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AiDoge New AI Memecoin Crypto ICO – 100x potential?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

AiDoge New AI Memecoin Crypto Presale
AiDoge New AI Memecoin Crypto Presale

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With the use of text-based instructions, users of the new presale cryptocurrency AiDoge could create AI-generated memes. AiDoge is making things better by automating the process of making memes. Based on recent happenings in the crypto market, users can instantly produce entertaining and timely memes.

What is AiDoge

The AiDoge platform offers users an AI-driven meme-generating experience while adjusting to the constantly shifting cryptocurrency space. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate pertinent memes from user-provided text prompts.

The text-based prompts, the AI-powered meme generator, and the native AI tokens for buying credits are important features. Modern AI algorithms are utilized by AiDoge’s generator to produce memes that are appropriate for the given situation. This guarantees the use of current and high-quality memes.

Users have the option to stake AI tokens in the AiDoge ecosystem to gain access to platform features and daily credit rewards. For sustained participation and platform stability, staking is essential. Within AiDoge, users are able to view and post memes created by AI on the public wall.

The wall has filtering and sorting tools that let visitors browse memes according to standards like popularity, recentness, or certain themes. In order to revolutionize meme production and foster a healthy crypto community, they provide a cutting-edge solution for meme generation that makes use of cutting-edge AI technology, user-friendly suggestions, and a token-based credit system.

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AI Token Presale and Tokenomics

One trillion AI tokens have been produced by AiDoge. In the presale, 50%, or 500 billion, will be sold. The remaining 500 billion will be put towards community rewards, vesting, exchange listing, and liquidity. The AiDoge presale’s remaining AI tokens will be destroyed. This will decrease the market capitalization.

The lowest price of $0.000026 per token is offered to early investors. As each step is sold out, the price keeps going up. The AI token will be priced at $0.0000336 when it is listed on centralised and decentralised exchanges following the presale.

As a result, stage one investors will receive a 30% increase right away. Several coins are accepted during the AiDoge presale. This covers BNB, Tether, and Ethereum. Those without cryptocurrencies can make purchases using credit cards. Guide on how to buy AI token here.

The AI token is the main component that enables users to interact with the AiDoge platform. The token has multiple uses within the ecosystem. AiDoge has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other digital assets, which could contribute to a price increase in the future.

The ten-year vesting schedule and the team’s long-term plan for the coin indicate that there will not be any major supply disruption that would depress the price of the coin. The supply is limited, so there will never be more than one trillion tokens, and at the conclusion of the vesting schedule, the coin will become deflationary.

This is why AiDoge has every possibility of long-term success. To access its meme generation utility, its native token, AI, is required. As a result of the superiority and originality of its AI-supported product, a number of analysts believe that AI token will experience significant demand in the future years.

Watch the video above to discover more about the Aidoge crypto presale, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for further reviews of high-potential presales. Jacob Crypto Bury also manages a Discord community with roughly 12k members where users can get trading advice and find out about forthcoming cryptocurrency presales.

What Differentiates AiDoge?

Investors can have access to a one-of-a-kind concept. Let’s have a better understanding of what it is about AiDoge that attracts growth investors.

Simple Access to Meme Creation

Publishing interesting and timely memes on social media is one of the finest methods to advance when building an online presence, especially in the cryptocurrency space. With AiDoge, you can quickly make memes from text prompts.

Holding the coin may therefore make it simple for you to establish an internet presence that you could later profit.

Meme Incentive

AiDoge is developing a public wallet that will showcase the most well-liked memes produced by its AI technology. This is based on a legitimate and open voting process. Memes have a chance of showing up in the AiDoge public wallet as they receive more votes.

This raises the likelihood that the meme will spread widely. Additionally, users will receive free cryptocurrency incentives if their memes are displayed on the public wall.

Proof of Ownership

The problem in today’s market is that it is practically impossible to determine who generated a meme, especially one that becomes viral. Indeed, viral memes typically receive millions upon millions of views after initially gaining traction.

However, AiDoge memes are supported by decentralised blockchain technology. Each meme is supported by an individual NFT. This demonstrates conclusively that the user controls the meme.

Take Advantage of a Growing Trend

Over the past few months, the emergence of generative AI has been highlighted by a number of prominent media sources and researchers. Because of recent events, such as Microsoft’s purchase of OpenAI and ongoing interest in the growth of the business, it is likely that this pattern will remain prevalent well into the near future.

Keeping this in mind, making an investment in one of the top AI coins is an ideal way to grab growth from two industries that are experiencing tremendous growth with just one coin.

Staking System

Another feature of the AiDoge ecosystem is a staking tool. Users will get daily incentives by staking their $AI tokens. Users can make more memes because the rewards are provided in credits. Additionally, staking gives the user more voting power. This maintains the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the AiDoge ecosystem.

What Makes AiDoge is a Good Investment

From what we’ve talked about so far, it’s clear that AiDoge has a bright future. In light of this, there are a few reasons why AiDoge might be among the finest altcoins to purchase in 2023. AI is the ideal way for investors to obtain exposure to the AI business through the blockchain since it leverages generative AI for meme creation.

It also has long-term potential and utility because it addresses a problem that many current and future innovators in the social media crypto industry experience. Additionally, the project is still in its presale stage, making it a small-cap coin with a lot of room for growth. See our AI token price prediction here.

AiDoge is a cryptocurrency presale token that offers discounted investment before being listed on an exchange. Certain presales have provided investors with high profits, making them a possible addition to a well-balanced cryptocurrency portfolio.

Growth investors are anticipated to have a great response to the AiDoge presale. Its AI creation approach produces excellent, distinctive memes supported by NFTs.

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