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Crypto In Mainstream: New Action Movie About Billion-Dollar Crypto Heist

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Cryptocurrency has seen relatively little presence in mainstream entertainment. Sure, there are many a game that built itself on a blockchain, but nothing that’s quite mainstream. This time, however, things seem to change. Cryptocurrency stands as the central premise of a new casino heist action movie, one starring Denise Richards, Adam Copeland, as well as Kelsey Grammer. This movie, called Money Plane, premiered just later this week.

Billions Of Crypto Set To Be Stolen In The Movie

The trailer of the movie, posted on the 10th of June, shows that Money Plane focuses on a former gambler who, by virtue of his unpaid debts, is forced to steal from an airplane.

This aircraft is described as a bulletproof Bitcoin casino in the sky, one that can’t be touched by any government agency. It’s said that the plane holds up to a billion in crypto on board through presumably hardware wallets, and millions in hard cash.

There’s no explicit mention of which forms of crypto is on the plan, in particular, but there is a little moment where a screen capture can be made. This screen capture shows a listing of various cryptocurrencies: An impressive $241 million in Bitcoin (25,992.43 BTC), $128 million in Ethereum (532,379.39 ETH), $70 million in Ripple (352.3 million XRP), and $13 million in Litecoin (290,567.68 LTC). Alongside this, there is an undisclosed amount of Iota, as well (MIOTA).

Key Concerns Regarding Portrayals 

As Reddit users like JokeOlantern pointed out, movies like these could help create a broader range of exposure for digital assets in the mainstream media. However, there is an obvious concern that this movie would show crypto dangerous crypto and unscrupulous gambling.

Other users had similar concerns, such as Micro56, but took it as one of those things that will always happen. According to this user, it’s almost a necessity for new technologies to have media portrayals like this. This user mused over how crazy movies and TV had portrayed the internet at large, back in its early days.

Slowly But Surely, Mainstream Is Gained

While crypto at large is very far from the mainstream integration it will eventually gain, it seems that this year has been a productive one for it, albeit shadowed by overall global crises. It was back in June when it was reported that Stampede Ventures would be dedicating its time to try and produce a movie, one based on the best-selling book about Bitcoin Billionaires. The book, in and of itself, is based on the stories of the Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss, commonly called the Winklevoss twins in the media.

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