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Traders Eyeing Ethereum Coin WienerAI as Big Bitcoin Halving Bet

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The last time the disruptive ‘Bitcoin Halving’ event took place was May 11 2020. A lot has changed since then in the crypto and blockchain space. At the same time, much has stayed the same, and it’s this clear cyclical pattern that has the crypto world turning its collective eyes toward the red-hot WienerAI ($WAI) presale.

History Will Repeat Itself–What Happened Last Time?

In order to predict the future, we need to look at the past. So, what happened last time there was a Bitcoin Halving, an event that takes place every 4 years in which Bitcoin mining rewards are cut in half?

Well, there was certainly an unease in the market that caused some volatility for several months as the crypto market wasn’t sure how to respond.

Taking a look at the Halving cycle of 2024, we see a similar response. While overall the market is way up as of late, we are seeing large dips on seemingly unrelated news, only for the price of ETH and BTC to springboard back to near all-time-highs.

Why Are Traders FOMOing Into WienerAI ($WAI)?

It would seem relatively unrelated then, that an AI meme coin is seeing a huge surge in interest right before the halving. Certainly would seem that way on the surface. However, when digging deeper into the history of the halving, we see massive opportunities in meme coins.

The day of the last halving, May 11 2020, ETH was trading at $210 USD. One year later, in May of 2021, ETH was trading around its all time high of $4174 USD. This is a massive gain of 20X in a single year. With this in mind then, ETH might offer the best return this halving…right? Well, not really.

The Halving Of 2020 Created The Meme Coin Phenomenon

To understand what will happen to the top meme coins during and after this halving cycle, we need to look at the only meme coin in existence four years ago–DOGE. On the day of the halving of 2020, DOGE was trading at $0.0025–not even a penny. A year later, it had absolutely skyrocketed to $0.55–a 200X gain–creating many many millionaires in the process.

Fast forward to 2024, and traders feel that they’ve found the DOGE of this halving cycle, with WienerAI ($WAI).

The Presale That May Make Millionaires In 2024?

The similarities between DOGE in 2020 and WienerAI in 2024 are truly uncanny.

  1. Dog-themed memecoin? Check.
  2. Insane, tight-knit community? Check.
  3. Price below a penny? Check.
  4. Huge whale interest? Check

It is with this in mind that some traders believe strongly that WienerAI could be the meme coin that pulls a DOGE during and after this Bitcoin halving. So strong is this belief running rampant through the cryptosphere, that WienerAI raised over $120K in its first few minutes of presale.

While there are other candidates for the next meme coin king, in the minds of many, the case is closed. It’s WienerAI.

Where To Buy The WienerAI Presale?

This highly-sought after presale can only be purchased on the official WienerAI website. The presale is still in its early stages, therefore the price is still only $0.0003. However, with each passing day, the presale price increases.



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