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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Etherland, PAID Network, Jesus Coin

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Etherland ELAND
Etherland ELAND

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The crypto market saw an impressive surge in a remarkable turn of events. The last 24 hours gave traders and investors the much-needed energy as the market cap reached $1.6 trillion. The result was a substantial 4.78% increase within the last day.

The market’s trading volume has soared to $89.59 billion, depicting an uptick of 10.20%. The uptick is closely attributed to Bitcoin’s gains as it trades above $40,000. The leading cryptocurrency’s dominance climbed to 53.82%, reflecting a notable 0.63% increase over the day.

This market cap and volume surge underlines the continued dynamism and momentum within the global crypto landscape, showcasing resilience and growing market participation across various segments.

Some economic changes across the globe are equally affecting the Bank of Canada like most other places. Thus, analysts anticipate that the bank will uphold its current rate of 5%, the highest in 22 years, in light of recent economic contractions and looming growth concerns, as indicated ahead of today’s announcement.

Following successive quarter-point hikes in June and July, the central bank has maintained this rate, expressing readiness for further tightening to curb persistent inflation exceeding the 2% target for 31 consecutive months.

Canada’s economy witnessed an unexpected 1.1% contraction in the third quarter, narrowly avoiding a recession. However, projections suggest that upcoming mortgage renewals at higher rates might exert further pressure on growth in the coming year.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools

The upcoming Bitcoin halving, expected next year, involves reducing the tokens awarded to miners for their efforts by half. This quadrennial occurrence forms a vital aspect of the strategy to limit the total Bitcoin supply to 21 million tokens. Historical data shows that Bitcoin has surged to record highs following the past three halving events. Other assets in the market are taking advantage of it to become top-trending cryptocurrencies.

1. Etherland (ELAND)

The first asset to consider as a top-trending coin today is Etherland (ELAND). This token has soared to $0.081142, which is quite astounding. The current trading price reflects a 141.66% gain in the past 24 hours and a 692.25% increase in the last seven days. With a circulating supply of 39 million ELAND tokens, it has secured a market cap of $3.13 million.

Etherland’s revolutionary ecosystem is effectively fueling this recent surge. The ecosystem, as expected, is powered by its utility token, ELAND. The ELAND token facilitates payments for bounties, subscriptions, and upcoming platform features. With more than 75% of the ELAND token already circulated, investors find assurance in its fixed and relatively low total supply.

ELAND price chart

The Etherland platform is also at the forefront of propelling the real estate industry toward Web 3.0, empowering users with crucial decision-making data. The platform’s Estatepedia repository houses ownership history, renovation details, deeds, EPCs, norms, and more for all registered properties.

By involving every participant in data preservation, Etherland grants users control over their data, leveraging Ethereum and IPFS synergistically. Ethereum’s smart contracts serve as ledgers for significant transactions and alterations, while IPFS stores associated data, ensuring security and reliability.

As Etherland enriches its Estatepedia, it reshapes the real estate landscape, offering a natural hedge against crises and inflation. By streamlining administrative processes and reducing delays, Etherland enhances fungibility within the industry.

Comparing Etherland’s performance against its peers reveals its exceptional growth, surpassing the global cryptocurrency market’s 12.10% increase and eclipsing similar Polygon Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which remained stagnant at 0.00%.

2. PAID Network (PAID)

Another asset working to become a top-trending cryptocurrency is the PAID Network’s PAID. This platform introduces a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate projects to success. The platform features Ignition, their premiere launchpad, and the Markets DApp, streamlining backend operations for various ventures.

PAID Network’s Ignition serves as the gateway to maximize a project’s potential. With a track record of successful launches since 2021, PAID Network offers guidance from industry experts backed by robust community support. Over 100 top-tier projects have taken off through Ignition, making it a sought-after platform for new ventures.

PAID price chart

PAID’s Markets DApp, on the other hand, simplifies backend operations, catering to freelancers, small businesses, and large-scale projects. From contract securing to day-to-day operational streamlining, the DApp facilitates various use cases, including in-game transactions for gaming projects.

Ignition, PAID Network’s IDO Launchpad, also strives to connect vetted founders with innovative ideas to secure crowd-sourced funding. Leveraging a straightforward lottery system, Ignition ensures accessibility to top-tier projects while nurturing their growth through incubation tools and advisors.

Capitalizing on the community strength and resources provided by Master Ventures, PAID Network’s launchpads offer an extensive range of opportunities for everyone involved.

In market performance, PAID Network (PAID) price surged to $0.24, witnessing a remarkable 146.45% increase in the last 24 hours. With a circulating supply of 250 million PAID tokens, the network commands a market cap of $54.69 million.

For users seeking integration with MetaMask, incorporating PAID Network (PAID) allows for easy monitoring of token holdings and decentralized exchange trading. Adding PAID as a token in MetaMask can be done by importing the contract address manually.

3. Jesus Coin (JESUS)

The Jesus Coin (JESUS) has stood out as a distinctive player among memecoins. Its unconventional approach helped this token carve a unique niche for itself.

JESUS price chart

It was initially positioned as the “anti-meme coin,” but JESUS has transitioned from its original intent as a playful concept to a platform fostering generosity and charitable giving. Despite its initial lighthearted launch, the coin has surged remarkably, witnessing a 43% uptick in the last 24 hours and an astonishing 711% surge over the past 30 days.

It is currently priced at $0.000000309272 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.49 million. With a circulating supply of 160 trillion JESUS tokens, the market cap for Jesus Coin stands at $48.39 million.

What sets JESUS apart is its distinctive strategy, rejecting team allocation and wholly relying on community-driven initiatives. This unique model has resonated strongly with investors, propelling its performance to surpass larger meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, cementing its position as a prominent contender within the meme coin sector of the cryptocurrency industry.

As Jesus Coin continues to gain momentum and become a top-trending cryptocurrency, its commitment to fostering generosity and community-driven charitable endeavors distinguishes it within the crypto landscape, showcasing the potential for meme coins to serve meaningful purposes beyond mere speculative investments.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Another reigning cryptocurrency that can become the top trending cryptocurrency is Meme Kombat. It is an innovative initiative seamlessly integrating the nostalgic love for gaming memes and GambleFi into a decentralized Web3 platform.

At the heart of Meme Kombat lies an exhilarating arena where characters representing deeply connected crypto communities engage in captivating battles. Players enjoy the freedom to wager on these animated clashes, predicting outcomes and potentially earning attractive rewards.

Season 1 boasts 11 distinctive meme characters, ensuring non-stop action, while Season 2 is already scheduled for December 2023. The project’s decentralized nature, coupled with AI-driven battles, ensures transparency and unpredictability – every battle brings a unique experience, keeping players fully engaged.

Meme Kombat’s tokenomics presents an enticing proposition for potential investors. Stake the Meme Kombat (MK) token, attractively priced at $0.225, and dive into a rewarding ecosystem.

Offering a generous APY of 112%, stakers benefit from passive income and can utilize their staked tokens for arena bets, setting Meme Kombat apart with its dual functionality – earning while gaming.

Notably, user engagement directly impacts potential earnings, encouraging active participation for increased rewards. Amidst the flourishing GambleFi industry with successes like Rollbit, Meme Kombat is well-positioned to tap into this lucrative market with its innovative approach.

The platform introduces a fresh perspective to the crypto community by fusing memes, gaming, and blockchain technology. For those seeking diversification in their portfolio with a distinctive offering, Meme Kombat presents an enticing opportunity.

Visit Meme Kombat.

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