XDB Foundation Joins DigitalBits as Contributor to Assist Community Projects

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DigitalBits, a self-described “protocol layer blockchain focused on supporting consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies,” has been joined by the XDB Foundation as a contributor, according to a press release from the group.

Essentially, the XDB Foundation intends to fund different projects within the DigitalBits community. They’ll have a “focus towards innovation and accelerating ecosystem growth,” the release notes.

On top of this, the founder of Global Digital Assets, Michael Gord, has been named the managing director of the XDB Foundation. Gord has been involved in enterprise, government, community development, and more.

As a part of the community, the XDB Foundation plans to “establish a set of committees focused on the oversight of governance, education, research and development, and ecosystem growth and adoption.”

All committees will be founded with the following missions in mind:

  • Support innovation and adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain

  • Shape commercial standards and requests for technical development

  • Growth of the DigitalBits Community through a diverse regional strategy

  • Accountability and sustainability practices

  • Facilitate partnerships and ecosystem development

Speaking on the matter is Gord himself, who says:

“I am excited to see the launch of the XDB Foundation and to be joining the DigitalBits ecosystem in this new capacity. In the coming weeks, the XDB Foundation will share additional updates regarding its key initiatives.  Over the past 2 years, we have seen DigitalBits achieve various milestones and with this next chapter I’m excited to see the XDB Foundation contribute as the new project lead supporting education, research and development, and ecosystem growth and adoption.”

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