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XRP Community Raises the Alarm as the Coin Holders’ Attorney Falls Victim to a Twitter Hack

XRP Community
XRP Community

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The XRP community was recently alarmed, warning of an attack against its members after the XRP holders’ attorney, John Deaton, became a victim of a Twitter hack.

Deaton is one of the foremost voices of XRP users and the founder of CryptoLaw.

Recently, his account was hacked, and the entity behind the attack used it to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency known as LAW.

What happened?

The hack is believed to have taken place early on June 4th, around the same time Deaton commented on a tweet by Dephi Labs GC.

This was likely his last legitimate use of the account.

After that, the hackers managed to take over and send a number of tweets promoting the fraudulent token.

CryptoLaw’s own official Twitter account revealed that Deatn’s phone was hacked after several days of relentless cyberattacks.

A number of prominent voices from Crypto Twitter called attention to the hack, warning others and urging users not to click on suspicious links.

Another crypto lawyer and XRP enthusiast, Bill Morgan, said that the scam is an attack on the entire XRP community.

This scam is an attack on the entire XRP community, despicably misusing their trust in the person they rightly trust more than others.

The account recovery will take up to 3 days

Meanwhile, Deaton managed to return to Twitter using his daughter’s account to provide an update from his end, stating that he has yet to reclaim his own account.

He added that he contacted the platform’s support and that he was told that the recovery could take 1-3 days.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the attack took place on Deaton’s birthday.

Morgan commented on this fact as well, stating that the move shows an intent to be punitive and scam people in the XRP community at the same time.

It doubly targeted Deaton and the crypto community, with Morgan speculating that the attack may have something to do with Deaton’s efforts to assist XRP users.

By saying that, he was referencing the fact that Deaton participated in the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit, as well as the Zakinov v.

Ripple lawsuit and LBRY v. SEC case. The attorney is highly respected in the XRP community, and it is no coincidence that he was targeted on his own birthday, no less.

As for the fraudulent token, crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger recently warned against fraudulent token allocation program scams that were directed against crypto community members.

It warned Ripple owners to stay away from any token allocation claims due to their attempts to siphon off XRP funds.

According to Ledger, scams like that could grant hackers unauthorized access to XRP accounts.


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