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XDC Network Is Top Gainer on CoinMarketCap With 21% Price Surge. How High Can XDC Go?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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XDC Network coin has made a 21% price surge, catching the cryptocurrency market’s attention.

As of 10:45am EST, XDC is trading at $0.041,, marking a 24% weekly gain, prompting investors to speculate on its potential price trajectory limits. How far can XDC go?

XDC Network. XDCUSD. Source:
XDCUSD. Source:

XDC price undergoes uptrend with potential trend reversal, rebounding from trendline to reach new highs, while facing resistance at $0.04 and support at $0.03. Strong support expected to drive prices higher and create new demand zone.

XDC Price Indicators Bullish as Price Bounces

xdc price

XDC price shows strong bullish momentum, trading above key moving averages and confirming the ongoing uptrend.

The double bottom pattern and bullish channel support further price surge, with the RSI indicating potential for additional gains to $0.59.

Consider diversifying your portfolio with EVILPEPE, a successful project with a notable presale performance.

Evil Pepe ($EVILPEPE) 

Evil Pepe boldly embarked on its presale on the 18th of this month, fueled by a crystal-clear mission to breathe new life into the once stagnant PEPE meme coin category. With a determination to bring back the glory days of Pepe coin and Pepe 2.0, this audacious crypto venture aims to shatter the tranquil status quo and inject a much-needed dose of excitement and innovation into the world of meme coins. 

EVILPEPE has emerged as the latest low market cap cryptocurrency, seeking to rekindle the spirit of adventurous and daring investments that define the essence of being a true crypto enthusiast. 

With a bold approach and a promise to evoke memories of exhilarating “degen ” investments, Evil Pepe aims to breathe new life into the meme coin world. Investors are on an exciting journey reminiscent of the early days of crypto as Evil Pepe strives to leave its unique mark on the industry.

Evil Pepe Presale: Limited Time Remaining to Capitalize on the Trend, $189,020 Raised

The presale will only last 14 days, leaving just 11 days until its conclusion. After this period, interested degen investors must access the market to participate in the trend. 

At present, the token is being sold at $0.0003330, and astonishingly, the presale has already raised an impressive $189,020 in less than 48 hours. For investors looking to seize the first-mover advantage, acting promptly and jumping on board with this token could prove to be a lucrative opportunity.

With its current market cap set at under $2 million, the token has the potential to yield over 100X returns on invested capital once it goes live on exchanges. The rapidly forming community around this asset indicates that it may be soon that Evil Pepe’s market cap soars into the double-digit million range. Investors can visit the token’s website to acquire EVILPEPE tokens by connecting their digital wallets and swapping their ETH or USDT.

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