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Zilliqa launches FPS game, WEB3WAR

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Popular Blockchain firm, Zilliqa has launched its new First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, WEB3WAR. The firm confirmed the development in a blog post relayed on Tuesday. The WEB3WAR was unveiled ahead of Zilliqa’s attendance at Europe’s leading digital game culture trade fair, Gamescom.

According to market analysis, the gaming industry is estimated to be worth about $178.7 billion, a 14% increase from 2020. However, some market estimates have predicted the industry size will increase to $268 billion by 2025. Also, Emergen Research statistics further revealed that the FPS game is more prominent among esports, a flourishing market for the Zilliqa community.

According to Zilliqa, WEB3WAR is prominent among other blockchain games due to its unique design and focus on gameplay. The company says the game is clear to pick up, play, and enjoy from the very beginning. This attribute makes it appealing to the gaming community.

The team of developers employed the skill-to-earn gaming prototype rather than the usual play-to-earn  (P2E) model. The team also adopted an AAA-level approach to game development. As revealed, it serves as the foundation of a more sustainable business model that enables players to earn rewards in the form of custom-made items and tokens from Zilliqa Blockchain. Zilliqa says the more games the players play, the more valuable the reward they earn.

Zilliqa also stated that more in-game tokens and digital items would be available for purchase. Players can acquire this item in customizable skins like armor, helmets, or weapons for a player’s character. Also, WEB3WAR will allow players to acquire earnings proportional to the time spent. Zilliqa aims to integrate a skills-based reward system into a familiar, AAA-level interface. Hence, making Zilliqa the forerunner in the gaming industry.

Other features of the game include introducing five unique gaming maps with additional maps. It also consists of Multiplayer settings available with a best-in-class software stack. Also, Cross-play and cross-progression are at the core of the game architecture. The game will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS. Additionally, it will be designed as free-to-play with seasonal factors that need tokens to access when launched.

According to Zilliqa Head of Growth, Matt Dyer, the firm’s goal is to assist gamers in embracing crypto and welcoming them into the Zilliqa community. Dyer revealed the WEB3WAR game is designed to meet the standards of modern players. He further stated the game would provide an exciting experience for players by allowing them to earn rewards while having fun.


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