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yPredict AI Tool Launches to Research What Drives Crypto Prices

yPredict.Ai: Level-up Your crypto game
yPredict.Ai: Level-up Your crypto game

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yPredict: An AI-Driven Crypto Analytics and Research Platform Revolutionizing the Prediction Market

Traders and investors confront the difficult challenge of staying ahead of the game as the cryptocurrency industry continues to change with the advent of meme currencies and BRC-20 tokens. Enter yPredict, a cutting-edge AI-driven platform for crypto analytics and research that aims to provide traders and investors with unmatched clarity and a competitive edge in the challenging and fast evolving crypto field.

In this thorough guide, we’ll dig into yPredict’s cutting-edge capabilities, services, and prospects while examining how it makes use of AI and ML to completely transform the prediction industry.

What is yPredict?

yPredict is a decentralized platform that uses the power of blockchain technology to provide a transparent and secure prediction market. The platform employs the YPRED token as its native currency and is constructed on top of the Ethereum network.

A decentralized alternative to conventional prediction markets is what yPredict seeks to offer customers by utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Users may build and take part in prediction markets on a variety of subjects, including politics, sports, and money.

The Vision Behind yPredict

The main objective of yPredict is to democratize the prediction market sector and provide users with an open and decentralized platform for trading predictions. yPredict, one of the game-changing initiatives in the cryptocurrency market, is ready to have a huge influence on the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry thanks to its cutting-edge features and application cases.

Key Features and Offerings of yPredict

In order to meet the various requirements of traders and investors, yPredict provides a variety of cutting-edge features:

Market Predictions

Coin/securities price forecasts are accessible for free on the open Market Forecasts platform. Both internally built predictive models and particular market developers’ models are used to make these forecasts. These free forecasts are intended to highlight the many ways in which the yPredict platform’s AI/ML-powered tools may be used to analyze pricing patterns.

Analytics Dashboard

Tools including pattern identification, sentiment analysis, indicator analysis, and transaction analysis are available on the analytics platform. Three tiers of membership are offered for the yPredict Analytics platform: free, active, and pro-trader. This platform is meant to operate on a freemium basis.


The marketplace enables developers to advertise the forecasting outcomes of their model as a subscription service, or “Results as a Service”. The yPredict platform will then allow traders and investors to subscribe to these models on a monthly basis and receive real-time results.

Developers may concentrate on their fondness for creating AI and ML models by using yPredict’s passive revenue stream, which frees them from needing to engage in trading operations. Additionally, traders have access to a variety of forecasting models and may pick the ones that best match their tastes by subscribing to them.


For experienced traders, there is a complex trading platform called the yPredict Terminal.

Social Trading

“Social Trading,” one of yPredict’s distinctive features, enables users to follow and duplicate the transactions of the platform’s most successful traders.

Learn-2-Earn Feature

Along with training materials and quizzes, yPredict also has a Learn-2-Earn function that rewards users with YPRED tokens in exchange for learning more about the cryptocurrency markets.

The YPRED Token: Advantages and Use Cases

The Polygon blockchain powers the yPredict coins. This network has several benefits, including scalability, security, and a good development experience, as well as interoperability with Ethereum. The Polygon community is renowned for providing creators with an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Limited Supply and Value Retention

YPRED tokens have a finite amount of 100 million in order to guarantee that each token maintains a decent value over time as the community of holders expands.

DAO Governance and Model Submission

Additionally, the project has a DAO of its own. A DAO model, in which holders of YPRED cast votes to determine the outcome, controls the listing and delisting of models on the market. Transparency and equity in the decision-making process are guaranteed by this democratic method.

Additionally, by integrating the DAO governance mechanism for developer model submission, yPredict is able to uphold the platform’s rigorous analytical standards. As a result, the platform is more appealing to traders, investors, and other developers looking for a trustworthy and dependable marketplace.

Staking and Rewards

10% of the platform revenue is provided to holders as an incentive for staking YPRED tokens.

The yPredict Presale: A Unique Investment Opportunity

The yPredict presale is now underway, giving investors the chance to purchase the YPRED token at a reduced cost before it is listed on exchanges.

Presale Stages and Token Pricing

The yPredict presale is broken down into 8 stages, with each stage seeing an increase in token price and a different number of tokens made available. The token’s price in the first stage was $0.036, and its listing price will be $0.12.

Token Distribution and Lock-in Period

50% of the tokens were unlocked during the token creation event, with the remaining 80% allocated to the presale. There is a six-week lock-in window and a six-month vesting term.

The AI Revolution and yPredict’s Impact

With billions of dollars being invested in this technology, AI is unquestionably the technology of the future. The combination of AI with decentralized technology is tremendously powerful, and the moment is perfect for it.

yPredict is positioned to emerge as an underdog in the cryptocurrency industry by 2023 and beyond because of its cutting-edge features and application cases. Given that it is still in its early phases, the presale is definitely worth investigating.

The yPredict Roadmap: A Glimpse into the Future

The current presale is the first step in yPredict’s roadmap; next come token listings on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

By the end of 2023, the emphasis will turn to the introduction of the AI platform and mobile application, as well as the Play-to-Earn feature, API beta launch, and trading bot deployment.

The yPredict Team: A Blend of Expertise and Passion

Multiple Ph.D. holders and highly regarded developers make up the platform’s staff, providing a high-quality final result. The predictive models provided by yPredict, developed by the top 1% of AI engineers and quants, provide investors with an unassailable advantage.

The Power of AI and Polygon Scalability

yPredict, which is based on the Polygon blockchain, has great scalability, an improved developer interface, and Ethereum compatibility. Data-driven insights and signals produced by predictive models are available on yPredict’s marketplace.

Real-time Signals, Technical Indicators, and Sentiment Analysis

Users of yPredict may receive real-time signals, technical indicators, and sentiment analysis by subscribing to the service. These services are powered by AI techniques, including Natural Language Processing (NLP). To identify possible bullish flag patterns on a variety of coins, the AI also examines over 25 chart patterns.

Conclusion: The Future of Prediction Markets with yPredict

With its AI-driven methodology and variety of cutting-edge features, yPredict is revolutionizing the prediction market sector. The platform has enormous potential to completely transform the cryptocurrency industry, and its presale is an exceptional chance for investors to participate in this ground-breaking platform.

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