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Alrock’s Honest Reviews About the Potential Of Memecoin AiDoge

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Alrock, a Filipino YouTuber, provides his honest reviews on how AiDoge works and its potential future benefits in the cryptocurrency space.  Because AI is a powerful concept with numerous applications, other cryptocurrency projects have begun to apply it.

AiDoge is one of the most well-known AI meme crypto efforts that appear to be appealing to investors.

AI token presale selling fast : Alrock thoughts

Since the AiDoge token will debut on major cryptocurrency markets later this year at a price of $0.0000336, investors who move urgently to buy tokens at the current presale price of $0.000032. Aidoge, an excellent meme-making system, recently passed an important milestone by exceeding $10.5 million in its own artificial intelligence token presale.

As excitement about the revolutionary new meme coin grows, investors should move quickly to buy $AI tokens before the next price hike. Users can buy $AI coins with ETH, USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20), BNB, and credit cards, which makes it easy for them to take part.

If AiDoge gets a lot of attention and finishes the plan stated above in the next few months, gains of 10x or more may be possible, especially if the risk appetite of the cryptocurrency market as a whole keeps going up. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here.

Make Side Income as You Make Memes

AiDoge isn’t simply about making memes. You can earn money as well. The first-of-its-kind meme-to-earn platform offers lucrative incentives to top meme creators. It uses incentivization as a mechanism to encourage creativity and participation in the ecosystem.

The platform’s memes are displayed on a public virtual wall. It will serve as a hub for meme lovers and meme-makers to discover the most recent memes from various niches. You can search for memes by popularity, period, or specific themes. Top meme creators are rewarded with $AI tokens.

The platform’s token-based credit mechanism is likewise powered by Aidoge. You can stake $AI tokens to earn credits and gain access to the platform’s specialized AI generation capabilities. $AI token holders are also entitled to exclusive privileges such as enhanced meme-generating software, airdrops, and more.

According to the website, the AiDoge meme-generating platform will be online in Q4 2023. It will function depending on your staked credit balances.

$AI 50 billion token airdrop

Like free tokens? Supporters of AiDoge who help them meet their presale goal will receive a massive $AI airdrop! The award will be calculated based on your total number of referrals. To take part, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase $AI In Presale – Join the AiDoge community by purchasing $AI tokens using the presale widget.
  2. Share Your Referral Code – Once your purchase is complete, copy and share your unique referral code.
  3. Earn $AI Airdrop – You will receive a share of 50 billion $AI based on the total amount raised through your referral link.

Guide on how to buy AI token here.

What Makes AiDoge Unique?

High-Quality and Unique Memes

As previously said, millions of memes are shared on social media every week. Many popular memes, on the other hand, contain the same image. The sole distinction is that the text has been altered.

AiDoge uses AI to tackle this problem. This is because the underlying AI protocol will generate unique memes. This implies that each meme has its own high-resolution image. This allows users to share their memes online and have them go viral.

Verified Ownership

Another challenge in the present market is that identifying who produced a meme, particularly one that goes viral, is practically impossible. After all, viral memes are frequently viewed and shared millions of times. Another problem with the market right now is that it’s hard to figure out who made a meme, especially one that goes viral.

After all, memes that become popular are often seen and shared millions of times. On the other hand, AiDoge memes are supported by blockchain technology. In turn, each meme has its own NFT that supports it. This proves without a doubt that the meme belongs to the user.

Meme Rewards

We also discovered that AiDoge is creating a public wall to display the most popular memes generated by their AI program. The voting method is fair and transparent, with the community able to upvote or downvote the memes that have been made.

Memes that receive the most votes will be displayed on the AiDoge public wall. As a result, the likelihood of the meme going viral increases. Furthermore, users whose memes appear on the public wall will receive free crypto prizes, establishing a meme to earn’ mechanic.

Credit System

Many AI tools require the purchase of credits. This is done to reduce system overload and prevent bots and malicious actors from attacking the technology. In the case of AiDoge, users must spend credits each time they want to make a new meme. To purchase credits, users will need to utilize the $AI token.

As a result, AiDoge tokens will be in high demand for as long as people want to utilize the meme-generation tool. See our AiDoge price prediction here.

Staking Mechanism

A staking tool is also available in the AiDoge ecosystem. Users who stake $AI tokens will receive daily prizes. The awards are given in credits, allowing users to make more memes. Not only that, but staking improves the user’s voting power. Once again, this contributes to the AiDoge ecosystem’s self-sufficiency and sustainability.


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