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What is MemePad, and Why is it Going Up – MemePad Price Prediction

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Should I buy Tamadoge
Should I buy Tamadoge

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Meme coins were one of the worse hit segments due to the bearish run of the crypto market. Dogecoin, which was the (and still is as of now) the leader of this segment, has witnessed its value decrease many folds during this period despite the fame and support it managed to garner.

But ever since the crash, certain new coins have entered the market which are not the typical meme coin that investors were used to. One such coin is MEPAD which is the token for the MemePad platform.

MemePad was launched in the second quarter of 2021 and has set an example for a lot of future meme coins. However, like the other meme-coins, it too could not escape the crash before which it was valued at almost 50 cents per token.

What is MemePad?

MemePad is a platform that acts as a launchpad for other meme-coins and crypto projects, enabling them to launch their coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Only BEP20 coins are eligible for this platform.

So MemePad provides people or organizations with the IDO of their tokens. The platform is specifically focused on small-cap tokens and meme coins.

Investors who buy MEPAD can access the MemePad ecosystem and contribute to its liquidity pool by staking their tokens. 5% of the total IDO is charged by MemePad as tax water distributed among the MemePad investors in proportion to their staked amount in the liquidity pool.

It aims to connect the community with the assets bridging the gap between the token creators and potential investors. The Platform also provides KYC facilities to its customers.

Despite a robust ecosystem with the potential to provide value, the platform has not been able to perform very well on the exchanges and is valued at around $.002 or sometimes even lower.

This might be because its growth depends on the number of coins. The situation is made worse because of its taxing policy as it charges 10%. This amount contributes to the liquidity pool. So if the transactions are reduced, it will adversely affect the liquidity pool.

How are New-Age Meme Coins Better?

New age meme-coins, unlike the traditional ones, aren’t just dependent on market trends, but they do provide some value to their investors. These new coins are backed by a well-planned project providing Play-To-Earn games and many more features.

MemePad was among the first utility-oriented meme-coin. This was probably one of the many reasons it was valued so high in the early days of its listing.

The same is also true for TamaDoge. TAMA runs on the TamaDoge universe (or as the team likes to call it- the Tamaverse).

It provides its investors with a Play-To-Earn setup where they are supposed to raise their pets into adults and, in the process, earn various rewards in the form of Dogepoints. These Dogepoints can be further converted into TAMA. This provides the investors with an opportunity to earn from the game.

Buy Tamadoge Now

Founded in July 2022, TamaDoge has been able to raise a very high amount, $8.5 million in its presales. This is because the early investors are aware of the fact that TamaDoge has tried to address the non-utility problem that has plagued the meme-coin segment in the past.

Seeing the industry trend, it can now be safely assumed that the future meme-coins will follow the utility principle as it is one of the best ways to last in the highly volatile crypto market.

Why has the MEPAD Coin Been on the Rise Lately?

MEPAD, as already mentioned, has not been able to get back to the value that it had before its crash and is now valued at somewhere around $0.002. It was up 15% in the last 24 hours but seeing its current value and the time it has been in the market, it’s not that impressive.

This is especially because the crypto market is recovering, and newer coins like Tamadoge, which is still in its initial stages, has able to outperform MemePad, which has been in the market for almost one and a half years.

This could change given that the market would again be flooded by newer meme coins. But there are higher chances that these new coins will have an ecosystem of their own and will probably not launch using the MemePad platform.

TamaDoge as a more secure and faster-growing meme coin in the market

TamaDoge, although a fairly new coin in the market, has been able to win the trust of its investors, as can be clearly seen from its presale figures.

The well-planned roadmap of the TamaDoge project promises its early investors a rapid yet holistic development of the ecosystem and would guarantee them a huge return on their investments.

The Smart contracts of its eco-system have been audited by the highly acknowledged Solid Proof, and it is also verified by Coinsniper. This means that the Tamadoge is a very secure project.

Apart from security, the TamaDoge is both fun and rewarding at the same time. Investors will be able to play a Play-To-Earn game and earn rewards from the same. The points earned by them would help them win rewards from the Dogepool every month.

The project has also made sure that all its assets are easily liquid.

To top it all off, there are no transaction charges imposed by the platform making it easier to invest in the project. The team believes that the value of a coin should be dependent on the project it represents and should not be controlled by taxing the investors.


MemePad was among the first utility-based meme coins, but it has been overshadowed by newly released meme coins of the same category. Seeing that the coin is nowhere near its all-time high value, it can be safely said that many investors have shifted their interest from that project to new projects.

This is clearly evident from their pre-sales, as they have managed to raise millions from the same within a shorter duration of time than imagined. Investors are now more eager to invest in projects like TamaDoge as they are seemingly more secure and promise higher returns.

You can also read the full roadmap and whitepaper at

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