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Trending Cryptocurrency Tokens on Avalanche Chain Today – GAU Token, LOONG, AvaxTech

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Suspicion heightens as Bitcoin transitions into a rally earlier than anticipated. The trend raises mixed feelings, with many suspecting it’s a bull trap. Nonetheless, the rising crypto prices are not only restricted to the BTC chain.

Avalanche also recorded a pump in its price, with several of the tokens in its ecosystem recording impressive performance. GAU Token, LOONG, AvaxTech, and other new crypto projects rank as trending cryptocurrency tokens on the Avalanche Chain.

Trending Cryptocurrency Tokens on Avalanche Chain

The update below brings investors and traders the details of the performance of the top-ranking projects in the avalanche network, unveiling their fundamentals and a few other essential data. More importantly, the details of the Bitcoin Minetrix are also revealed below.

1. GAU Token (GAU) 

The GAU token is the native cryptocurrency of the Gamers Arena project. It began riding to the limelight after listing on TraderJoe in late January. Since its listing, the asset’s price has grown by nearly 1400%, making it one of the fastest-growing cryptos on the Avalanche chain.

GAU Price Chart

Moreover, GAU, in the last 24 hours, has recorded over 100% increase in price, and the token has also seen a rise of over 92% in trading volume, which signifies increasing interest in the asset. Ultimately, GAU might be one of the GameFi assets to watch this season.

It introduces a new approach to Gaming on the blockchain, called Challenge-to-earn. It claims the initiative rewards participants for their skills, loyalty, and effort. According to its About page, it has over 500 thousand users, with 550 thousand duels played.

Also,  it states that users have earned compensation worth over 10 million GAU tokens since the project’s launch. Ultimately, GAU can remain one of the top trending assets on the Avalanche chain for the rest of the quarter. However, the future performance of the token depends on its ability to sustain the growing utility of the project.


LOONG is still relatively new in the Avalanche chain and still has a lot of work to do to gain investors’ trust. However, it has over 898 holders when writing, and its liquidity is getting closer to the $50k market.

According to its Coingecko data, the project amassed over a 12% price increase today, which may have resulted from the overall improvement of the crypto market. Its trading volume increased dramatically, printing over 50% in the last 24 hours.

LOONG Price Chart

From our observation, while LOONG appears to rank among the top trending tokens on the Avalanche chain, the team and community do little to promote the project. Social media activities are declining, and engagement across its Twitter handle is relatively low. Sadly, the project’s contracts are unrenounced, so investors may not have enough control over the project’s future.

Will LOONG maintain its rise as a trending crypto on Avalanche? Predicting the project’s future is challenging as the available metrics offer little helpful details. Hence, it’s best to look deeply at its fundamentals before deciding about the project. Also, despite the massive token supply and growing visibility, its market cap is quite discouraging.

3. AvaxTech (ATECH) 

AvaxTech performance in the last seven days has been quite remarkable. Its 35% price increase in the said period puts it ahead of most tokens in the market, with the aggregate performance sitting at about 7.7%. In the last 24 hours, the token recorded a price increase of about 23% and a trading volume pump of 11%.

ATECH Price Chart

The project, which seeks to improve the AVAX ecosystem, might enter the market at the right time, as Avalanche China is gaining impressive attention. At press time, ATECH has about 369 holders. Also, its sudden price pump resulted from the recent upgrade to its services, as it now allows users to track the activities of a crypto wallet. Equally, users can track NFT portfolios as well.

Furthermore, AvaxTech is working on helping traders identify scam projects through its analytics feature. There are claims that it has the potential to provide better services than popular SnowTrace, but the claims are invalidated.

In the coming days, investors will likely see the actual value of ATECH when the current crypto boom recedes. Notwithstanding, investors should keep an eye on AvaxTech trends as its value will grow with increasing utility.

4. Meat (MEAT)

Meat is one of the recent projects launched on the Avalanche chain. It made its way to the top trending list today on the chain after recording over 20% increase in price over the last 24 hours. It also recorded a complementary rise in trading volume, reaching about a 40% increase in the same period.

The project focuses on creating a token for the members of the famous sausages community. As a memecoin, it has no established value, and its price is subject to market movement. However, the growing popularity of the token is also reflected in the changes in the number of holders. Currently, there are over 4836 holders in its network.

MEAT Price Chart

Unfortunately, despite the growing popularity of MEAT, there are reasons to stay quite cautious of the project. Firstly, there are indications that the contracts are mutable and the team can make changes at will.

Also, it’s clear that the engagement within the community is declining, evident by the scanty engagement it receives on social media. Will MEAT continue its rise to stardom? It’s hard to predict at the moment. Its trend in the coming days will reveal what the market should expect.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Bitcoin Minetrix maintains its push towards becoming the revolutionary mine platform ahead of the coming month. Today, the community has raised over $10.55 million, with hundreds of investors lining up to become a part of the innovative solution.

As the world continues its push for a greener environment, miners will likely be forced to rethink their operating models. The probability of more democratized mining initiatives is inevitable, and that’s what the Bitcoin Minetrix team hopes to achieve.

With the BTCMTX token, investors can access cloud computing capabilities, allowing them to participate in Bitcoin Mining. Interestingly, now that the month is only a few days away, mining BTC might be one of the most rewarding endeavors.

The BTCMTX token is still on presale and is offered at a discounted price of $0.0133. However, that’s the early bird price, and it might increase any moment from the time of writing. Getting on board now is best to take advantage of the opportunity.

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