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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – SmarDex Token, Pangolin, Neural Radiance

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The trending cryptos on DEXTools reflect the latest advancements and prospects. While top gainers are recording high percentages, losers have yet to experience significant losses compared to previous market downturns.

New tokens and established cryptocurrencies are featured on DEXTools, marking profits and demonstrating potential. The crypto market offers a wealth of opportunities for investors, and exploring the top trending crypto assets on DEXTools today provides insight into these opportunities.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools

A recent survey by Bitget has revealed investors’ positive expectations for the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving event set for April 2024. According to the survey, most respondents believe Bitcoin will exceed its all-time high (ATH) of $69,000 in the next bull run. In addition, the study presents various forecasts for Bitcoin’s price during the halving and offers insights into investment intentions across different regions.

1. SmarDex Token (SDEX)

SmarDex (SDEX) actively participates in decentralized finance (DeFi). The project aims to enhance the functionality of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It introduces a unique technology designed to address imminent loss and potentially generate close gain, backed by mathematical proof.

Furthermore, the protocol emphasizes continuous research and innovation in Defi. The emphasis on innovation seeks to create new opportunities for users, developers, and liquidity providers. Conversely, it aims to reduce fees to incentivize liquidity provision.

Moreover, SmarDex implements a new Fictive Reserve (FR) technology to manage liquidity differently, effectively tackling imminent loss. The platform aims to lower fees than traditional DEXs, benefiting liquidity providers and users looking to swap tokens.

SmarDex aims to optimize market conditions and address impermanent losses. This effort ultimately creates a more efficient and beneficial environment for participants in the DeFi space. Moreover, the initiative could unlock new opportunities for token swapping and liquidity provision.

SDEX price chart

Today, SmarDex is priced at $0.013326. It boasts a 24-hour trading volume of $154,360 and a market cap of $91.88M. Furthermore, the token holds a market dominance of 0.01%. The SDEX price slightly increased by 0.15% in the last 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, the project’s highest price was reached on Dec 29, 2023, at an all-time high of $0.01887. However, its lowest price occurred on Mar 20, 2023, at an all-time low of $0.001703. Since its lowest point, the highest SDEX price reached was $0.014178.

The SmarDex price prediction sentiment is bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index shows 63 (Greed). The top-performing year for SmarDex was 2025, witnessing a remarkable 679.12% price increase from $0.002248 to $0.017512.

Conversely, the worst-performing year for SmarDex was also 2025, with the same price increase. On average, SmarDex has experienced a yearly growth of 679.12% over the last two years. Typically, SmarDex performs best in Q4, with an average gain of 102.81%, and worst in Q3, with an increase of 47.85%.

2. Pangolin (PNG)

Pangolin operates as a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche blockchain network. It enables users to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized intermediaries.

Consequently, the platform fosters community participation by allowing users to decide governance through voting. It is designed to facilitate the trading of various digital assets, including those from the Ethereum network. Moreover, Pangolin offers assets such as stablecoins, utility tokens, and governance tokens.

It aims to provide low-cost and efficient transactions supported by the Avalanche consensus mechanism. Thus ensuring faster and inexpensive transactions compared to other blockchains.

PNG price chart

Moreover, Pangolin’s automated market-making (AMM) system streamlines trading by eliminating the need for order books. This, in turn, enables decentralized and permissionless asset exchange. Pangolin offers a secure, cost-effective, and efficient platform for trading cryptocurrencies while empowering users with complete control over their assets.

Furthermore, Pangolin is traded on seven cryptocurrency exchanges, including and CoinEx. In the last 24 hours alone, $3.21M worth of Pangolin changed hands.

The current price of Pangolin stands at $0.103570. In addition, it has a 24-hour trading volume of $3.21M, a market cap of $20.99M, and a market dominance of 0.00%. PNG’s price experienced a 46.72% increase in the last 24 hours.

Pangolin reached its highest price on Feb 18, 2021, hitting an all-time high of $18.76. However, its lowest price was recorded on Oct 24, 2023, at an all-time low of $0.012450. Since then, the highest PNG price reached was $0.154025. The Pangolin price prediction sentiment remains neutral, with the Fear & Greed Index showing 63 (Greed).

The top-performing year for Pangolin was 2023. The token witnessed a 200.41% increase in the price of PNG from $0.032343 to $0.097163.

3. Neural Radiance (NeRF)

Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) is a token at the forefront of groundbreaking technology. It aims to democratize the creation of high-quality 3D environments from simple 2D inputs.

Its mission revolves around simplifying the utilization of cutting-edge technology. Further, it provides an accessible platform for users to create engaging videos and renders.

Moreover, with a focus on stability and liquidity, NeRF demonstrates promising potential for investors. The incorporation of a buy tax and sell tax, alongside revenue allocation for ongoing development, signifies a commitment to sustainability and growth.

In addition, implementing a buy-and-burn function enhances the token’s stability, making it an attractive investment opportunity. Furthermore, NeRF’s intuitive web app design caters to a broad user base. This also includes content creators and businesses, further expanding its market potential.

NeRF price chart

NeRF’s innovative approach makes it a promising investment option in the evolving crypto landscape. Its commitment to accessibility and sustainability further enhances its potential for growth and value appreciation.

Neural Radiance Field’s price today is $ 0.654915, with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 16,596. Its market cap totals $ 275,064, with a market dominance of 0.00%. Over the last 24 hours, the NERF price surged by 60.66%.

The token reached its peak price on May 26, 2023, hitting an all-time high of $ 2.51. Conversely, its lowest price was recorded on Sep 21, 2023, dipping to an all-time low of $ 0.245548.

Since then, the lowest price observed was $ 0.245548 (cycle low), while the highest NERF price reached a post-cycle low of $ 1.160550 (cycle high). The neural radiation field price prediction sentiment leans towards bearish, with the Fear & Greed Index indicating 63 (Greed).

4. eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk eTukTuk is a new cryptocurrency aiming to address global climate change. It seeks to achieve this goal by deploying zero-emission electric vehicles and charging stations in developing nations.

Furthermore, the project boasts a seasoned team with extensive expertise in business, technology, and energy sectors. The team operates from key crypto hubs like the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Beyond environmental concerns, eTukTuk also tackles socio-economic issues. In addition, it aims to address the challenge of the 1.4 billion unbanked adults worldwide. This is achieved by enabling seamless access to essential services like transportation through cryptocurrency.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain for fast and low-cost transactions, the project emphasizes efficiency. It leverages AI technology to optimize routes, minimize fuel consumption, and ensure infrastructure longevity through predictive maintenance. Currently undergoing a presale with $736,045.89 raised, eTukTuk is priced at $0.02625 and is set to increase in value within 12 days.

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