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5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar January 30

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Seeking budget-friendly crypto investments to capitalize on the upcoming bulls is a wise investment decision. Cheap tokens often outshine their higher-priced counterparts, providing investors with accessible market entry points. Therefore, Insidebitcoins consistently curates a list of the top affordable cryptocurrencies to purchase, all priced below one dollar.

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

This is a curated list of 5 promising digital assets priced under $1, ideal for investors seeking affordable yet high-potential crypto options. These tokens are positioned as potential game-changers for investors combing the market for cheap altcoins. Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave the green light to 11 new spot Bitcoin ETFs, with two emerging standout performers within the batch.

1. WOO (WOO)

With investors strongly anticipating a bull, WOO Network has seized attention with some admirable performances. WOO is currently above the 200-day SMA, reflecting a consistent upward trend. Market-wise, this indicates a bullish trend, which may increase as investors have more confidence in the coin and consider buying. 

Similarly, WOO’s 1-day and 7-day chart is in the green zone, likely fueled by the Binance Web3 Wallet airdrop. Meanwhile, WOO’s price surged by 4.89% in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.371467. This surge is bolstered by an 81% spike in the intraday trading volume, now at $63.02 million.

WOO Price Chart

Over the past year, WOO’s price catapulted by 98%, outperforming most of its peers in the top 100 coins. Equally, this bullish trend is echoed in the market sentiment, with a Fear & Greed Index boasting a 61 (Greed) reading.

Furthermore, WOO has an annual supply inflation rate of 52.64%, which injected 628.73 million WOO into circulation last year. Also, WOO Network maintains a robust position in the Exchange Tokens sector, currently securing the #9 rank.

WOO Network’s resilient structures and market trends foreshadow significant growth. Analysts predict that, with potential collaborations in the pipeline, WOO Coin could breach the $1.020 mark by 2024. Despite a market downturn, the projected minimum value for WOO Coin in 2024 is $0.866. However, if the bullish trend persists, the average price of WOO Network Coin will stabilize around $0.924 by 2024.

2. Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle Finance’s native token, PENDLE, has surged over 18% following a collaboration with Ondo Finance, a Coinbase-supported protocol. This partnership, revealed in a post on Jan. 29, allows users to leverage the “composability of our tokenized cash equivalents.”

PENDLE Price Chart

By extension, the announcement has sparked positive sentiment within the Pendle community. In addition, it has led to an all-time high in total value locked (TVL) for Pendle Finance. As a result, the token reached nearly $538 million as of Jan. 30, according to DefiLlama data. Similarly, on Jan. 30 alone, trading volume for PENDLE reached about $60 million.

Due to this surge, the PENDLE token soared by 20% to reach $2.71, surpassing its all-time high. It’s currently above the 200-day SMA and has seen 15/30 green days, representing 50% of the time. Moreover, the overall sentiment is bullish, with a Fear & Greed Index showing 61 (Greed).

Over the past year, the PENDLE token has railed by 3,213%, outstripping 99% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, it also boasts high liquidity based on its market capitalization. Therefore, analysis suggests that if Pendle announces further collaborations with other networks, the token’s maximum price could surpass $4.93 by 2024. Also, a bull could see the PENDLE’s average price hovering around $4.40 at year-end.

3. THORChain (RUNE)

THORChain recently partnered with Symbiosis to enable users to access Bitcoin liquidity and trade across 20+ networks. Due to this integration, RUNE’s price rose by 21% in the past week, soaring from US$4.09 to US$4.69. In addition, this rise boosted its market cap from US$1.39 billion to US$1.59 billion.

Furthermore, technical analysis indicates a bullish trend, with THORChain trading above the 100 and 200-day EMA. Also, it has experienced a 157% value rise over the past year, with 15/30 green days showcasing its resilience.

RUNE Price Chart

Moreover, THORChain’s liquidity is high, which is reflected in its present market cap. Likewise, it outpaced 81% of the top 100 crypto assets over the year, indicating strong fundamentals. Therefore, experts predict a potential rise to US$5.58 with these positive metrics by February 2024.

Equally, further collaborations with other networks could propel the price of the RUNE beyond $13.46 by 2024. With solid partnerships, technical indicators, and community support, THORChain is poised for significant growth. Investors should stay updated on developments for potential opportunities.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Traditional Bitcoin mining has long eluded most enthusiasts due to the high costs associated with rig maintenance and electricity. Despite the emergence of cloud mining solutions, challenges persist within the current ecosystem. Moreover, common frauds and the risk of sudden withdrawal of support from mining companies often leave customers locked out of their mined Bitcoin.

As such, Bitcoin Minetrix brings a novel model where users can stake BTCMTX tokens for cloud mining credits. With a strong focus on inclusivity, the project has raised over $9 million in the ongoing presale. Plus, tokens are sold at $0.0126 each, with 70% of the total token supply already accounted for. This amounts to 2.8 billion out of 4 billion BTCMTX tokens available.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a staking pool feature, which currently holds over 400,000 BTCMTX tokens. Also, this feature offers an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) of 103,225%. This approach aims to decentralize control, ensuring a robust mining ecosystem.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Minetrix community approach has struck a chord in crypto. Likewise, its unique tokenomics model adds depth to the project vision. As the presale continues, interested investors are encouraged to delve into the project’s offerings and potential benefits.


The OKX Web3 Wallet recently integrated WEMIX, providing users seamless access to features such as swap, staking, lending, and LP provision on the Wemix platform. Meanwhile, the market has been favorable as WEMIX surged 7.32% over the last 24 hours, reaching $2.58. This surge is accompanied by a 6.45% increase in trading volume to $15.64s M while maintaining a market dominance of 0.05%.

WEMIX Price Chart

Moreover, WEMIX’s sentiment is bearish; however, the greed index stands at 61, indicating trading activity among investors. WEMIX has faired better than 86% of the top 100 crypto assets. In addition, its price increased by 229% over the past year, trading above its 200-day SMA.

With its robust fundamentals and strong community support, WEMIX holds significant potential for future growth. Experts suggest potential collaborations with other networks could propel the WEMIX Coin to exceed $7.23 by 2024. Also, if the bulls kick in, the average price of the WEMIX Coin is expected to hover around $6.55.

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