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Upcoming Lucky Block Listing On Aug 25th, LBLOCK +5% Today

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Luckyblock on Gate dot io
Luckyblock on Gate dot io

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Lucky Block (listed as LBLOCK), is about to be listed on one of the top crypto exchanges in the market, and it has created a lot of buzz, making the coin trade +5% over its previous value. This comes at a time when all the other altcoins are witnessing a drop in their value.

Listing on could be the most significant step on the path to making it one of the biggest NFTs Competitions Platforms out there.

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LBLOCK Listing on and Its History

The Lucky Block team recently preponed their listing to the 25th of August from September. This has put the coin in a lot of spotlight as this is the first big exchange that LBOCK is listing itself in (5th as per Coinmarketcap).

Lucky Block is an NFT Competitions Platform that allows its users to win weekly rewards. Its first version (operating on Binance Smart Chain) entered presale in February and the second version (on Ethereum chain) was operational from mid-July.

Both the versions will become interchangeable once the Ethereum bridge is launched (predicted by the end of 2022).

The listing will promise Lucky Block a wider reach and will go on to increase the coin’s liquidity. The team will also file for listing on a couple of other exchanges following this.

Lucky Block V2 witnessed a 300% spike following its MEXC listing announcement, and it is believed that the price will rise even higher as is a relatively bigger exchange with a wider reach.

As per popular forecasts, LBLOCK is expected to reach the 1-cent valuation by next year. This very much depends on the launch of its Ethereum bridge, which according to its Head of Product, will bed done by the end of 2022.

About is a centralized crypto exchange that has been ranked 5th in the list of top crypto exchanges by Coinmarketcap. The Singapore-based company is operational in a majority of countries and allows its users to trade in more than 800 currencies.

It caters to both Professional as well as novice traders and provides them with one-stop information through its comprehensive trading charts.

Being a centralized exchange, it requires you to submit your KYC documents. Also, you cannot trade in fiat currency on this platform and are needed to procure cryptocurrencies from other exchanges (if you don’t have them). The same applies to withdrawing too as users can only withdraw cryptocurrencies from the exchange.

Why is One of the Best Trading Platforms for Cryptocurrencies?

As already mentioned is among the best crypto exchanges in the market and handles large volumes of trade on a daily basis. This is because of a variety of factors that have been discussed below in detail.

Simple Interface has a simple and comprehensive interface that allows users to access all the necessary information and do what they want to with just a few clicks. The exchange could be accessed via desktop and a mobile phone using its mobile app. uses Tradingview to provide its users with various charting features, and hence it is very much preferred by professional traders.

Secure scores a full 10 when it comes to security. It follows a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) procedure which helps them to prevent identity thefts from hackers. The platform uses hot and cold wallets to store the trading and personal information of the investors.

The hot wallet contains the general information (key), which is frequently used during trade, whereas the cold wallet contains information (key) not frequently used during the trade. A cold wallet is primarily stored offline, protecting it from possible hacks.

With all these security systems in place, the investors are promised secure trading on the platform.

Low Fees

As crypto exchanges allow their users to do various kinds of activities like buying, lending, withdrawing, etc., they also charge various kinds of fees for the same.

Withdrawing fees for every asset is different and is also dependent on the prevailing market conditions. However, the fees charged by is considered to be at par with the top exchanges, if not lower than them.

Although, when it comes to trading fees, it is slightly on the higher side when compared to Binance and other market leaders users can avail further 25% discount using tokens.

User-Centric, having a userbase consisting of both professional as well as casual traders, offers both a standard trading interface as well as a professional trading interface which users can switch between as per their convenience.

24 hours Customer Support has a separate help desk section that tries to address the majority of the issues that the users have been facing. The section primarily consists of articles that give a comprehensive guide to the users regarding a particular issue that’s been bugging them and how to get rid of the same.

Apart from the article, there also is a separate FAQ section that has answers to the most common questions that the users might be having. offers them 24/7 customer support which can be availed through live chats or via emails.

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Lucky Block’s listing on would significantly increase the reach and liquidity of the token and may also result in a spike in its value.

With further listings ahead, the coin has the potential to grow at an even higher pace, promising its initial investors a massive return on their investors.

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