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Trending Cryptos on DEXTools – Top 10 List

DEXTools is a data aggregator platform that provides charts and prices for cryptos on the decentralized exchange Uniswap and SushiSwap. It has recently emerged and quickly gained a reputation alongside PooCoin (which displays price charts for PancakeSwap coins) as one of the best data aggregation platforms offering a go-to place for investors looking for the best crypto to trade.

This guide lists the top trending cryptos on DEX tools in November 2022, their USPs, and why they have gained the crypto crowd’s attention.

Top 10 Trending Cryptos on DEXTools in November 2022

Here are the then best cryptos that have recently been highlighted on the ‘hot pairs’ list on DEXTools and are among the best assets to buy today:

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – The Best Crypto Trending on DEXTools in 2022
  • DeFi Coin (DEFC) – A DeFi Crypto Focusing on a Simple to Use DEX Platform
  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – An NFT Competition Platform with Big Gains for Participants
  • The Genesis Block (GENBLOCK) – A New Crypto Asset Trending on DEXTools
  • Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) – The Governance Crypto of the Shibaswap Ecosystem
  • Terra (LUNA) – Native Token of the New Terra Ecosystem
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) – The World’s Second-Largest Memecoin
  • Manifold Finance (FOLD) – A DeFi Crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • ApeCoin (APE) – P2E Crypto Powering the BAYC Ecosystem
  • HEX (HEX) – A Certificate of Deposit on the Blockchain

Check out our full reviews of these trending cryptos on DEXtools below.

Trending Cryptos on DEXTools – A Complete Overview

Crypto rankings on the DEXTools chart shift rapidly, sometimes every minute. It is suitable for crypto investors who want to act fast according to the volatility of the crypto market and make gains quickly.

The tokens that we have listed are the ones that persist on DEXTools for the longest time. Many of these cryptocurrencies have only just recently arrived and, because of their strong fundamentals and the capacity to attract the crowd, have gained ground within the crypto space.

DEXTools is slowly becoming one of the most reliable data aggregation platforms – providing insight into the cryptos that might have momentary or long-term potential in the market.

Tamadoge – The Best Crypto Trending on DEXTools in 2022

The first coin on our list is Tamadoge. TAMA was listed on Uniswap (alongside OKX and other CEXes) in September 2022 and quickly began to trend as it returned almost 20x gains for its early presale investors.

At the time of writing TAMA is still one of the most trending cryptocurrency tokens on the DEXTools platform, and is also trending on crypto price tracking site CoinGecko, and Stocktwits.

DEXTools crypto price chart tamadoge

This crypto asset was introduced to the world as the “play to earn Dogecoin” and the native utility token an upcoming crypto game, allowing players to earn TAMA based on their skill.

Add the marketability of a memecoin with doge aesthetics, and we now have a crypto coinn that quickly became the most successful presale assets of 2022. Within 2 months, it raised 19 million USDT, surpassing the Ethereum ICO.

Tamadoge is also a metaverse crypto alongside a memecoin, with its plans to launch a ‘Tamaverse’ for its NFT-based game. Tamadoge was introduced as a presale shortly after Bitcoin hit the bear market bottom of 2022 – a time when people were looking for cryptocurrencies with more utilities than just trading and speculation. Within a week of completing its presale, Tamadoge was picked by OKX for its first listing, the world’s seventh biggest crypto exchange by market capitalization.

As both a CEX and DEX, OKX has now opened Tamadoge to more investors looking for the best cryptos to invest in. This play to earn crypto was then also listed on LBank, Uniswap, Bitmart, Coinsbit, BKEX and MEXC.

The developers have also now filed an application to be listed on Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. While the market capitalization and trading volume requirements are steep, the market is confident that Tamadoge will make the cut. Another reason to be bullish about Tamadoge is its first NFT drop of ultra rare Tamadoge NFTs.

Tamadoge NFTs

One reason that inspires such confidence in Tamadoge is its performance after being listed on a CEX. After listing, Tamadoge pumped 89% increase on OKX on day one.

After a correction, it then rose higher to $0.197 in October – an almost 20x gain from its beta sale price of $0.01. Since then the Tamadoge price has retraced to around the $0.04 level, but is now consolidating above its listing price of $0.03.

The DEXTools chart shows that Tamadoge has a 100% community trust, which is rare in the bear market.

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DeFi Coin – A DeFi Crypto Focusing on a Simple to Use DEX Platform

DeFi Coin is a DeFi cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain that has impressed the crypto market with its ambitious roadmap and development so far. It is a DeFi project that merges the principles of centralized and decentralized exchanges to offer traders a more streamlined investment experience.

DEFC is the native crypto of DeFi Swap, a unique defi exchange coming soon. So far, the development has been linear, and the team is tuning this system so investors can have the best trading experience. DeFi Swap offers everything from trading to yield farming. Add to that; it is the first DEX that plans to release its own NFT marketplace.

DeFi Coin price chart on DEXTools

SolidProof has audited this platform. DeFi Swap also expects the liquidity on the DEX to increase to $10 million by 2022. What’s impressive about this platform is that it is purely community-driven, meaning that the devs behind it are pushing this ecosystem forward due to their respect for decentralized finance.

Performance-wise, DeFi Coin has been volatile. It dropped below the $0.1 mark in the week of August and has been trying to recover since. Thankfully, the price action has been steady, with every retrace getting a quick bounce. This cryptocurrency keeps finding its way on DEXTools’s hot pairs chart. Experts believe that once the devs come with a significant announcement, DeFi Coin will establish an uptrend.

However, as it stands right now, the crypto crowd’s reaction to DeFi Coin is a bit polarizing, with only 40% community trust. It can change quickly, however, as there is only one vote so far.


Lucky Block – An NFT Competition Platform with Big Gains for Participants

Lucky Block is another cryptocurrency on this list that found its way into the DEXTools hot pairs now and then. But this crypto powering an NFT competitions platform has been insights of the crypto crowd since early. Like Tamadoge, Lucky Block was also unveiled to the general public as presale crypto and sold out quickly, becoming one of the fastest crypto presales this year.

Lucky Block DEXTools Price Chart

And if that isn’t enough, Lucky Block also quickly became the fastest altcoin to reach a $1 billion market cap, allowing those who chose to HODL to make gains when LBLOCK price rose by 6,000%. Like other cryptos, that value has been corrected, and the LBLOCK has cooled down.

That said, there was heavy price action in Lucky Block’s ecosystem after the arrival of Lucky Block V2, an ERC-20 token meant for trading. And on 3rd October, Lucky Block’s BEP-ETH bridge went live, letting users swap their V1s for their V2s.

Currently, the trading candles of Lucky Block are red. But that would change once the impact of the recently launched BEP-ETH bridge starts to emerge.

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GenBlok – A New Crypto Asset Trending on DEXTools

The Genesis Block is another crypto among the top 5 cryptos on DEXTools at the time of writing, momentarily jumping to the second position. This token went live on 26th September and entered the crypto space at $0.02 according to CoinMarketcap. At the time of writing, this token is trading at $ 0.039.


GenBlok’s price rose to $0.05 at one point before the current retrace. When it comes to information about this cryptocurrency, there is nothing available online other than a simple quote “Forget whatever you thought you know, we know everything. Purge-Rebirth-Rise. Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.

Crypto and comic book enthusiasts would quickly pick on the fact that the developer or the developers have put this quote together without any forethought. Furthermore, CoinMarketCap has warned that the smart contract of this crypto can be modified by the developer – a big red flag for those who know about the pump and dump schemes.

While we can’t say anything negative about this crypto outright, for now, it is one of the crypto assets that have made its way on DEXTools by chance. Thus, we implore anyone interested in buying this crypto to conduct thorough research.

Bone ShibaSwap – The Governance Crypto of the ShibaSwap Ecosystem

Another one of the top trending cryptos on DEXtools is Bone ShibaSwap. BONE is the governance token of the ShibaSwap ecosystem allowing holders to vote on ShibaSwap proposals and providing liquidity.


While these factors are admirable, they make the Bone ShibaSwap niche crypto with a limited use case. For one, ShibaSwap is a niche decentralized exchange. Perhaps that is the reason behind this token trading in the red most of the time. However, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most trending cryptos on Uniswap.

At the time of writing, BONE is trading at $1.15, and its community trust rating on DEXTools is 96.3%. Investors should be careful for now because the prospects of this cryptocurrency aren’t giving any “green” indications. For one, the value of this crypto has dipped from $1.19 – which is not a big correction, but the red candles clearly show that the crowd’s interest in this crypto is minor at the moment.

Terra (LUNA) – Native Token of the New Terra Ecosystem

The Terra blockchain’s LUNA has also made it to the top trending list on DEXTools – partly because of Do Kwon’s appearance in the media because of the legal developments in South Korea.

The former Terra LUNA has now been rebranded to Terra Classic (LUNC).


The Terra LUNA price action has been back in the headlines since its bull cycle in mid 2022. LUNA pumped to the upside with a bullish engulfing pattern on DEXTools on 26th September and wicked to $0.000036 that day. While the community trust rating on this crypto is relatively low, lying at 85.7% at the time of writing, it is continually showing an upward trend, indicating investors have started to rally behind this hard fork project.

At the time of writing, LUNA is accumulating around the $0.0003 level. Will it go higher? It depends on the upcoming developments on that platform that include a metaverse game.

SHIB – The World’s Second-Largest Memecoin

Shiba Inu is one of the world’s best memecoin trending among the top 10 cryptos on DEXTools at the time of writing. Designed as a Dogecoin Killer, Shiba Inu quickly gained the crowd’s attention with its memecoin aesthetics and an anonymous founder named Ryoshi.


Shiba Inu follows a Srypt-based mining algorithm and has led to a wide array of copycat cryptos since its inception. In the “Septembear” of last month, Shiba Inu trended on DEXTools in many instances. The reason is the introduction of the latest Shiba Inu mobile game and other projects that Shiba Inu is pushing to offer more use cases for this cryptocurrency.

SHIB’s price action has been stable on DEXTools. After experiencing a major red candle in mid-September, SHIB has started to trend sideways at around $0.000011. Experts predict that the Shiba community is working towards making this cryptocurrency more valuable to the masses, which might lead SHIB to establish a major uptrend.

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Manifold Finance – A DeFi Crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain

Manifold Finance (FOLD) is a little-known cryptocurrency trending on DEXTools at the time of writing. Not a lot of information is available about this crypto asset on CoinMarketCap. Thankfully, we were able to find some details on its official website.

FOLD Price

Manifold Finance works on the principles of “Maximal Extractable Opportunities,” – giving it a niche air. The entire documentation about this crypto is extremely technical. But we found out that Manifold Finance is a staking protocol that seamlessly integrates with DEXs and DAO projects.

It focuses on Capital Optimized Staking – which is basically re-staking the already staked cryptos to maximize gains for the users. The Manifold Finance network has more than 96% Ethereum validators and a market volume of 120 million USD.

FOLD enters the “hot pairs” section o DEXTools multiple times a day and is currently trading at $62.9096. Investors must know that it is an extremely niche token with virtually no marketing behind it – meaning it is gaining ground on the back of its unique use case, which is admirable. However, for it to become a long-term investment prospect, more people should know about it, and the content on that platform shouldn’t have a string of technical jargon.

ApeCoin – P2E Crypto Powering the BAYC Ecosystem

At number 9 on DEXTools right now, is ApeCoin. This cryptocurrency powers the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, the number 1 NFT project in the world.

APE is one of those cryptos people feel more comfortable buying from centralized exchanges, such as eToro, or others.


Along with being a utility token, APE is a governance token that allows holders to participate in ApeCoin DAO – letting them decide how the funds of the ecosystem are used. As a decentralized project of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Apecoin is supported by the APE foundation, which takes care of the day-to-day administration of the platform.

APE is trading on Uniswap at $5.2 at the time of writing. It is currently forming a symmetrical triangle – hinting that a breakout is about to arrive.

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HEX – A Certificate of Deposit on the Blockchain

The final crypto trading on DEXTools is HEX. It is a DeFi cryptocurrency that offers high stakes to the user. Styling itself as the “first blockchain certificate of deposit’, HEX boasts a decentralized design and provides high returns at no minimum – making it an inclusive staking platform.


A certificate of proposal is an investment tool that banks manage. It is a market worth trillions of dollars. HEX is an attempt to bring that concept into the blockchain. On HEX, holders can stake their HEX tokens from 1 to 5555 days and earn an average Annual Percentage Yield of 40%. As a platform with no central entity, HEX claims that it is trying become a truly decentralized ecosystem, giving all members an equal say.

At the time of writing, HEX is trading at $0.034 on DEXTools. HEX has been in and out of the hot pairs for quite some time. Its bullish marketing efforts – ranging from the 2022 NASCAR Daytona Competition to Richard Heart naming the world’s largest cut diamond “The diamond” are finally paying off.

What is DEXTools?

DEXTools, similar to CoinMarketCap, is a data aggregation website. However, the difference is that DEXTools focuses more on crypto price actions in the decentralized markets. Here, you’d find the best cryptos to buy on platforms such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, and other prevalent DEXs.

Also unlike CoinMarketCap, it’s possible to use DEXTools to buy cryptocurrency as it is directly integrated with decentralized exchanges.

What is DEXTools

All information that DEXTools provide is inclusive and simple to understand – although those completely new to investing may wish to read our beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency before getting started.

When opening the DEXTools website for the first time, you will see a DEXTboard. It contains all the info you need to decide on your next crypto investment. There are several sections on this board that highlight:

  1. Daily gainers
  2. Daily losers
  3. Recently Updated
  4. Hot pairs

The most significant among them is the hot pairs. It is a rapidly changing list showing you the real-time price increase or decrease in tokens. Short-term investors looking for the best cryptos for day trading should take notice.

Because of the constantly shifting rankings of cryptos in the “hot pairs” section, investors have to wait a while before deciding to invest. It is because DEXTools is a neutral platform, showing the price action of the crypto assets that have just entered. A few days ago, we also saw a few pump-and-dump cryptos trending. It was because many cryptos that entered Uniswap were hyped instantly, causing a pump before disappearing shortly after. Thankfully, the charts give you a clear picture of these cryptos.

Overall, DEXTools is suitable for crypto watchers who want to react quickly to the rapid changes in the crypto market and find the best tokens to trade.

However, the best part about DEXTools is the information provided below the price charts. You can look at the wallet addresses of the traders you admire. There is also a community-trust rating section that gives a crypto a community trust rating. Tamadoge has a 100% community rating here, which is why it is trending at the #1 position on DEXTools.

Hot Pairs on DEXTools: The Top Trending Cryptos

Suppose you are looking for a platform that gives you an honest answer about the top trending tools. DEXTools is the place to be. The “Hot Pairs” section gives you an honest look at trending cryptos on the platform.

As the crypto market is defined by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – you would find several cryptos entering the top 10 spots and shifting positions constantly. Most crypto investors who focus on trending cryptos can use this tool select what to buy, inadvertently creating buying pressure and pumping the token.

That said, “Hot Pairs” have two definitions. These are not the tokens that might be making the most gains but are the ones who are seeing the most action; Sometimes, you might see a cryptocurrency there that might be the biggest loser of the day. This unbiased approach to dictating the trending tokens is why “Hot Pairs” is the best way to decide which crypto to invest in and which to leave behind.

UpdateBattle Infinity (IBAT) has also begun trending on DEXTools.


You now know the top trending cryptos on DEXTools – ten of them. Remember, trending doesn’t mean that the token is the biggest gainer; it is making the most price action. The tokens that we discussed today were among them.

Therefore, be mindful of which cryptocurrency to support. Tamadoge, for instance, is one of the top trending cryptos on DEXTools for all the right reasons. The token pumped by more than 600% before marginally correcting. We believe it will soon appear on the “Daily gainers” section of the DEXTboard.

Tamadoge - Play to Earn Meme Coin

Our Rating

Tamadoge logo
  • Earn TAMA in Battles With Doge Pets
  • Maximum Supply of 2 Bn, Token Burn
  • Now Listed on OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Ultra Rare NFTs on OpenSea
Tamadoge logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Which coin is the hottest pair on DEXTools right now?

At the time of writing, Tamadoge is the hottest pair on DEXtools. This memecoin generated gains by 600% before marginally correcting. However, keep in mind that this position can shift momentarily depending on the price action. So, be mindful when choosing any crypto asset from the hottest pair.