Search Inside Bitcoins launches funding initiative for movie producers

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bitcoin films
bitcoin films

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Leading Funding Platform,, has launched a fairness funding initiative for the American movie industry. The initiative will see filmmakers, promoters, marketers, and prominent traders in the Hollywood space create and finance content for general consumption. 

Notably, this development comes as an effort by the firm to democratise the production of entertaining content. It will help registered and non-registered traders with a minimum of $1,000 to support their project. However, the initiative isn’t limited to financial assistance alone; other notable beneficiaries stand a chance to gain other incentives. 

Consequently, aims to integrate the usage of blockchain into film production. Also, the firm is monitoring the blockchain space  to develop some solutions. Meanwhile,  the intending innovation will not be limited to finance alone. is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They claim to follow the operational guidelines of the SEC and other regulators making it one of the most reputable emerging funding initiatives in the cryptocurrency space. 

As revealed, the initial project of this initiative is a movie titled “The Comeback Trail.” The movie will be launched in the United States of America by November. The presence of stars like Robert Deniro, Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones makes it one of the most anticipated movies in the industry. 

However, the founder and CEO of, Ali M Aksu, also aired his opinion about the development. He disclosed that the platform came into existence due to the increasing demand for streaming content. The CEO divulged that is a direct response to these demands. 

Additionally, He added that the initiative would spur numerous opportunities differently. According to him, it will be such a way the industry has never witnessed before. He indicated that all tasks within the platform must pass through a stringent process of determining the characteristics of a beneficiary. He added that the process must be carried out for big and upcoming studios, movie producers, and their firms. 

Meanwhile, Hollywood has been moving in the direction of embracing blockchain. Around February of this year, Movie producers in the industry joined forces to initiate a digital currency. As revealed, the digital currency will help movie producers and studios to fund their movie projects.

The initiative is a decentralised film financing platform that supports movie projects. Enthusiastic producers are expected to sign up and receive the STARS token as a reward. Lastly, the development and the initiative of further underline the growing impact of blockchain across numerous sectors.


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