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Avorak New Hot AI Presale – Next 10x Crypto, Missed $PEPE?

Avorak New Hot AI Crypto Presale
Avorak New Hot AI Crypto Presale

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Avorak Labs, a platform that develops creative products that increase user experiences and abilities, raised $2.5 million in its AVRK token presale. The initiative is based on the idea that blockchain technology can build trust due to the fact that it is transparent and secure.

What is Avorak

Avorak Labs is an AI platform that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize commerce and content production. They are dedicated to utilizing artificial intelligence to deliver strong, effective, and secure solutions that give their users the resources they need to thrive.

Their primary goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions using blockchain and AI technologies that enhance user capabilities. They take pride in providing solutions that are easy to use, like AI chatbots, tools for creating images with AI, and AI trading bots, all supported by their own native token, AVRK.

They make it simpler for investors to outperform the competition and increase their capacity to trade or produce content even faster by utilizing these cutting-edge technology. They consistently push limits and look for new opportunities in their quest to lead blockchain and AI innovation.

Avorak Labs is able to design apps that bridge the gap between conventional finance and cutting-edge research thanks to their skills in software development, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Their objective is to introduce market-leading products that may help institutional and retail firms scale more quickly while also enhancing their operations with knowledge from cutting-edge AI systems.

Over time, Avorak will create an extensive list of products that will all be covered by a single interactive AI. The text or voice-to-text input method will be used by the user input system. The complete line of Avorak products, which will be made available gradually, will comprise but not be limited to:

  • Image Generation
  • Text Creation
  • Command Line Trading
  • automated Online Shopping
  • Device Management and Security
  • 3D Modelling
  • Best Architectural Blueprint Drafting
  • Automated Video and Image Editing
  • Avorak Network, Avorak’s native blockchain using Proof-of-Learning transaction and validation

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Avorak Solution to Market Challenges

AI technologies, from simple payment solutions to massive self-learning systems that can create content like humans, are becoming more popular. Ai will grow more socialized. Many of you ask “Hey Google,” “Alexa,” or “Siri” for answers or web pages. An industry that went from 30-40 new start-ups a year in the early 2000s to 800 in the late 2010s is just getting started.

With the global lockdown due to COVID-19 forcing enterprises to embrace automated and machine-learned procedures, Precedence Research expects the AI market size to reach 20x in nine years from 2021. Most companies will succeed if their AI product has good machine learning and can do a range of work.

Avorak’s business goal includes retail and commercial solutions. Instead of an image scraper, for image generation. Avorak tests a pure language-to-image approach using prebuilt and to-be-learned descriptors. After the alpha stage, beta testers will instruct and give feedback, feeding the machine informational language structure and models to improve image generation.

Image scrapers profit by “paraphrase” existing artwork. Image scraping is unethical. Ai uses current art to learn requirements and limits production. Avorak is the ethical choice for image generation since language-to-art models allow users to create endless works without copying others.

Many trading APIs or bots work with one asset type or exchange. Some are hard to set up, need code-based command entry, and have low security, as shown by recent API key leaks. Avorak will use a scripted command line to trade.

This would enable trading bots easier for huge multi-exchange trading funds to utilize simultaneously and give retail customers access to these strong capabilities, coupled to Trading View for visuals.

Find the full Avorak crypto presale in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related videos. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord server with nearly 13,000 members.

Avorak Ecosytem

An ecosystem of AI technology called Avorak was created to speed up human-led tasks and reduce the amount of time needed for things like trade, text generation, and eventually a lot more. The engine of this ecosystem will be the AVRK coin. It will serve as the payment token for purchasing credits or subscribing to services.

Additionally, it will be necessary to hold it in order to receive a cut of the money generated by the Avorak AI services. Long-term investors will have a ‘Share Increase’ staking option available in the first year, allowing AVRK holders to lock their tokens for up to 12 months in exchange for a share of the last publicly available non-LP tokens.

This is done to improve their overall control over the project’s market cap during the early stages of development, when the genuine use-case for the token hasn’t yet materialized. The AI trading services are initially “free-to-use,” but a 0.5% fee is deducted from any profits generated by using the service. In the case that no profit is made, there is no fee.

AVRK Use Cases and Token Presale

The AVRK utility token’s primary use case is as a market-valued payment and credit for access to the Avorak AI ecosystem. Secondary use cases may include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving additional credits of the AVRK token in the form of a staking and ‘revenue feedback’ system.
  • Incentivized liquidity provision through decentralized exchanges.

Future use cases will include AVRK as the ‘gas’ token for Avorak Network, as the machine learning program moves into a decentralized state functioning as its own blockchain using a Proof-of-Learning validation system.

The Avorak stage six token presale is ongoing and has raised $2.5 million and over 5,250 unique holders in only eight weeks. The price of one AVRK token is $0.235 and current bonus of 5%. Price increases with each phase while the bonuses decrease. On launch day, AVRK will be listed on three centralized exchanges and one decentralized exchange.

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