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Web3 Freelancing and Recruitment Platform DeeLance Approaches $1.5 Million – Massive Price Surge Expected

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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DeeLance’s Web3 platform, which is designed for freelancing and recruitment, is quickly approaching the $1.5 million milestone in its 4th stage of presale funding.

This significant achievement is expected to trigger a massive surge in the price of its utility token, $DLANCE. As of writing, the DeeLance token has raised over $1.34 million, and the current price is at $0.038.

DeeLance is currently in the fourth stage of its presale, which will last for just 8 more days. After this period, the price is expected to increase to $0.043. Once the DeeLance project reaches its funding goal of $1.7 million, the presale period will come to a close. After that, the platform will be listed on popular exchanges at a price of $0.057. 

This exciting news means that early investors who have bought DeeLance tokens during the presale will be able to enjoy a paper profit of approximately 66%, which is a fantastic return on investment.

DeeLance presale

DeeLance has a total token supply of 1 billion $DLANCE. The presale allows the general public to purchase a maximum of 30% (300 million tokens). DeeLance uses blockchain to improve safety and efficiency in recruitment. 

The platform was created to provide freelancers with a less stressful working platform, free from the interference of existing platforms, where they can freely express themselves and their talents. The excitement and interest surrounding DeeLance continue to attract enthusiastic investors. This makes DeeLance an upcoming cryptocurrency with excellent growth potential.

DeeLance is the Future of Freelancing

The traditional workforce has transitioned to freelancers due to technological advancements. Approximately 58 million Americans are freelancers, contributing to a $6 billion-plus marketplace. However, freelancers need help accessing quality jobs, payment processing, and high platform fees. 

DeeLance, a blockchain project, aims to disrupt this marketplace by providing a decentralized freelance and recruitment platform. It also allows freelancers to work in a censorship-resistant environment and connects them with employers.

One of the key benefits of the DeeLance platform is that it eliminates the need for intermediaries and their high fees. This means that freelancers and employers can connect directly through the platform and conduct transactions without any third-party involvement. By cutting out the middlemen, the platform provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution for the freelance market. Additionally, the platform offers additional features such as an NFT marketplace, a metaverse platform, and a recruitment platform to enhance the freelancing experience.

In addition to its cost-effective and efficient solution, the DeeLance platform is also user-friendly with no barriers to entry. The registration process is straightforward and doesn’t involve any third-party interference or the need for card information. Transactions on the platform are conducted using cryptocurrency, which provides additional transparency and security through the use of smart contracts. 

At the core of DeeLance is the tokenization of freelancers’ work items and services, providing a secure and reliable means of transferring work. This instills all parties’ confidence, guaranteeing they receive what they require. Users can take advantage and buy the presale before time runs out for maximum profit. 

DeeLance Empowering Freelancers with Digital Collectibles, Virtual Reality and Cryptocurrency Earnings

DeeLance allows users to buy digital collectibles, which can be used as avatars or digital twins. Freelancers can also tokenize their work and maintain full ownership until they choose to transfer it. This helps protect their ideas and ensure fair payment. DeeLance also offers a virtual reality concept where freelancers and employers can collaborate using digital avatars in immersive 3D environments. 

Freelancers earn cryptocurrencies, which is especially beneficial for those without access to traditional banking services. Unlike other platforms, DeeLance only charges a 2% client fee, enabling freelancers to keep most of their earnings. 

It also features a decentralized recruitment protocol, which helps ensure a fair and transparent hiring process. Additionally, DeeLance has a scalable dispute resolution system in place to help resolve any issues that may arise during the transaction process. Moreover, DeeLance provides instant payment processing in cryptocurrency. This eliminates the need for minimum withdrawal amounts and allows freelancers to have easy and convenient access to their funds.

DeeLance Receives Backing 

Recently, the project has made significant progress, receiving a notable $1.12 million investment from Bitgert Ventures. Bitgert Ventures focuses on investing in “decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems, and applications that have the potential to reshape.”

The firm’s investment in DeeLance is a strong endorsement of the project that might open the door to further intuitional funding. Meanwhile, given its broad portfolio of investments across the web3 space, Bitgert can provide valuable expertise, connections, and business opportunities for the DeeLance project. That should give the DeeLance team a massive boost as they work hard to deliver on the project’s roadmap pledges over the coming quarters. 

Additionally, DeeLance has forged a partnership with Mises Browser to establish a decentralized freelance marketplace. Mises Browser announced on Twitter that it has partnered with DeeLance, a Web3 freelancing platform. 

The details of the partnership are not fully disclosed yet, but DeeLance retweeted the announcement. Followers reacted positively, expressing excitement about the collaboration between a fast Web3 browser and a freelancing platform.

DeeLance Igniting Excitement and Trust in Crypto Community

The DeeLance project is generating a lot of excitement across social media platforms. Most recently, a post endorsing DeeLance on Reddit garnered a remarkable response, with 168 upvotes and over 200 comments within 24 hours. Moreover, DeeLance boasts a substantial following on popular platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Esteemed news and analysis websites have recognized DeeLance as one of the most promising cryptocurrency presale projects in 2023.

DeeLance has established partnerships with some of the most prominent crypto news websites and traditional media outlets, which has helped the platform reach a wider audience. The team behind DeeLance has also been actively participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions within various crypto communities to engage with the community and answer any questions they may have.

In addition to engaging with the community, DeeLance has also taken significant measures to prioritize security. The platform has undergone rigorous audits to ensure that all transactions are secure and protected. To further enhance security, DeeLance has implemented know-your-customer (KYC) procedures to help prevent fraud and ensure that all transactions are legitimate. These actions demonstrate DeeLance’s commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for freelancers and employers alike.

Notably, a well-known crypto analyst named Jacob Crypto Bury has predicted that the $DLANCE token will experience significant gains in the near future. This prediction is a testament to DeeLance’s commitment to safety and transparency, which has earned the platform a positive reputation in the crypto community. 

DeeLance tokens can be purchased by users through a MetaMask or Trust Wallet using either ETH, USDT, or credit cards as a means of payment.

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