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Top Trending Cryptos on Solana Chain Today – Anita Max Wynn, WEN, Jupiter Perps LP

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Solana’s performance has been remarkable and largely fielded by innovative projects like Jupiter and WEN and recent debuts like the Smog memecoin. The performance of these cryptos has positioned them as some of the top trending cryptos on the Solana chain. More interestingly, many of the tokens earn the top spots as the assets with the best output over the past 30 days.

Top Trending Cryptos on Solana Chain

Furthermore, there are reports that over $830 million in liquidity flowed into the Solana ecosystem, justifying the claims that assets in the network will likely be the top gainers in the coming altcoin bull run. Hence, today’s post explores the performance of Anita Max Wynn, WEN, Jupiter Perps LP, and Smog, which ranks as the top trending tokens today. It also recognizes the push of the Meme Kombat community as the presale heads toward a close.

1. Anita Max Wynne (WYNN) 

Anita Max Wynne is putting up a fight after a massive struggle in the past few days. The project fought its way to today’s top spot of the trending crypto, the Solana chain. Its sudden rise to the limelight resulted from the price increase, which reached over 20% in the early hours of today, and the trading volume pump of nearly 50% in the period.

WYNN Price Chart

Even though it had already lost a lot of ground over the month, the return of engagement in the network has forced a price recovery of the token. It moved into a consolidation in the past few days, which signals that it might be eyeing a return to its launch price.

Notwithstanding the impressive performance in the last 24 hours, Anita Max Wynne has to put in a lot of work if the token will return to its glory days. Interestingly, it has the force it needs to push through. At the time of writing, it boasts pretty healthy numbers: 10,270 holders, $6.36 million market cap, $443.91k liquidity, and $1.3 million trading volume. Thus, the project has all it takes to return to its value.

2. Smog (SMOG) 

Smog, a multichain token recently debuted on the Solana chain, is currently making its mark. The token’s impactful fundamentals have quickly pushed it to the top of the trending list today, giving it better performance than most of the best-performing cryptos. In the last 24 hours, SMOG had a price increase of over 11%.

Interestingly, it’s not the first outstanding performance recorded by the token. It’s gathered over 60% gains since its launch on the Solana Chain a few days ago. According to its objective, the growing influence of the token is primarily driven by its upcoming Airdrop.

WYNN Price Chart

Holders who participate in the SMOG token staking qualify for the Airdrop. The community aims to make the SMOG airdrop one of the biggest so far on the Solana chain, and that’s the reason investors are joining the project in droves. Besides, the data are equally impressive, with the token recording liquidity of over $1.46 million and a market cap of over $51.63 million at press time.

3. Wen (WEN) 

WEN is described as the crypt of the WEN culture. The memecoin project is designed to give back and immortalize the culture. True to its purpose, it has quickly risen to the limelight, becoming one of the trending cryptos on the Solana chain today.


WEN Price Chart

In the last 24 hours, the token recorded a price pump of about 4%. Nevertheless, WEN has not gone without its share of price decline. Since its launch, it has lost over 90% of its value, perhaps due to the massive churn of early investors. Hopefully, with the growing popularity, it might regain its lost value.

Will WEN continue its hold as one of the trending projects on the Solana chain? It’s hard to predict how the coming days will turn out for the token. However, the numbers from its charts signal that keeping it on a watchlist is best. It is trading volume in the last 24 hours. It has amassed over $31.60M market cap and liquidity of $735.56K.

More importantly, it also sports a growing number of holders, a trend that might result in a price pump in the coming days.

4. Jupiter Perps LP (JLP) 

Jupiter Perps LP is enjoying rising fame due to the growing influence of the Solana chain in the crypto industry. Recent data reveals that the JLP pool reached 110 million, a remarkable feat for a new project.

The token recorded impressive gains of over 5% in the early hours of today, with trading volume valued at over $32.38 million. The project taps into the innovation brought about by the Jupiter launchpad. More importantly, it also derives from the fame of the JUP token, one of the most popular in the market.

JLP Price Chart

The project will likely continue its trend as one of the most trending projects on the Solana chain due to the growing number of token holders. JLP has over 27 thousand holders at press time and may record more if it sustains its current momentum.

Investors should add the JLP token to their watchlist in anticipation of a push for higher value in the coming weeks. Conversely, there is a chance of a price decline if the overall outlook of the crypto industry goes against investors’ expectations.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

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At the time of writing, investors can participate in the presale as the token goes for as little as $0.279, a fraction of its actual value. With MK’s utility in the game and betting niche, holders can expect the project to attract several users over its lifetime.

Getting on board the Meme Kombat presale early is best to avoid missing out as the presale approaches. Investors have thrown over $8.5 million into the project, drawing close to the $10 million target. Missing out on the presale means investors buying later must purchase at a much higher price. The project’s presale page contains the highlights of how to hop on board.

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