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Jack Dorsey Endorses a Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate

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Jack Dorsey Endorses a Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate
Jack Dorsey Endorses a Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate

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The tech entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, known for co-founding Twitter, decided to publicly support one of the US presidential candidates.

Dorsey decided to endorse Robert F. Kennedy, J., who is well-known for being a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC).

Dorsey argues that Kennedy can beat Trump and DeSantis

Dorsey tweeted the endorsement in response to a clip of an interview with the presidential candidate.

The interview, called “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. argues he can beat Trump and DeSantis in 2024.” As for Dorsey’s response, he simply said “He can and will.”

When asked in the comments whether he is endorsing or just predicting, Dorsey said “Both.”

Other comments claimed that the Democratic National Committee would not allow this to happen.

However, Dorsey responded to this, as well. He said that this is only another reason why Kennedy should be supported.

He also criticized the DNC, stating that they seem to be more irrelevant by the day.

Others started speculating who else might back Kennedy, with Mario Nawfal, the CEO of IBC Group, speculating that Elon Musk could be next.

The new Twitter CEO did not publicly declare his intention to support any candidate as of yet.

However, after Dorsey’s move, Musk and others might decide to make their own stances known.

Musk has a history with the crypto industry, as his electric car company, Tesla, even accepted BTC as a payment method in early 2021.

However, it decided to stop supporting BTC as a payment method due to its high energy consumption.

Apart from that, Musk has also been a Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter for several years.

Kennedy and Bitcoin

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is the nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy. He is also a supporter of Bitcoin, which he views as an exercise in democracy.

However, according to a recent Fox Poll result, Kennedy scored only 16% in the Democrat primaries.

On the other hand, the CNN poll put his score to 20% after he started on the campaign trail in May 2023.

Kennedy kicked it off with a keynote address at a BTC conference in Miami, which was fairly well received.

While speaking about Bitcoin, he described it as a bulwark against government and corporate intrusion and expansion.

He said,

As president, I will ensure that your right to hold and use Bitcoin is inviolable.

However, he also revealed deeper knowledge and understanding of crypto by speaking of self-custody, private keys, and similar topics.

Meanwhile, many senators and regulators argue that BTC is nothing more than a “casino chip” used by the drug cartels.

To further show his support of BTC, Kennedy also stated that he would accept campaign donations in BTC, becoming the first presidential candidate in history to do so.


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