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New Canvass to launch NFT collection on Polygon

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New Canvass has revealed plans to initiate its forthcoming NFT and Social token drop for its Lustration Project on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon confirmed this development in a blog post today while unveiling the token as $LSTR. According to the post, the Lustration project drives a popular animation VR series in the fictional afterworld known as ‘The Between.’

The post describes the fictional story of Lustration as a modification of comical contents with a unified name. Polygon confirms that the story will be written and directed by the producer of Australian First Nations, Ryan Griffen. The project attracted good attention during its first season, which was shown on Meta Quests HMDs, after a world premiere at SXSW 2022.

Further, Polygon divulges that New Canvas is planning to show all four episodes of the first season in the “Best Of” category. From the blog post, there are indications that the screening will commence on September 1, 2022. Meanwhile, the event emanated as a segment of the famous Venice Film Festival organized by La Biennale. 

In commiseration of the event, New Canvass aims to launch the social token and a special collection of NFTs. The collection will include exclusive artworks from the previous season and be used to design a crypto-supported model. According to the announcement, the project will help New Canvas build a good community with a long history of participation value. The Media organization is also seeking to engage its fans with the new project.

New Canvas to fund the production of the next series

Meanwhile, New Canvas intends to use the funds gathered from the fan token and the NFT collection for another project. The announcement reveals that the proceedings will help support the next season’s production in the series. Also, the fund will go into the production of other future projects. Aside from using the proceeds to fund other projects, the media organization believes the NFT and Fan Token project will help assess and confirm the model for the next New Canvas immersive titles.

According to the plan, the NFT collection will come in two types. The first version of the collection will illustrate some special moments of individual characters in the series. At the same time, the second part will contain portraits from “The Between” as a new dimension of art. Polygon disclosed that the collection comes with special incentives for holders. Each NFT holder will have exclusive access to virtual comics from the series and exclusive community channels on the official Discord server of New Canvas.

Other notable incentives attached to the ownership of the NFT collection include the allocation of the $LSTR token to those who purchase the token at the minting stage. The announcement added that the token would become available for public use next year.



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