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Arbitrum Price Pumps 25% to Over $2 Billion Market Cap – Analysts Tip This Utility Coin for Gains Next

Arbitrum Price
Arbitrum Price

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Arbitrum is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum that focuses on optimistic rollups to achieve more speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency as compared to Ethereum. By the end of April, Abritrum crossed a $2 billion market capitalization thanks to the renewed interest in cryptocurrencies. And doing so, it outcompeted Ethereum.

That said, there is another utility-based crypto poised to change the cryptocurrency ecosystem for the better.  Analysts are tipping that this utility token – known as AiDoge, might be the next to become big.

AiDoge is a meme-to-earn token that facilitates AI-driven meme creation. The token has 20 presale stages, and it has already raised more than $4.3 million at press time. Investors might want to consider going to to lock in early-bird gains before the listing day arrives.

What is Arbitrum and What Makes it Unique?

Even post-merge, Ethereum hasn’t been the best altcoin out there in terms of aspects other than market capitalization. Many of the scalability issues continue to persist, and the speed and transaction fees are still comparatively lower than other L2 scaling solutions.

Arbitrum is using a unique approach comprised of optimistic rollups to provide higher throughput and better transaction fees.

The entire ecosystem has been powered by the ARB token, and it is used for governance purposes. The Arbitrum DAO allows users to vote on several matters, including protocol upgrades, funds allocation, and the election of a security council.

Optimistic Roll-Ups – The Root of Uniqueness for Arbitrum

Arbitrum’s uniqueness comes from optimistic roll-ups, which is a technique that makes it more compatible, scalable, flexible, and decentralized than Ethereum.

That factor alone has allowed Aribtrum to create a thriving ecosystem for decentralized applications. Also, the network is home to multiple protocols, including Vela Exchange, ZyberSwap, Dopex, PlutusDAO, Jones DAO, and more.

Arbitrum Price Action

The Arbitrum price action has been volatile since it arrived. It trended around the $1.18 mark for a long time until the middle of April 2023, when Bitcoin’s support above $30k allowed it to reach $1.77, which at press time, is its all-time high.

While the token’s performance has gone down since the beginning of May, a major bounce may be on the way, considering the developments happening on this platform.

Recently, Arbitrum has dropped the Access Delegation protocol, an easy and secure NFT rental process allowing NFT owners to diversify their income source.

Arbitrum Alternative – A Leading Utility Token for Gains

While Arbitrum was able to cross above the $2 billion market capitalization, that was short-lived, and the retrace has been problematic for those who are looking for some stability.

That is pushing people into investing in alternative assets that have utility but have major upsides, thanks to being offered as a presale.

One of the best tokens that analysts are tipping now is AiDoge.


AiDoge is a meme-to-earn token. It is a utility-meme coin that powers an ecosystem that allows users to generate memes by inputting a few text prompts. The platform closely resembles ChatGPT, but instead of lengthy write-ups, users will get access to amazing memes that can be shared across social media platforms.

The meme-to-earn aspect comes into play for AiDoge thanks to its public wall. Popular memes generated through AiDoge can be shared on this wall, and the most popular among them will get rewarded with $AI tokens.

$AI is a deflationary asset with a total supply of 1 trillion. It has several purposes, including buying credits to create memes, staking, as well as voting to create better meme content for the AiDoge community.

AiDoge Raises $4.3m in Less than 15 Days

AiDoge has hit the ground running through its presale. Thanks to its marketing efforts and unique utility, the token has already raised more than $4.3 million. At press time, you can buy AiDoge tokens at a discount price of $0.0000284.

Visit to become an early mover of this unique project.

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