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Armbrus studio picks Immutable X to initiate web3 game

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Web3 Crypto List - Top 8 Web3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

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The pioneer Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, Immutable X, has announced that Ambrus Studio has chosen the firm to usher a new generation of gamers into Web 3.0. According to the announcement, Ambrus studio is tasking Immutable X to preserve its values of adopting carbon-neutral NFTs while providing a stress-free trading experience.

As part of the task attached to it, Immutable X will support Ambrus studio’s forthcoming free-to-play mobile MOBA game EAC: Final Salvation. Accordingly, the game is the first to occur within the Earth 4 Degree Celsius (E4C) Metaverse. Ambrus is committed to enhancing the next genre-defining, free-to-play MOBA title. The game is designed to bridge the distance between Web 3.0 and Web gamers. 

Entrusting Immutable X to promote the initiative further highlights Armbus’s commitment to the course mentioned above. As an impact-oriented studio, Armbrus is on a mission to design exciting games with a stern focus on initiating an impact on climate change issues. To achieve this goal, Armbrus will leverage its game development background and Immutable X’s distinctive Web 3.0 initiative.

Furthermore, the innovation will not be limited to the E4C alone. The studio seeks to design more exciting esports content in a unique ecosystem powered by Immutable X. The Armbus team recently garnered about $65 million from a token funding round. With the funds, the studio is working on building more gaming content. The funds will also go into launching Armbus studio’s NFT project, E4C Rangers. 

The Founder and CEO of the studio also aired his opinion on the initiative. He said, “Ambrus Studio is keen to build a fun and engaging game and harness the power of web3 to create a community and augment the emotional attachment to our game.” The CEO added, “By leveraging the technological advances of Immutable X, we can provide a seamless playing experience that will bridge the next millions of gamers to the web3 world.”

Pushing for positive climate change campaigns

The E4C, a section of the metaverse where all of the games by Armbrus studio predict a favorable future for the climate. The area is based on the real-life prediction that by 2100, the earth will warm by four degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era. The area is designed to raise awareness of climate change campaigns. Armbrus studio hopes the theme will encourage players to embrace the best climate-friendly practices. 

The studio intends to donate a part of the proceeds from the game to climate preservation organizations to support their goals.



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