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Liverpool Launches Fan Tokens, Enabling Fans Acquire NFT Players

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Liverpool FC, a professional football club based in Liverpool, England, has successfully launched its digital currency to allow its fans to purchase non-fungible token players. Liverpool intends to use fan tokens to bring fans closer to their favorite club and athletes.

In a July 25 press release, the English premier league football club announced the successful launch of its digital currency dubbed $LFC. The new fan token will allow sports enthusiasts to purchase NFT players, among other functionalities.

Liverpool FC Fan Token Overview

By description, fan tokens are the form of a pass to the team. Unlike other memberships, fan tokens have no expiry. Sports fan can use their fan tokens to acquire non-fungible token avatars and list them on other digital asset exchange platforms.

Liverpool has unleashed an exclusive limited collection of 6,000 unique NFTs. These digital collectibles will give holders exclusive access to the game as each NFT will represent a character “avatar” playable in the club.

The newly launched fan token will implement a staking product so that $LFC holders can earn passive profits with high APY. The staking protocol pool will include LFC, LFC/BNB, and LFC/BUSD.

Liverpool also features token-based on BSC and contract address verifiable on the BSC scan. The BSC dual-chain architecture will empower users to build the decentralized app and digital assets on the blockchain.

The newly launched digital currency will also serve as a community fan token, giving users rights to control the direction of an NFT player in Liverpool. Users will integrate their digital assets with other decentralized exchanges and enjoy enhanced privacy.

However, Liverpool fan tokens come with a 5% buy and 5% sell tax. This tax will revert on marketing and buying back of $LFC tokens. Interestingly, the Liverpool fan token scores 100/100 on the sniffer index since it has no dangerous functions hidden in its source.

Liverpool anticipates leveraging its new digital currency ($LFC) to bring fans closer to their favorite players while generating revenues from it in the other digital non-fungible token marketplaces.


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