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Web3 portal Launchpad starts presale as $142,000 is raised in minutes

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Web3 portal Launchpad starts presale as $142,000 is raised in minutes
Web3 portal Launchpad starts presale as $142,000 is raised in minutes

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The presale for Web3 portal Launchpad is fast garnering attention, having raised $142,000 in just a few minutes. The LPX presale starts today, and during the first stage, one LPX token is priced at $0.035. The presale has ten stages, with the price increasing gradually at each new stage.

Web3 portal Launchpad raises $142,000 shortly after the launch

The LPX token presale started with a bang, with the presale launch price at $0.035. At the time of writing, the presale had raised more than $143,000, according to the project’s website. The presale has a soft cap of 5 million and a hard cap of 12.5 million.

The first stage will end after $875,000 has been raised, and going by the speed at which traders are buying these tokens and the guaranteed returns to early investors, it is likely that the first-stage tokens will be exhausted soon. The price will then increase to $0.0375 in the second stage.

The presale has been divided into ten stages. The price will increase at each stage, allowing the early investors to earn significant returns on their investments. At the tenth and final stage, the price of LPX tokens will have increased to $0.070. After the presale ends, exchange listings have been slated for Q3 2023.

Launchpad provides a bridge to Web3

The LPX token presale is garnering much interest because of the project’s robust fundamentals, according to the whitepaper. Launchpad offers a trusted framework that can be used by top global brands that want to launch Web3 experiences for their customers.

Launchpad seeks to be a portal that offers the full range of possibilities within the Web3 ecosystem. The mission of this project is to become a central portal for individuals to identify products and platforms that meet their interests. The project also seeks to bolster engagement by making the Web3 onboarding process seamless.

The Launchpad Web3 wallet is also easy to use as all the users have to provide to run their wallet is a phone number and an email address. The Web3 wallet will allow users to connect seamlessly to Web3 services. The wallet can also be used to swap tokens, offer asset self-custody, sign into Web3 services, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).

All Web3 offerings under one roof

Launchpad offers access to all Web3 services on a single platform. The ecosystem compromises a decentralized exchange whose onboarding process is also easy. The DEX will list hundreds of crypto pairs. The platform will also have a staking facility for LPX to lower the exchange fees charged by traders.

Launchpad also provides access to the best-in-class market and on-chain data. Users can find the exchanges with the best liquidity, locate investment opportunities and access actionable trade insights.

The platform also offers a unique way for market participants to search on NFT marketplaces using a curation system displaying the NFTs with the most demand in real-time. Launchpad allows users to locate new releases and even create their NFTs easily. The platform will also feature an NFT DEX where fees will be reduced for stakers.


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