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What Has Doritos And MATIC Got In Common?

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The globally famous potato chips maker Doritos is coming to Polygon. The firm has its pioneering metaverse experience in Decentraland (MANA). The company is ready to enter another segment with NFTs on Polygon Network (MATIC). Doritos Metaverse Triangle is inviting both native cryptocurrency and non-crypto users. The campaign commences on February 8 and will run through February 10.

The American chips producer opens its first-ever metaverse venue, Doritos Triangle Studios, as per the official statement by the firm’s representative. The experience enables users to create an NFT avatar and use it in the game. Players can change their hairstyle, clothing, skin, and shoes and try various accessories.

The players will commence experiencing by exploring the triangular tower on the second floor. This will occur after they have typed their names into their 3D avatars. However, some players will stand a chance to win various rewards depending on how many playing points they will gain.

The lucky metaverse enthusiasts can walk away with super-rare NFT CloneX #12118 (Takashi Murakami drop), high-end gaming PCs, and legendary Larva Lab’s Meetbits #53 digital collectible. Additionally, the platform will allow players to win eight wearables. They include four unlocked and four locked, two custom gaming rigs from BRParadox. All these will be minted on the Polygon Network.

Nonetheless, Polygon CEO and co-founder Sandeep Nailwal took to his Twitter, acknowledging the firm’s growth. Nailwal recognized Doritos as the latest platform to join the company. He stipulated that:

The reach of Polygon in the mainstream is mindboggling.

Doritos Connection To Customers

However, apart from Doritos, other companies, including Reddit, Cymbiotika, and Starbucks, are among the mainstream brands that joined with the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling blockchain to launch NFT products. Like other brands looking to easily connect with their customers on Web3, Doritos is among them. Doritos will enable its users obtain their NFTs for free.

Noteworthy, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic asserted via Twitter that:

Organic mainstream adoption is the best mainstream adoption.

Polygon is among the firms that have become the reliable choice of significant companies looking to expand customer links on the blockchain. The platform’s blockchain provides infinite scalability by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to process transactions faster and at low costs. All these are backed by the intense security features facilitated by the Ethereum blockchain.

In the past months, Polygon (MATIC)obtained an increase in the status of the leading NFT blockchain. Last month, Fractal, Justin Khan’s NFT gaming marketplace, launched on Polygon, teaming with a flurry of web3 firms. Reportedly, last year, the Solana-based NFT project y00ts migrated to Polygon in December.

On January 6, 2023, the payment giant Mastercard launched a web3 incubator program for artists on the Layer 2 blockchain. JennyCo chose the company in the program to power its healthcare data-sharing application. Polygon is notably a partner of the first-ever Nike digital studios SWOOSH. In the studio, sneakers can collaborate with Nike’s designers to create new footwear collections. The activities enabled Polygon to be the leading blockchain for mainstream brands, overtaking Ethereum in the number of NFT sales in January.

In December 2022, as per Dune analytics data, Polygon sold over 1.3 million Polygon NFTs on OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace.

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