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Trending AI Meme Coin AiDoge Gets Explosive As Presale Generates $8.5 Million – Could It Be The Next Dogecoin?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto space witnessed a frenzied outburst towards a Aidoge meme coin as several new tokens launched recently. 

However, the AI-powered meme coin $Ai has distinguished itself with unique features, revolutionary functions, and utility in the industry.

AIDOGE is a meme generation platform that offers users exciting ways to create memes for an immersive experience in the crypto world. 

Users will explore the limitless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence through AIDOGE while developing contextually relevant memes in their work.

The AiDoge platform is supported by its native token $AI, currently running through a presale stage. 

Investors are rushing to owe the token facilitating endless opportunities for meme creation just through users’ text-based prompts.

AIDOGE presale has maintained a thrilling effect as the $AI sales hit a whopping $8.5 million within a few weeks. 

With its innovative meme-generating tool, AiDoge’s presale has been raising almost an average of $500,000 daily over the last two weeks.

Aidoge Presale And Token Allocation

The AiDoge presale has been among the hottest and most explosive in the meme coin sector. The presale got a bang of over $100,000 within 24 hours of its launch.

The presale comes in 20 different stages, with the price of $AI increasing progressively by $0.000000040. Each stage of the presale is allocated 25,000,000,000 AI coins. 

So, the presale has 500,000,000,000 AI tokens for sale to customers. This represents 50% of the maximum token supply of 1 trillion. 

At the time of writing, stage 12 of the AIDOGE presale is sold out, with more than $8.5 million raised. Stage 13 of the presale will take the price of $AI to $0.00003080. 

AiDoge listing price on exchanges will be $0.0000336, offering paper of gains of almost 10% to investors at stage 13. 

Also, the meme coin is expected to have a diluted market cap of $33.6 million at the end of the presale.

The explosive stance of AiDoge is already attracting the attention of several crypto analysts.

 A famous British analyst, Jacob Crypto Bury, has included AiDoge in his list of presale tokens. Jacob believes that the meme coin has a 100x return potential.

Similarly, Beeves Crypto shares that AiDoge possesses a 100x growth potential.

Also, many crypto news websites have ranked AiDoge among the top crypto presales of the year. 

These include Business 2 Community, InsideBitcoins,, CoinCodex, Technopedia, BeInCrypto, and others.

Investors should move quickly to engage in the ongoing presale and reap the massive return from this trending meme coin.

Aidoge AI Technology Sets It On Top In The Crypto Meme Sector

AiDoge is an innovative meme project that employs AI technology to generate memes according to text prompts.

Due to the tech similarities, the AiDoge platform uses similar functions to the trending ChatGPT chatbot. 

Users have to provide text prompts that will trigger AiDoge to create relevant memes for their texts.

The AI technological function in AiDoge offers distinctive memes for users that supersede the regular ones. 

The memes are always unique, giving your content new waves of emotions. So, meme creation has become more accessible to many users through AiDoge.

The AiDoge platform is also designed with an inbuilt mechanism for promoting the best memes. 

Also, great meme creators could get $AI tokens as rewards.

AiDoge’s Revolutionary Meme-to-Earn Platform

$Ai project aims to offer an engaging social platform where users could earn rewards by creating intrinsic memes on their work. 

With its edge-cutting AI technology and meme-to-earn approach, $Ai provides the drive for users to enjoy, socialize and get passive income while engaging in their hobby. 

Also, the project is built on blockchain technology, ensuring users’ memes’ security and immutability. They will have complete ownership right to their work.

Additionally, $Ai offers a more friendly interface for users than most platforms. The simplicity of the meme creation AI tools is an attractive edge for AiDoge and has increased its community of users. 

Staking Option on AiDoge

Users could step up their staking activities with $Ai. The meme coin offers an impressive staking option where users can earn a passive income of credits and access exclusive features.

Moreover, shaking is one of the means for users to generate more memes. So, with AiDoge, users got to express their feelings and emotions on several options. 

$Ai allows people to communicate their opinions about other users’ creations. The project has enabled rewards to its community while providing the right platform for meme expressions.

Great Utility Meme Coin

The sudden rise of some meme coins like PEPE is pushing more attention toward meme tokens. 

However, some of the meme coins, such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and even Pepe Coin, have no utility case. 

This brings $Ai to the top with its unique and exciting utility.

With its innovative AI technology, AiDoge offers a seamless platform for users to create memes in just seconds. 

Also, the explosion of $Ai presale highlights its investment potential, which could offer multiple returns.

Here are some ways $AI adds value to its ecosystem.

  • Purchase of Credits – Users would use $AI tokens to buy credits for creating memes on the AiDoge platform.
  • Staking – By staking $AI, users will earn a reward of more tokens. Also, the process temporarily removes the meme coin from circulation, boosting $AI’s value through scarcity.
  • Voting – The $Ai community comprises users holding the $AI tokens. Thy has the power to vote on changes and make decisions about the project.

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