crypto space that made memecoins so enticing. Shortly after its release in the middle of April 2023, PEPE quickly gained user attention and started climbing the price charts like no other.

Buy PEPE Token

Investors – whales and individuals alike – have come in droves to invest in that asset. And within a span of 21 days, PEPE crossed the $1 billion market capitalization. It was then that Binance took notice of this asset and listed it. 

PEPE is an entertainment asset that is moving up the charts through the sheer will of the community and the meme factor that’s dialed up to 11. But while there are no fundamentals for this token – or utilities to speak of – more and more investors are even investing in it today. And even though its value has dipped by 11% in the last 24 hours, the sell-off will likely slow down if more whales come around to balance the scales. 

At press time, Pepe is trading at $0.000002335 and maintaining a market capitalization of $914 million. This volatility of the market, coupled with people’s interest in this token, makes it the right pick who is still looking for gains. That said, the peak may have already been reached for this token.


LAMBO – A Decentralized Memecoin with an AutoBurn Mechanism

Coming at a number of #5 is LAMBO. LAMBO is a decentralized memecoin with auto-burn mechanics. It is a low-cap memecoin with over 3000 transactions and is maintaining a market capitalization of $8.19 million during press time.

LAMBO DEXTools trending

This token has been given a 99 out of 99 DEXT score, and its smart contract has been verified. Like most memecoins, it doesn’t impose any taxes. The LAMBO coin has been created to make the dream of owning a Lamborghini a reality for investors. The token has been generated so that enough returns so that investors can become rich enough to buy Lamborghinis.

All the tokens, LAMBO claims, have been locked inside an immutable liquidity pool that ensures that there are no rug pools. So far, that aspect has fostered investor confidence, leading LAMBO to reach its all-time high on 8th May 2023 before a retrace.

BOB – A PEPE That Everyone Loves

Another major memecoin trending on DEXTools is BOB. This token has also seen a major bullish move and, at press time, has shifted from ranking second to 4th to 10th within a matter of seconds. This token is purely a memecoin, with no highlighted utilities. However, despite that, there have been over 3000 transactions for this token as well in the past 24 hours alone. That means people are interested in what this minimalistic token has to offer – which is a sense of community underpinned by quirkiness.

BOB token

BOB’s icon looks pretty much like Pepe the Frog. Some might say that this token is trying to divert some of the attention PEPE has been getting towards itself. And when it comes to utilities, this token has none. But does call itself the “Future of Memecoins”. 

That said, this token has also had its contract verified and doesn’t have any buy or sell tax associated with it. It has a trust score of 84%. And while it was on a bull run until May 7th, 2023, the token has now started to retrace.

TURBO – A Token Created Using ChatGPT

TURBO is a memecoin created using the help of ChatGPT. This memecoin, like the rest, has no utility. However, this token is riding the wave of the novelty of being created using an AI tool – Chat GPT.

This is another token that was able to funnel some of the community interest in AI and memecoins into itself and was able to grow by a massive 13,174% over the course of 4 days.


Being the first memecoin created using AI, TURBO has inadvertently set the precedence for things to come. While it has no utility, such tokens can test the ability of AI tools to provide legit crypto-related solutions.

The token has also scored 99 out of 99 on DEXTools and 87% community test. It has a verified contract, and due to the community aspect as well as the AI-driven attribute, this token can potentially become the next big memecoin.

That said, the token is still new, and much has to be done for its ecosystem before we can consider it a viable crypto investment. Another thing to note is that after much uptick, the TURBO price has started to retrace.

Ribbit – A Trending Token With Little Information

Ribbit is a trending crypto on DEXToola and, at the time of writing, is the fourth hottest currency listed on the platform. However, there is little to no information available about this token on CoinMarketCap. Furthermore, CoinMarketCap has warned that the smart contract of this asset is not immutable; the owner can modify it easily.


That said, the little info mentioned on CoinMarketCap states that RIBBIT is a fair and transparent crypto with no pre-mine, no ICO, and no private sale. over 93% of the tokens are added to the liquidity pool, and 6.9% of these tokens are inside a multi-SIG wallet.

And the developers have stated that this token has no intrinsic value and has been designed for entertainment purposes only. That level of transparency is pushing this crypto forward.

The token was able to ride the new meme coin-specific bullish wave and went up by 1171% in a day. There have been more than 4.5k transactions for this asset in the last 24 hours alone. That said, the retrace of this token has also been big, which means it may be a rug pull. So, be careful when investing.

MONG – Memecoin Representing Political Comedy

MONG is a memecoin created as a parody of the incoherent ramblings of a US congressman. The information given to us about it on CoinMarketCap is a collection of hyperbole.

MONG Token

The official page states that MONG is an immortal token and is unaffected by bear or bull markets. Their purpose is to generate memes and bring the community together. That’s a fancy way of saying that this token has no intrinsic value other than the fact that it is a memecoin.

However, recent trends show that the crowd is still in a frenzy to buy this token. While there have been a couple of red candles in the price charts, the community and Twitter is still talking about it. Furthermore, there have been some people saying the MONG is being manipulated by whales.

It just goes to show that memecoins have been moving up too quickly as of late on the price charts. That means being careful should be your second nature when navigating the current crypto space.

WOJAK – Project that Connects People Through Memes

Wojak follows in the footsteps of PEPE tokens and focuses on creating a decentralized platform that allows people to connect through memes. Inspired by the popular internet meme of the same name, WOJAK is a memecoin with no utilities or taxes.

Wojak Memecoin

WOJAK was one of the first tokens that started to follow Pepe (PEPE) and climb the cryptocurrency charts. The asset is defined as a way to create a platform on which users can engage in a variety of activities, including sharing memes to express their creativity. The platform is set to feature an intuitive UI and makes it easy for people to engage with each other through memes.

Wojak is one of the few tokens with more than a 90% trust score on DEXTools. And the DEXT score given to this asset is 99 out of 99. Its smart contract is also verified. the token currently has a market cap of $28 million and is trading at $0.0004253 at press time.

What is DEXTools?

DEXTools, similar to CoinMarketCap, is a data aggregation website. However, the difference is that DEXTools focuses more on crypto price actions in the decentralized markets. Here, you’d find the best cryptos to buy on platforms such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, and other prevalent DEXs.

Also unlike CoinMarketCap, it’s possible to use DEXTools to buy cryptocurrency as it is directly integrated with decentralized exchanges.

What is DEXTools

All information that DEXTools provide is inclusive and simple to understand – although those completely new to investing may wish to read our beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency before getting started.

When opening the DEXTools website for the first time, you will see a DEXTboard. It contains all the info you need to decide on your next crypto investment. There are several sections on this board that highlight:

  1. Daily gainers
  2. Daily losers
  3. Recently Updated
  4. Hot pairs

The most significant among them is the hot pairs. It is a rapidly changing list showing you the real-time price increase or decrease in tokens. Short-term investors looking for the best cryptos for day trading should take notice.

Because of the constantly shifting rankings of cryptos in the “hot pairs” section, investors have to wait a while before deciding to invest. It is because DEXTools is a neutral platform, showing the price action of the crypto assets that have just entered. A few days ago, we also saw a few pump-and-dump cryptos trending. It was because many cryptos that entered Uniswap were hyped instantly, causing a pump before disappearing shortly after. Thankfully, the charts give you a clear picture of these cryptos.

Overall, DEXTools is suitable for crypto watchers who want to react quickly to the rapid changes in the crypto market and find the best tokens to trade.

However, the best part about DEXTools is the information provided below the price charts. You can look at the wallet addresses of the traders you admire. There is also a community-trust rating section that gives a crypto a community trust rating. Tamadoge has a 100% community rating here, which is why it is trending at the #1 position on DEXTools.

Hot Pairs on DEXTools: The Top Trending Cryptos

Suppose you are looking for a platform that gives you an honest answer about the top trending tools. DEXTools is the place to be. The “Hot Pairs” section gives you an honest look at trending cryptos on the platform.

As the crypto market is defined by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – you would find several cryptos entering the top 10 spots and shifting positions constantly. Most crypto investors who focus on trending cryptos can use this tool to select what to buy, inadvertently creating buying pressure and pumping the token.

That said, “Hot Pairs” have two definitions. These are not the tokens that might be making the most gains but are the ones who are seeing the most action; Sometimes, you might see a cryptocurrency there that might be the biggest loser of the day. This unbiased approach to dictating the trending tokens is why “Hot Pairs” is the best way to decide which crypto to invest in and which to leave behind.


You now know the top trending cryptos on DEXTools – ten of them. Remember, trending doesn’t mean that the token is the biggest gainer; it is making the most price action. The tokens that we discussed today were among them.

Therefore, be mindful of which cryptocurrency to support. Sponge token, for instance, is one of the top trending cryptos on DEXTools for all the right reasons. The token pumped by more than 10x before correcting. We believe it could appear on the “Daily gainers” section of the DEXTboard again soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which coin is the hottest pair on DEXTools right now?

At the time of writing, Sponge is the hottest pair on DEXtools. The project launched on Uniswap and went on a bull rally instantly and had its market cap raise closer to $50 million within 4 days of listing.