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Ukraine tech firms plans to accept Bitcoin

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Ukraine DAO
Ukraine DAO

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Leading Technological organizations Techno Ïzhak and Stylus have revealed plans to adopt Bitcoin. The organizations intend to start accepting BTC as a means of payment throughout its outlets.

Lately, BTC has been growing rapidly in popularity across Ukraine. Since Russia’s inception of the war, Bitcoin has enjoyed strong attention. Therefore, prompting Techno Ïzhak and Stylus to adopt It. 

However, the innovation isn’t limited to their physical outlets alone. Customers can also settle their bills on their online stores using Bitcoin. Furthermore, the in-store payments will be facilitated by crypto Point-Of-Sale service provider, WhitePay. Thus, every receipt regarding transactions birthed by this innovation will carry a QR code of WhitePay. The receipt will include other details like a commission paid, transaction type, network, exchange rate, and the timeframe of the transaction. 

Whitepay is a payment solution initiated through WhiteBIT’s ecosystem. In Europe, WhiteBIT remains the largest crypto exchange. The exchange has initiated numerous projects in and outside Ukraine. It’s imperative to note that our plans include the organizations and WhiteBIT. Soon, Making payments through the crypto exchange for products by Techno Ïzhak and Stylus will come with additional offers. Customers are privileged to utilize over 130 cryptos to settle their bills with Techno Ïzhak.

The CEO of Whitepay, Gleb Udovichenko, reflected on the innovation. According to him, Ukraine isn’t in the first year leading the charge regarding crypto owners and the volume of transactions worldwide. He added that Whitepay provides buyers with various options for buying virtual assets. 

Meanwhile, crypto adoption in Ukraine has been gaining world attention since the war’s inception. On the negative side, the price of BTC has plummeted since the war too. The prices of most crypto tokens have plugged to a yearly low in the past few months.

The Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Federov, reflected on how crypto has helped the country since the start of the war. He recalled how the AidForUkraine, a crypto community-sponsored initiative, has raised close to $54 million. These funds have assisted the country in purchasing ammunition and other war equipment to repel Russia’s advances. Russia has also garnered about $2 million in crypto donations to fund the Ukraine war. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has sparked numerous debates about the future of crypto, its usefulness, and its negative impact.


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