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Wassie Price Prediction: How Much Growth Can WASSIE Achieve Compared to TG Casino?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Wassie (WASSIE) surged on, reaching the $0.0000008 mark. This surge has attracted investors seeking to profit from such tokens.

The token originated from its support zone at $0.0000002893, initiating spikes that have enabled the bulls to continue recovering from their prior losses.

WASSIE Price Faces Rejection at $0.0000008 Support

As of 10:28 a.m. EST, WASSIE is trading at $0.0000005937, reflecting a 7% gain in the past 24 hours. Furthermore, its weekly performance demonstrates a surge of 81%, driving the daily trading volume to $38 million, marking a significant increase of 123%.

WASSIE/USD Chart Analysis. Source:
WASSIE/USD Chart Analysis. Source:

WASSIE has broken above its prolonged sideways movement, giving the bulls a solid footing to push the price upward in an extended spike that has lasted nearly 24 hours. However, resistance was encountered at $0.0000008, leading to the sellers’ price correction.

The price indicators also support this bullish momentum, confirming an impending bull rally. The 50 and 200 simple moving averages have experienced a bullish crossover at $0.0000002828, assisting the bulls in propelling the price higher. Furthermore, both moving averages are positioned below the price, offering additional support.

The relative strength index (RSI) has seen significant swings, trading at 65, below the overbought region of 70, and moving towards its neutral position of 50. This indicates substantial selling pressure that could push the RSI below 50.

Based on this analysis, WASSIE has the potential to sustain its bullish momentum in the coming weeks, with the bulls targeting higher levels above the $0.0000008 barrier, potentially even doubling its value.

However, traders and investors should remain vigilant, as bears have capitalized on the resistance, driving down prices. If the correction persists, it could further empower the sellers, potentially pushing prices down to the $0.0000004364 support zone, coinciding with the 50 SMA.

Did you miss out on the WASSIE bull rally? TG.Casino offers an enticing opportunity through its play-to-earn features and low-priced presale projects.

TG.Casino a Game Changer in Web3 GambleFi 

TG.Casino (TGC) is redefining Web3 GambleFi products, introducing a crucial new element – the convenience of Telegram automation to replicate the success of its fellow Telegram-powered Web3 platform, Unibot.

The team’s goal for the presale is to raise $5 million, a target likely to be exceeded. TGC tokenomics is a key strength of the project. In contrast to some projects that allocate a substantial portion of tokens to the team, $TGC has earmarked 40% for the presale.

Another 20% is reserved for staking efforts, 10% for marketing initiatives, and 20% contributes to liquidity pools. This transparent and equitable distribution method has generated significant excitement within the crypto community.

Join TGC Presale Now: Over $400k Raised, High APY

The TG.Casino (TGC) presale has achieved a significant milestone by swiftly raising $462,675 in investment funds, representing 46.26% of its $1 million goal. This demonstrates investor confidence in the project.

As an early investor, you can enjoy an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 1000%. However, it’s important to note that the APY will decrease as the presale progresses, underscoring the importance of early participation.

TGC’s buyback system is divided into two categories: 40% of the acquired tokens will be burned, while the remaining 60% will be used to reward investors.

Crypto Zeus, a YouTuber with over 66k subscribers, reviewed TGC, explaining how to purchase and invest in the presale phase. He also sees the project as a game changer for web3.

You can acquire the token using Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Tether (USDT) by connecting your Web3 wallet to the token website.

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