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2 New Crypto Presales Launching Soon – Deelance & Ecoterra Updates

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

2 New Crypto Presales Launching Soon
2 New Crypto Presales Launching Soon

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Before a token is released to the public, a crypto presale gives investors a chance to evaluate the token’s market potential. The presale method supports developers in obtaining the initial funding necessary to move forward with their ideas. Investors can purchase these tokens at a discount because most teams provide alluring discounts during the presale stage.


As crypto initiatives increase the reach of technology, new concepts are introduced to discover how they might positively affect mankind. It is critical for their acceptance into mainstream businesses that they have the power to effect good change.

One such project is Ecoterra, which offers a platform for diverse stakeholders to participate in the battle towards climate change. Ecoterra offers a blockchain ecosystem that encourages people and businesses to lessen their adverse environmental impact.

The platform provides a number of marketplaces and applications that work together to create a complete framework that motivates consumers to take action. Recycle2Earn, its central idea, rewards users with ECOTERRA tokens for each item they recycle through the app. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

The marketplace for recyclable materials and carbon offsets are two of Ecoterra’s distinctive features. Ecoterra tokens can be used by individuals and businesses on the carbon offset market to offset their carbon emissions through globally recognized and high-quality initiatives, producing results that can be converted into NFTs.

On the other hand, the marketplace for recycled materials helps businesses to find recycled resources, establish connections with recyclers, and carry out other tasks. With its demonstration of how decentralized technology may be used to improve the planet, Ecoterra stands as an industry model of excellence.

Due to the platform’s features’ seamless integration, there is a chance that Ecoterra will inspire further crypto projects with comparable objectives. In addition to raising more than $3.5 million since its launch, the ECOTERRA presale, which is currently in stage six, has also given early investors the option to earn 5% USDT through a referral program.

These tokens can be used to further fund sustainable activities like cleaning programs and renewable energy projects. They can be traded, staked to produce more, or sold on exchanges. With ECOTERRA, customers can buy carbon credits that offset the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Guide on how to buy ECOTERRA token here.

Companies can create their impact-trackable profiles while Recycle2Earn reflects consumers’ climate actions and adds them to their profiles. These businesses can buy impact packages from customers, which are made up of various material kinds that assist lessen the negative consequences of their production. As a result, all parties involved may show their commitment to sustainability.

View the full breakdown of the two new crypto presale that launching soon in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Also Jacob Crypto Bury runs a Discord channel with 12,000 members, where users get a trading tips and and learn about forthcoming crypto presales.


One of the most effective crypto for freelancers and recruiters that uses a completely decentralized network is DeeLance. It has launched its cutting-edge Web3-based platform to completely transform how startups and freelancers engage.

The goal of this all-inclusive decentralized platform is to create micro-communities within a metaverse where buyers and sellers of creative content may cooperate, connect, share ideas, and build long-lasting connections. It also has an NFT marketplace where users may transact using the native DLANCE token of the platform.

A lot of individuals in the digital age make a living by working online occupations. However, centralized platforms for freelancing include drawbacks such excessive fees. By doing away with middlemen, DeeLance addresses this and enables freelancers to keep a larger portion of their earnings for just 2% of the total.

The platform’s structure avoids inefficiencies and has an escrow system to hold employers’ payment until the contracted job is finished. Through the use of smart contracts and established dispute resolution procedures, freelancers are ensured payment. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.

Additionally, freelancers can use DLANCE tokens to get paid quickly while avoiding commission fees and currency conversion difficulties. The integrated NFT functionality makes sure that clients obtain ownership of the freelancers’ work. DeeLance has the potential to permanently improve conditions for remote workers around the world.

Businesses looking for the best individuals for their projects can use the platform to speed the process. It makes it possible for independent contractors to find new clients without having to accept outrageous fees or submit to centralized platforms that could arbitrarily prohibit them without justification.

The goal of this ground-breaking platform is to provide diligent people with an equal playing field. Freelancers may keep track of their work on ongoing tasks and interact with clients due to an interactive interface. This would account for the optimistic DeeLance price forecasts. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

With more than $860,000 raised since inception, traders may now purchase DLANCE tokens at a reduced price of just $0.033 each during stage three of the presale. An affiliate program is also available. By the time the tokens list at a price of $0.057, their value will have increased by 66%. Take part in the DLANCE presale at


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