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5 Top Crypto to Buy This Week [LBLOCK, FTM, ALGO, AVAX, ADA] May 2022 Week 3

smart contract crypto to buy
smart contract crypto to buy

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The crypto market has experienced drastic highs and lows in the last few days and has created several buy opportunities for investors. Following recent market trends, investors are interested in discovering the top crypto to buy this week. Therefore, here are the cryptocurrencies with the most potential to scale in price and provide substantial returns this week:

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a game-centric crypto platform focused on providing transparency and fairness to the gaming industry. LBLOCK, Lucky Block’s asset, has been one of the high flyers in the crypto market. The digital asset has garnered over 50,000 holders in a shorter duration than most pioneering digital assets.

LBLOCK Price ChartLBLOCK provided early investors with over 1500% return on investment (ROI) in the first few weeks of launch. This ROI is one of the reasons Lucky Block is considered the top crypto to buy this week.

The digital asset provides investors with opportunities to earn through weekly and daily draws. These draws include the NFT weekly draw and the $1m giveaway scheduled to run this month. Through these avenues, players can earn passive income while playing their favourite games.

Following general market trends over the last week, LBLOCK currently trades at $0.0010. This price peg ushers in short buying opportunities for investors.

Essentially, Lucky Block is focused on new improvements to ensure that users get seamless and secure transactions. Consequently, the crypto platform underwent a security audit for its V1 token. In the audit, Lucky Block’s smart contract proved to be tested and verified with no critical issues found. This result demonstrates that the crypto asset is secure, and investors can expect some of the best services from the platform.

Lucky Block - Our Recommended Crypto of 2022

Our Rating

Lucky Block
  • New Crypto Games Platform
  • Featured in Forbes,, Yahoo Finance
  • LBLOCK Token Up 1000%+ From Presale
  • Listed on Pancakeswap, LBank
  • Free Tickets to Jackpot Prize Draws for Holders
  • Passive Income Rewards - Play to Earn Utility
  • 10,000 NFTs Minted in 2022 - Now on
  • $1 Million NFT Jackpot in May 2022
  • Worldwide Decentralized Competitions
Lucky Block

2. Fantom (FTM)

For a variety of reasons, FTM is one of the best to purchase this week.

FTM Price ChartFantom is a next generation cryptocurrency that provides scalable transactions to users at low fees. The crypto asset is not a new entrant in the market. As a result, the asset has developed healthy price patterns with more users onboarding the platform.

FTM has opened up a great opportunity for investors to buy in as it trades at $0.33 today. However, other factors play to its high potential to create substantial profits for its users.

Blockpour, a data and analytics aggregation platform, has released the public beta version of its app with Fantom support. The data and analytics aggregation platform offers traders decentralised finance data and tools to analyse and optimise their trading.

On Fantom, Blockpour will enable users to track multi-chain data. As a result, users can explore FTM tokens and projects on other chains. Moreover, Blockpour provides a range of information, such as charts with advanced charting options for technical analysis, recent trades across decentralised exchanges (DEX), and liquidity across supported DEXs.

3. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is a sustainable blockchain that prioritises eco-friendliness. The blockchain uses a pure proof of stake (PPoS) consensus mechanism, which has a near finality system for resolving transactions. As a result of this unique technology, Algorand conducts some of the fastest transactions. Hence, ALGO, Algorand’s native token, is one of the top crypto to buy.

ALGO Price ChartALGO currently trades at $0.44, a 0.14% decrease in price. This price peg provides a great opportunity for investors to penetrate the market and earn substantial profits.

Algorand’s potential surge in price stems from its recent partnership with the Digital card game, Aegir Tactics. The partnership is focused on leveraging Algorand to enhance player experience with tokenised collectibles and automated rewards.

Essentially, Algorand stood out to the Aegir Tactics team because of its transaction finalisation, reliability, security, and low transaction costs. Using Algorand, Aegir tactics will be able to provide accessibility, fairness, and ownership to its players. As a result of these, the adoption of ALGO and the digital asset’s demand will go through the roof.

4. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is one of the high ranking crypto assets as it has a unique and specific design to address decentralisation, scalability, and security. Using three chains instead of one, Avalanche is regarded as an agile blockchain which ensures the security and convenience of its users.

AVAX Price ChartAVAX, the native crypto asset of Avalanche, has performed impressively in the crypto market and maintained substantial value for its investors. Presently, the digital asset trades at $31.81. This price peg is a lower low on its six-month price charts and a great entry point for investors. The crypto asset is projected to scale higher in price in the coming weeks due to its recent fundamental development.

Recently, Avalanche deployed Superfluid protocol on its Mainnet. Superfluid is one of the most advanced protocols for money streaming. With Avalanche providing infrastructural support for Superfluid, AVAX is set to receive more adoption in the crypto market.

Additionally, with Superfluid on Avalanche, developers with an interest in developing applications that leverage money streaming will have a fast and scalable means of providing this service.

5. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s token, ADA, is one of the most popular crypto assets available on the market. As a result of its strategic upgrades and partnerships, the digital asset has garnered more adoption in the last few months.

ADA Price ChartMoreover, ADA is the first-ever peer-reviewed project. As a result, the digital asset provides sustainability to its users through a consensual proposal or agreement. Due to its unique features, ADA ranks as one of the top crypto to buy. Currently, the digital asset trades at $0.55.

To build more adoption and send its price on a surge, Cardano has announced its interoperability solutions. The blockchain has gone into partnership with Wanchain, to enable interoperability between the Cardano mainnet, sidechain, and other blockchains. Hence, there will be a deployment of decentralised non-custodial, bi-directional cross-chain bridges which will connect Cardano to layer one blockchains.

Furthermore, Wanchain will be upgraded to secure Cardano’s cross bridges. Additionally, Wanchain will become an EVM-compatible sidechain to Cardano, which is critical for interoperability.

As Cardano becomes more interoperable, ADA’s demand will increase, creating a surge in price.

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