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Wall Street Memes Presale Is Now Live – New Memecoin With Huge Potential

Wall Street Meme Presale Is Now Live
Wall Street Meme Presale Is Now Live

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Wall Street Memes, a new crypto project that was only launched on May 25th, has already raised $100k in its presale after only a few minutes of being live. With having over a thousand followers across all of its social media sites, the Wall Street Memes initiative has shown to have tremendous community support.

Wall Street Memes received massive online support

The term “Wall Street Memes” pertains to a collection of memes that have come into existence in relation to Wall Street, the financial market, and numerous events that have taken place in the world of finance. Humorous and unique pieces, such as sarcastic drawings, videos, and puns, spread the viral content throughout the internet.

The rise of the Wall Street Memes as a cultural phenomenon has metaphorically represented the competition between small-scale institutional investors and individual investors. At the time of the presale, Wall Street Memes had already amassed 400k initial followers across Twitter and Instagram.

The total community size was greater than 1 million when all social networks were taken into account. Because of this, a great deal of attention is going to be given to the newly introduced meme coin. Many alternative cryptocurrencies have, for a number of years, longed to attain this level of popularity and attract an even greater number of potential investors.

This provides a boost to the momentum of the presales for Wall Street Memes. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

All $WSM tokens will be made available to the public

There are a total of 2 billion tokens available for use in the Wall Street Memes ecosystem. There will be a presale of 1 billion tokens, representing 50% of the total supply, open to the community. This will be sorted out in 30 stages, with substantial rises in the prices set at each stage.

With this, Wall Street Memes is aiming for an ERC-20 token WSM hard cap of $30,577,000. Without any sort of promotion, almost $100,000 rushed into the new coin in just the first few hours. This means that in the next several days, the first stage (costing $500,000) will come to a close.

Quick action is rewarded with record gains of about 35%, so investors should act now. On the other hand, the remaining tokens are going to be distributed throughout the community in a short while. This indicates that there is no possibility of the rug pull.

There will be no insider trading allowed. Because the tokenomics provide an open and honest representation of the distribution of the remaining 50% of the overall quantity. In the medium term, 30% of these tokens will be distributed as community awards, while the remaining 20% will be used to act as exchange liquidity.

Wall Street Memes has additional gear in its meme coin wars

The Wall Street Memes team is confident that the platform’s influential community of traders and investors will quickly buy the tokens and act as the kind of enthusiastic supporters that other project can only hope to attract.

With its steady growth and community advantage to improve its meme coin entry and the engagement between Wall Street Memes and Elon Musk (highlighted on the Wall Street Memes website) and a host of other millionaires and billionaires, Wall Street Memes has even more chance in its fight for meme coin dominance.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wall Street Memes, it stems from the meme stock craze that swept the stock market in 2021. Wall Street Memes were at the epicenter of the uproar. At one point, the movement, which was initially affiliated with the Reddit sub-forum WallStreetBets, threatened to empower retail traders to challenge and overthrow institutional investors’ supremacy.

This has not yet proven to be the case, however there has been one famous scalp, the Melvin Capital hedge fund was forced to close after shorting meme stock favorite GameStop.

The Wall Street Memes token will soon reign supreme

In the same manner that Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe coin have become internet sensations, the Wall Street Memes token has the potential to become the undisputed “King of Memes” and “King of Stonks.”

Wall Street Memes is the most credible meme coin ever because of its enormous brand recognition in the financial sector, especially among individual investors.

When you consider that the $WSM token is currently on sale for just $0.025 and has already established its capacity to cross-sell across the stock and crypto audiences with its wildly successful maiden NFT launch, everyone can see why there is no time to waste in purchasing it.

The $WSM coin will first be available on decentralized exchanges before it is listed on centralized exchanges of the top tier.

Wall St Bulls Ordinals are ready to mint 

All of the newest market news and financial discussion forums can be easily accessible to the WSM community, where information about the Wall Street Bulls Ordinals NFT Collection minting may be found. The Wall Street Bulls team first launched its NFT collection on Twitter in 2021.

Selling all 10,000 pieces in under 32 minutes earned them nearly $2.5 million. They’re back with another NFT collection, and their community has grown to over a million degens. The Wall ST Bulls have opened a presale auction for their much-anticipated NFTS.

This collection, named “Wall Street Bulls Ordinals,” will consist of 420 individual pieces, the actual minting takes place on the Magic Eden bitcoin ordinals marketplace.

The crypto community has also established its own utility coin, the WMS token. The new meme coin aims to validate Gordon Gekko’s market belief that “greed is good.” He became wealthy in the 1980s by investing in worthless stocks. The new Wall St Bulls meme coin attempts to demonstrate that greed is, in fact, a good thing.

All cryptocurrency users can now participate in the Wall St. Bull presale, which is seeing consistent demand. There has been a lot of interest in the Wall St. Bulls presale since $120,000 was raised in just a few hours. It’s important to note that the Wall St Bulls Memes have a huge number of followers and groups on social media.

Rest assured that Wall Street Memes has a hyper-engaged community. As a result, the $WSM presale may be oversold earlier than anticipated, which means there is no time to waste to be part of its presale with the lowest prices possible for a meme coin that will be much more than the next Pepe.

Wall Street Memes $50k airdrop is live now

Wall Street Memes is giving away $50,000 worth of $WSM tokens split between 5 lucky winners in a very generous Wall Street Memes airdrop that is currently ongoing and will end in 7 days. Participants can take part in its airdrop via Gleam with only a few simple steps.

In order to participate in the competition, investors must follow Wall Street Memes on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram, as well as become members of the community on Discord. Additionally, by visiting the Wall Street Memes website and purchasing its token,

participants not only have the opportunity to buy a coin with a possible return of 100x their investment, but they also have the chance to win money early on. It should be noted that Elon Musk has already shown support for “Wall Street Memes” by retweeting one of their tweets.

Dozens of cases have shown what happens to a cryptocurrency’s value whenever Elon Musk makes a passing comment about it. $WSM holders, who, due to Elon Musk, can watch their investments soar to the moon, might be in for a pleasant surprise in the future.

To take part in the presale visit


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