Weiss: Ripple (XRP) Is More Popular Than Bitcoin (BTC) In The United States

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Weiss: Ripple (XRP) Is More Popular Than Bitcoin (BTC) In The United States
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It’s no secret that Bitcoin (BTC) is the number one cryptocurrency in the entire world regarding market cap. Satoshi’s project is also the very first crypto asset, giving it that lead against the rest as well. However, while Bitcoin is the most well known, it isn’t the most “famous” in the United States, at least, according to a tweet from Weiss Ratings.

Popularity Is Key

The tweet pulls data from Google Trends, which shows that users searched more for Ripple (XRP) than Bitcoin last year:

This is somewhat surprising, as more users take advantage of Bitcoin’s services than any other crypto. That said, because so many users know of Bitcoin, they may not be researching it as much. EthereumWorldNews (EWN) reports that Ripple news has been quite positive this year, after all.

Also, according to a Weiss report from March, Ripple was the number one rated currency in terms of potential success. EOS (EOS) and Bitcoin followed after. EOS, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Binance Coin (BNB) were also rated as the most risk-averse projects.

Ripple news has been positive lately, too. Recently the project partnered with Coinbase for a hidden XRP trading service. On top of this, the World Bank began to accept Ripple’s xRapid service just this past weekend.

A Change of Heart

Weiss didn’t always view Ripple in such a positive light, either. In 2018, the rating company criticized XRP for its weak technology, reports EWN:

“#Ripple ($XRP) has the adoption, but does it have the superior tech? Stellar (#XLM) is more open and decentralized than XRP, staying truer to the philosophy of #crypto. It also allows for custom token creation and supports #DEX. Which is better, in your view?”

This constant positivity is a nice contrast to the bear market we’ve been suffering from. Because prices have been down, projects have had time to focus on their offerings and technology, ensuring that they’re ready for eventual mainstream adoption.

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