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Vidy Releases Own Cryptocurrency For Users

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Coinfirm Suggests DOJ Didn’t Seize $1 Billion Silk Road Bitcoin

Vidy, a self-described “world’s first blockchain-powered decentralized video ad network,” has just launched a cryptocurrency called VidyCoin, according to a press release from the group.

Speaking on the matter is Founder and CEO, Patrick Colangelo, who said:

“At Vidy, we put the power of your data and earning potential back on your hand. So, users can earn money while watching video and surfing the web, right at home.”

How it works is that “when users play a video ad, they will be rewarded with VidyCoin, which can be used for buying goods in the Vidy network, running ads or getting access to publishers’ premium features,” the release continues.

Colangelo shares some more thoughts on the matter, stating:

“VIDYX is really a fuel of power of Vidy’s engine, bringing good values by allowing users to earn money from our platform. This gives you the right to earn extra income, directly powered by real users and the attention online. By doing so, we are bringing the mechanism and more value to the ecosystem.”

The platform has already seen some success, the release notes:

The success of Vidy’s platform has seen massive buy-in by many household names in the publishing and media world, including Vogue Singapore, CNN Indonesia, CNBC Indonesia Kompas Gramedia, and Esquire. Vidy now boasts over 200 million monthly active users on over 3.5 billion monthly page views in Indonesia alone.

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