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What’s the Next Axie Infinity? Next Crypto for High Gains

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

SHould I buy IBAT Token
SHould I buy IBAT Token

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In recent years institutional investors and banks are taking cryptocurrency more seriously as an asset. Cryptocurrency started out unregulated, but now its investment is common in the financial world.

Even though the prices of cryptocurrencies can change quickly, many people are still looking for the next big investment. Keep reading to explore what cryptocurrencies might help you make a profit in the near future.

In this process, the AXS crypto token blew up, showing that it is still possible to make large amounts of money from investing in a cryptocurrency. One altcoin has exploded and will continue to provide great gains for its investors. Even if they sell their altcoins at the top, they still made a profit of over 100,000%.

How Did Axie Infinity Become So Popular?

If you’re wondering which cryptocurrency will have the most potential return in 2022, it might be one that has not been over-hyped by institutional investors.

Bitcoin may be the obvious choice, but it’s not necessarily the best one because it already has a lot of money invested in it. The chances of a big payoff are better with smaller coins that haven’t been pumped up by institutional investors.

The price of an AXS token was 10 cents when it first started trading. It had a pre-sale ICO where each token was worth 10 cents. In 2021, the token reached over 166 dollars and increased by 1660x, which is almost a 166,000% hike.

Axie Infinity has been trading with the $13-$17 range. When Bitcoin dropped to $17,600, it was at a 93% correction, but so far on track for a 133x return. Many investors have had the opportunity to exit with profits in that range.

The Axie Infinity community started to shrink and lose interest around 2022. Players were less apt to continue playing a game that had less value and players felt it was not worth their time to play. People considered it less worth the time to play (P2E) crypto games due to both its monetary value decreasing and depreciation.

Next Axie Infinity for High Gains

Battle Infinity is a new game that you can learn more about and purchase tokens for on their presale page,

Battle Infinity has different gameplay options than Axie Infinity, because it includes P2E (play to earn) battle games. Each game is a decentralized NFT-based fantasy sports metaverse game.

The presale for Battle Infinity is now open on Binance. You can buy up to 500 BNB worth of tokens, with the cheapest purchase being 0.1 BNB. The IBAT token presale price is $0.0015 per token.

Presales can perform well even in bear market conditions. Investments made now could be the next big thing. The future of Axie Infinity is yet to be seen. There was a bull market in crypto in 2021, but there were other great market opportunities too. Many tried to take advantage of the “play for earnings” games.

Suresh Joshi, the co-founder of Battle Infinity, says he wants his game to be the next Axie Infinity.

“We are pleased to introduce Battle Infinity and our pre-sales. It has been hard work but it was worth it.”

He added, “We’re focused to reach high, we’re the new Axie Infinity, but with more transparent earnings pools for players.”

Axie Infinity found success with Play-to-Earn games before one of their bridges was exploited and lost $625 million.

Joshi continued to speak about the Play-to-Earn games, saying that they have a huge scope for development and can be played now.

Home-grown Projects Can be Head Started by India

India has a fast-growing economy, which is demonstrated by their young middle class and highly educated workforce. Indian math students & coders outperform any other country in the world.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and can’t be ignored but Joshi takes a look at the different global factors too.

The cricket culture in India, as well as their software engineers, create the perfect environment to start a fantasy sports project.

Our games will be accessible for a global audience with our Battle Arena slated to go live in Phase 3 of our roadmap, Joshi added.

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