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XRPL Wires 100 Million XRP As Whales Hoard Chainlink And Ripple

Santiment, a cryptoanalysis platform, has recently published new data. This data shows that crypto whales have started to accumulate notable amounts of Chainlink (LINK) and XRP. In a series of tweets, the 29,200 followers of Santiment were notified of crypto whales buying up XRP throughout these past six months. Because of this, XRP wallets with a minimum of 100,000 XRP has seen a significant increase in numbers.

XRP And Chainlink Seeing Massive Accumulation

The analysis company explained that many high-tier brackets of XRP has held, and holders of 100K to 1 million XRP saw a 19.7% increase, going up to 17,387 from the previous 14,525. Holders between 1 million and 10 million XRP saw a 2.2% increase, going from 1,307 wallets to 1,336. Wallets containing over 10 million XRP, however, saw a 10.4% increase, going up to 309 total as opposed to its previous 280.

Chainlink has seen a similar increase, as well. Santiment made it clear that major investors have shown a very strong interest in it, showing that the top-100 non-exchange whale addresses have purchased a total of 34.2 million LINK within the past 12 months.

15% Of LINK’s Circulating Offer Come From Whales

Highlighting the steady accumulation of LINK by whales, Santiment made it clear that the whales are very confident in this asset, due to how much they’re putting at stake to invest in it.

LINK’s supply is currently dominated by whale wallets, and the top LINK whales have shown a stability in their aggressiveness for purchasing the token. Etherscan, a blockchain explorer, showed that the top 10 addresses, excluding liquidity pools, smart contracts, and exchanges, stand responsible for almost 15% of the total circulating offer of LINK.

Massive XRP Internal Transactions

Even XRPL Monitor, which is a tracking bot for XRP Ledger, has made it clear that transactions worth 100 million XRP have been made by several major exchanges, such as Bittrex, Bitstamp, Binance, Huobi, and Bitfinex.

XRPL Monitor’s recent tweets showed that the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service of Bitstamp had moved 22.7 million XRP throughout its internal crypto-wallets. Another internal transfer was recorded by Huobi, who had moved 35 million XRP. Even BitFinex went in on this, having a similar volume of XRP move to the stock exchange.

It should be noted that Huobi stands as one of the companies working alongside Ripple for the integration of PayID. PayID stands as a service dedicated to streamlining crypto payments, doing so by way of sending emails.

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