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WINkLink Coin Bullish Despite Binance Delisting as yPredict Tops $3 Million in Presale

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Despite WINkLink being delisted from Binance, it’s technicals are still looking bullish.

Let’s explore its future prospects as indicated by the chart below. The price of WIN shows a potential short-term bullish movement, despite previously displaying a bearish trend within a descending channel. The recent series of downturns has resulted in the formation of a double-bottom trading pattern, presenting an opportunity for traders to initiate buy trades.

WINkLink is Short-Term Bullish

WINUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

Given this pattern, the bulls will continue to drive the price higher, moving it from its current level of $0.00006831 towards the upper line of the channel, potentially forming a new lower high. If the price experiences a further decline and reaches a new lower low, it may rebound from the channel’s lower trend line, which is situated at $0.00005051, and surge above the channel.

Should the price break above the channel, it may surpass the previous highs in February and April. This breakout could signal a more significant upward movement in the price of WIN. Conversely, the price might continue the bearish trend, as the bearish candle indicates. And further rebound to the upper trendline of the channel.

WIN Indicators Support Bullish Sentiment

WINUSD Indicator analysis. Source:
WINUSD Indicator analysis. Source:

Despite being delisted on the Binance exchange, the WIN token shows promising signs of a potential surge. As of 6:19 a.m. EST, the price of WIN is trading at $0.00006855

The chart above indicates a rebound from its support level at $0.00005155, and it’s steadily rising along the bullish trendline, which aligns with the 50-day exponential moving average.

Moreover, there are indications of a bullish rebound on the trendline, which could lead to a surge beyond the token’s previous high in April, with the target reaching $0.0001235. However, it’s essential to be cautious, as a double top pattern might also form at this point, potentially allowing the bulls to push the prices down to the April high.

WINkLink to Reach New Price Levels Soon

The price indicators suggest that WIN is likely to reach new price levels soon. After a rebound from the support level, the price has managed to break above the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). 

Although there was a minor retest of the 50-day EMA, the bulls could prevent a deeper pullback if the moving average remains strong. Should the price surge from the 50 EMA, it will likely break above the 200-day Exponential Moving Average, allowing the bulls to drive the price even higher, targeting the desired level of $0.0001235. When the 200-day EMA is below the price, the bulls control the price action.

Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently sits at a neutral position of 52, signaling more potential for the price to surge further into the overbought region (above 70). This implies room for upward movement before the market becomes overextended.

As investors continue to wait for the best entry opportunities for WinkLink, the yPredict crypto project presale has surged past $3 million in funds raised. 

yPredict (YPRED)

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, projects still in their presale phase are often shielded from immediate market fluctuations. Since they aren’t listed on exchanges they remain somewhat isolated from broader market swings. One such project that is capitalizing on this advantage is yPredict.

As yPredict progresses through its presale phase, it enjoys relative stability since it has yet to be fully exposed to the highly unpredictable crypto market. This stability allows the project to focus on building its foundation and attracting investors. As the project gains momentum and the market becomes more favorable, yPredict can strategically ride on these waves to strengthen its position and overall potential for success.

yPredict Presale Funding Hits $3 Million

The ongoing YPRED presale funding has achieved a remarkable milestone raising over $3 million already. As the presale enters its penultimate stage, it continues to welcome more investors. This presents an opportune moment for investors to purchase yPredict tokens at the discounted price of $0.1.

Investors can take advantage of this low-priced token and invest early before it reaches its listing price of $0.12. Additionally, they can acquire the YPRED token by swapping their ETH, MATIC and USDT by connecting their wallet to the yPredict website.

yPredict utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze crypto data, enabling the platform to offer price predictions based on this data. The project’s whitepaper outlines additional features such as market sentiment analysis and a chart pattern detector.

In addition to its crypto market analytic tools, yPredict has also developed an AI-powered backlink estimator. This estimator assists users in predicting the most effective backlinks that will improve their keyword rankings. Utilizing the backlink estimator would cost users $99. However, they further mentioned that investors who participate in the presale would enjoy lifetime access to the estimator at no cost.

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