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Trust Wallet partners with Polygon on NFT

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Trust Wallet has announced the integration of virtual collectibles minted and developed on the Polygon blockchain. According to a blog post, The Decentralized exchange announced that users could sell and acquire the Polygon NFT collection using Trust Wallet. 

As revealed, users can trade Polygon NFTs by connecting their Trust Wallet to NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, WAX, and Rarible. With the initiative, Users can store, send and receive their NFT holdings via the Trust Wallet app.

As a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Trust wallet offers users to be in total control of their virtual assets. This implies that users can have all their tokens on a single platform without spreading them across different crypto exchanges.

Consequently, integrating the Polygon NFTs collection into the DEX will offer a new trading dimension for users. Now, users can have their Polygon NFTs collectibles stored in one Trust Wallet alongside their other virtual assets. One of the distinctive features of the Trust Wallet is the option to buy, swap and stake virtual assets directly on the app. Currently, users can stake or change their holdings for the Polygon NFTs on the app.

Notably, adding Polygon NFTs further increases the existing over one million virtual assets on Trust Wallet. The latest inclusion will offer users another NFT trading option.

The emergence of Polygon Sidechain Technology has recently birthed the integration of Polygon into ETH-based applications. Before now, the Ethereum Blockchain has suffered notable setbacks like slow transaction time frame, network congestion, and high gas fee.

This is due to the reputation of Ethereum as the best platform for the minting of NFTs and DeFi. This resulted in high utilization of the blockchain by developers, therefore, birthing the issues mentioned above. The Polygon Sidechain technology makes transactions faster while offering a cheap gas fee.

In addition, the integration has aided the popularity of Polygon among leading NFTs marketplaces. The Polygon NFTs collection will also benefit from this development in terms of popularity and advancement.

Polygon has been a notable advocate for green energy in the crypto space. It has launched campaigns and initiatives to fast-track the popularity of the embracement of green energy in the Sector. One of the significant concerns about the cryptocurrency sphere is the high energy consumption that comes with Mining and Minting activities.

As indicated, Polygon is working to become the first blockchain to be climate positive. In that regard, it is working on becoming carbon negative before the end of the year.

If achieved, every transaction, minting activity, and inauguration of solutions on the blockchain will have no negative impact on the climate, silencing critics and harsh government policies against the industry.


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