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P2E Game Tamadoge is inching closer to raising $7 million – Buy it before the price rise

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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It won’t be an understatement to say that Tamadoge has been a great hit among crypto traders. By bringing play2earn mechanics – an actual utility to the memecoin fold – Tamadoge has made a winning bet. Tamadoge is inching closer to raising $7 million, and as soon as it hits the next phase, the price of TAMA will rise.

Tamadoge Mini-Phase Strategy to increase the TAMA sales

The Tamadoge presale has truly been unique. It came out of nowhere. And all it had was a promise to create a play-to-earn ecosystem using Dogecoin. The crowd was already looking for more utility tokens to come to the fold, and they got riled with the arrival of Tamadoge.

The result was the beta phase of presale completing a month before its target, accelerating the pace of TAMA tokens going out.

And with each phase crosses, the TAMA price increases. The presale started with 1USDT for 100 TAMA. It was the beta phase of the presale. The goal here is to sell 200 million tokens – and 100 million of these tokens have already been sold.

Before the target of $8.5 million, there was another milestone at which the price of 57.14 TAMA tokens was 1 USDT. And soon after TAMA hit the $5 million milestone, its price increased.

At the time of writing, paying 1USDT will net you 50 TAMA – which is good for a “not” so early bird if you want your gains to be more pronounced when Tamadoge finally hits the central decentralized exchanges.

So, what’s the strategy here? The goal is here to increase the tranche prices. The increase will stop once the cost of the token reaches $0.03. While that’s far off (relatively), if you fail to grab the chance of the current phase of the presale, the price of the token will increase, and you will only get 44 TAMA for 1 USDT.

Memecoins have started making people question their interest in Bitcoin

One of the biggest draws about memecoins isn’t their marketability. It is their affordability. Memecoins have always been eerily cheap because they have been perceived as nothing more than a joke. But that all changed during the crypto winter, which saw people moving more towards cryptocurrencies with utilities. h

But standard memecoins were not the only ones affected by this change in preference. Bitcoin, too suffered. When it punched below $20k levels, people started questioning their trust in the crypto asset.

But once the foundation of trust started to shake, Tamadoge and other utility-based cryptos entered the scene with their many utilities.

Tamadoge is a play2earn crypto powered by the TAMA token. Users use them to buy Tamadoge Pets, tokenized player characters lying at the heart of the ecosystem. You can buy them, raise them and breed them to adulthood and then put them into battle with other Tamadoge pets.

Battling other pets won’t only give you small brownie points, but Dogepoints. Gain the most Dogepoints and get TAMA tokens. The ecosystem has been designed to make you keep looking after your Tamadoge pets. If you don’t, they die and become “Tamaghost”.

But Tamadoge pet is not just another play2earn, it has learned from the mistakes of other cryptos of the same nature.

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Tamadoge: A different breed of Play-to-earn Game

Good graphics and gameplay are not the first words that pop when you hear a blockchain game. Most P2E games have been successful, but all of them have seen their player counts decrease over time when people get bored of them. The “earning” mechanics become a core when the gameplay is such a bore.

Tamadoge's Utility Will Save Memecoins

That has been the case with Axie Infinity and a bunch of other games. And if there are games with good gameplay and graphics, the entry price is so high that crypto beginners feel they are better off sitting on the sidelines.

Not with Tamadoge, though – this crypto game focuses on gameplay as much as it focuses on earning mechanics.

And the earning mechanics are made unique by the fact that Tamadoge is a deflationary token. There are 2 billion TAMA tokens, and they will decrease owing to the unique burning mechanics of the TAMA ecosystem.

Due to these factors, TAMA’s value has increased, and as the token is getting closer to clearing its presale target, we might see a lot more development in the coming times.

Buying Tamadoge at a discounted price

Until the presale target of $7 million is met, we can consider the TAMA price discounted. So, buy it now by going to the official website and connecting your crypto wallets.

Tamadoge is one of the crypto opportunities that come once a year – make sure you don’t miss it.

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