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Top Trending Cryptos on DEXTools Today

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The rise of DeFi has people looking at DEX n a new light. And to provide them with the right cryptocurrencies for investing, DEX Tools offers interesting stats. This article will look at the top trending cryptos on DEXTools today.

What is DEX Tools?

Advanced crypto investors who trust invest more in crypto than fiat, looking for decentralized exchanges for their crypto needs. But since these exchanges are “decentralized”, the right statistical information about cryptocurrencies trading on them is not easy to find.

That pain point led to the emergence of DEXTools, an application, and ecosystem for veteran crypto investors that offers them all info about the decentralized markets. It integrates blockchain data with a simple UI, offering comprehensive information about the current state of the crypto market and more. It is also quick on the uptake when it comes to providing you info about the cryptocurrencies the moment they get listed on any DEX.

Powering this decentralized blockchain data aggregator is DEXT, its native token. Holding it will give you access to DEX Tools’ top features and let you inside DEXT Force Ventures and other premium communities.

With the tools available on the DEXTools, you can:

  1. Track liquidity movements and stay updated about the formation of new upcoming pools
  2. Keep an eye on the trading charts of your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  3. Keep track of the wallet of your favorite crypto traders.
  4. Track the movements of whales.
  5. And react to the changing market quickly by opening multiple DEX portals.

Top Trending Cryptos on DEXTools

Here is the list of top trending cryptos on DEXTools today. Keep in mind that these rankings change by the minute. But the longer crypto can stay within the top-10 range, the better investment option it becomes.

Okinami: A Community-Driven Crypto Promising Future Rewards

Leading the charts as one of the top trending cryptos on DEXTools is Kanagawa Nami, or Okinami. Only a little is known about community-driven crypto other than that it supports the idea of decentralization and promises future rewards for the holders.

Top Trending Cryptos on DEXTools

However, this token landed on DEXTools charts in August and has followed a mostly upwards trajectory since then. As you can see from the candle charts, this token has painted more green candles and has been trading above the 9-day moving average since last week.

This parabolic traction since September 27th is because Okinami’s official Twitter subtly responded that the official whitepaper of this token is about to arrive. There are no dice so far, but we have gathered that Okinami is another doge-themed memecoin.

At the time of writing, Okinami is trading at $0.0099. Okinami has 99 on DEXTools but only scores 77.4% on community trust.

Buy Okinami

Your capital is at risk.

BONE: The Governance Token of ShibaSwap Ecosystem

Ranking at the second position at DEXTools is BONE. It is the native governance token of the ShibaSwap ecosystem and is used by the Shiba community – ShibaArmy – as a way to decide the future of the DEX.


BONE is a deflationary token with a supply of only 230 million. Currently, it ranks 770th on CoinMarketCap and is up by 0.49% in the last 24 hours.

However, the bearish trend this token has followed outweighs that marginal increase. The BONE price action has taken a massive bearish turn since November 2021 and shows no signs of going up. This 12-hour candle chart shows some green candles, but the people are only sparsely interested in this crypto.

It was also difficult for the official Twitter handle of this crypto since the same ticker symbol is the same as several low-level and low-cap cryptos such as Shibarium.

The DEXTscore of BONE is also 99 out of 99. The community trust score lies at 92.3%.


DKWON: A Memecoin on Terra ecosystem

You can see DKWON – Do Kwon – as an attempt to reestablish trust on the Terra blockchain. The devs claim it as a community-centered project that aims to unite all Terrans and create a supportive community built on trust.

Top Trending Cryptos on DEXTools

It is a prison-block community project that imposes zero tax on the buyers. The term “prison block” subtly hints at the current situation of Do Kwon, the Terra blockchain developer.

The DEXTscore of Do Kwon Inu is still 85 out of 99. However, the community trust factor is high, at 97.1%. Do Kwon Inu has been trading in the green zone for most of the time, creating a large bullish engulfing pattern. At the time of writing, the Do Kwon Inu price is $0.1592.

Buy Do Kwon

Tamadoge: A Utility-based Cryptocurrency with Doge-Aesthetics.

Tamadoge is a utility-based cryptocurrency. It powers a P2E ecosystem where you can own Tamadoge Pets, which are NFTs to battle in a PVE environment and win Dogepoints based on skill.

Buy Tamadoge

The project has a robust roadmap and has recently completed its presale phase, raising upwards of 19 million and surpassing Ethereum’s ICO. It was newly listed on OKX, a CEX and Decentralized Exchange.

Tamadoge gets a full score on DEXTools and has 100% Community Trust. Because of that, the TAMA candles are green.

Buy Tamadoge

CRAMER: A Memecoin inspired By an Anti-Crypto Journalist

Making it to the top five is a memecoin inspired by “Mad Money” Jim Cramer, one of the biggest haters of the crypto space, going so far as to implore investors to stay away from speculative assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Buy Cramer

The always-hyper Jim Cramer made waves on CNBC, advising investors to stay away from cryptocurrencies or any assets that are speculative. “These are Seinfeld assets – they are about nothing”, he said.

It seems the crypto crowd took a shine to this news and came out with their memecoin named after the reporter. Surprisingly, the name is also an ode to “Kramer”, an iconic character from Seinfeld.

The crypto space has responded surprisingly well to this cryptocurrency – leading to many green candles. At the time of writing, CRAMER is trading at $0.001754.

However, the community trust around this crypto is low – lying at 63%, which is natural considering “joke” memecoins aren’t as fascinating as they used to be.

Buy Cramer

Nenryo: A Crypto that momentarily Charted on DEXTools and then disappeared

Some crypto assets turn out to be a rug pull. And as soon as we started to write about this crypto asset, it disappeared from the charts and from the project. Thankfully, we were aware of it because of DEXTools.

BabyTsuka: A Recent Crypto that quickly Gained Traction

BabyTsuka is another crypto asset that was likely introduced when we started writing this article. This token, built on the Binance Chain, is one of the cheapest cryptos to buy on DEX exchanges.

So far, no information is available about this cryptocurrency, and the trust factor is low. Investors should be wary about this crypto asset.

Black Dragon Society: A Thematic Community Within the Crypto Space

Have you ever wanted to join a secret society within the blockchain? Black Dragon Society is your ticket. Genuyosha is a token with over 100% Community Trust on DEXTools and only recently started to pick up community interest.

Buy Genyosha

At the time of writing, it is trading at $0.062217.

Buy Genyosha

WOOL: Another P2E-focused Memecoin

At number 9, we have WOOL, a P2E-focused memecoin in the works. This token has been active since last year and shows a volatile price action.


When the game releases, you’d be able to use WOOL to breed your animals and cultivate them within the ecosystem.

This token has been trading in the green and is currently priced at $0.045.


TAXHAVENINU:   A Memecoin of a Tropical Island

TAXHAVEINU is a cryptocurrency of a tropical island known as Tax Haven Inu. It is another community-driven project that is currently in the process of creating a roadmap.

Buy Taxhaveninu

Tax Haven Inu has been described as a wealth creation island where users can enjoy exotic beaches while keeping their tokens safe from the “crypto tax man”.

The DEXTscore of this crypto is 94, and the community trust rating lies at 80%.



DEXTools is a great way to get up-to-date information about certain cryptocurrencies – even those that have just arrived. Also, note that the rankings yop trending cryptos on DEXTools change by the minute. When we finished writing, TAMA jumped rank and became the hottest crypto on DEXTools.

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