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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Blur, AIgentX, SPECTRE AI

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The crypto market continued its upward trajectory on Tuesday by adding 0.21%. The market capitalization is currently $1.41 trillion after adding over $55 billion in trading volume in the last 24 hours. The most trending coins on DEXTools remain largely the same for some days; however, other assets are doing equally well according to the market dynamics.

Investors’ appetite seems to fluctuate rapidly due to the time of the year. Another important factor weighing on market sentiment is widespread international conflict. Investors are constantly seeking opportunities to shield their funds from pressure.

In early trading on Tuesday, the major stock markets in the Gulf saw a mixed performance due to declining oil prices and speculations regarding the U.S. Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rate hikes.

Throughout November, the stock markets have shown a broad recovery, driven by indications of potential easing in U.S. inflation. This data has sparked assumptions that the Fed might conclude its monetary tightening measures and consider implementing rate cuts in the upcoming year.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), consisting of six member countries, often aligns its monetary policies with the decisions of the Federal Reserve. This correlation is mainly due to the pegging of most regional currencies to the U.S. dollar.

Saudi Arabia’s benchmark index (.TASI) slightly increased by 0.1%. The rise was supported by a 0.7% uptick in ACWA Power Co (2082. SE) and a notable 1.9% surge in Power and Water Utility Co. for Jubail and Yanbu (2083. SE).

Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools

Similarly, the Qatari benchmark (.QSI) showed a positive trend, gaining 0.3% in early trading. Industries Qatar (IQCD.QA), a significant petrochemical manufacturer, notably advanced by 1.3% during the trading session.

Separately, the chief of Hamas told Reuters on Tuesday that the Palestinian militant group was near a truce agreement with Israel, even as the deadly assault on Gaza continued and rockets were being fired into Israel.

1. Blur (BLUR)

Traders active on Blur have experienced an extensive accumulation period in 2023 through an ongoing second season, gaining profits by engaging in activities like listing, bidding on, and leveraging NFTs. Additional incentives have been offered for trading high-value collections and conducting transactions within Blur’s marketplace.

BLUR price chart

With yesterday’s announcement from Blur hinting at the commencement of claiming for the second season’s airdrop, there’s uncertainty regarding the potential impact of this financial injection on the crypto space, as observed by Zeneca. It is only noticeable that the asset is gaining amidst the top-trending cryptocurrencies.

This development has already triggered fluctuations across Profile Picture (PFP) collections. However, some view the reduction in liquidity, primarily utilized for reward farming, as beneficial for both projects and their respective communities.

About 300 million BLUR tokens are up for grabs. Despite the token’s price surge to $0.34 in the past month, marking an 80% increase, it remains significantly lower than its February valuation of $1.

The imminent conclusion of season two heightens concerns about Blur’s potential to drive prices down when liquidity shifts elsewhere. This concern is compounded by the lure of other attractive platforms for dedicated airdrop farmers, including SocialFi platforms like friendtech, New Bitcoin City, and frenpets, where significant farming activities occur.

Yesterday’s announcement holds considerable significance for Blur, offering an opportunity to reward farmers and regular traders while injecting stimulus into the market. The question remains: will the airdrop’s value and Blur’s future strategies be sufficient to retain and win back its prominent traders?

2. AIgentX (AIX)

The AIgentX (AIX) price is not impressive as it dropped in recent trading hours. It recorded a value of $0.135011, reflecting a decline of 27.70% over the past 24 hours and a 9.34% decrease in the last seven days. Unfortunately, current market cap data for AIgentX is unavailable as the circulating supply of AIX tokens remains unreported.

AIX price chart

The highest price for AIgentX (AIX) was $0.204566, noted five days ago on Nov 16, 2023. However, in contrast, the current value represents a -35.64% decrease from this all-time high price. Conversely, the all-time low for AIX stands at $0.00261835, recorded approximately two months ago on Sep 25, 2023, signifying an impressive 4,928.58% increase from the lowest price observed.

The fully diluted AIgentX (AIX) valuation currently stands at $13,403,726. This figure is a theoretical representation of the maximum market capitalization, assuming the entire circulation of 100 million AIX tokens. Realizing this valuation may take a significant period, contingent upon the emission schedule of AIX tokens.

Regarding price performance, AIgentX (AIX) has shown a decline of 9.30% over the past week, performing below the global cryptocurrency market, which is currently up by 3.60%. Additionally, compared to similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, AIX trails behind as they have seen an increase of 12.70%.

Despite the recent price decline, the community sentiment toward AIgentX (AIX) remains predominantly bullish, with over 80% of users expressing positive feelings about the cryptocurrency today. It will also become a top-trending cryptocurrency when it regains its footing.


Spectre AI (SPECTRE) also shows some price fluctuations. It sells at $0.173904 at the time of this report, reflecting a decline of 7.54% in the last 24 hours. However, a positive price increase has occurred over the past seven days.

SPECTRE price chart

The all-time high for Spectre AI (SPECTRE) was recorded at $0.261901 and observed on Nov 20, 2023, approximately 15 hours ago. Comparatively, the current price represents a 34.17% decrease from this all-time high value. Conversely, the all-time low for SPECTRE is $0.112582, noted on Nov 21, 2023, about 4 hours ago, indicating a notable increase of 53.14% from the lowest price recorded.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of Spectre AI (SPECTRE) is estimated at $1.73 million. This valuation represents the maximum potential market capitalization based on the assumption of the entire circulation of 10 million SPECTRE tokens. The realization of this valuation might take an extended period, contingent upon the emission schedule of SPECTRE tokens.

Regarding recent price performance, Spectre AI (SPECTRE) has showcased a neutral trend with a 0.00% change over the past seven days. This performance places SPECTRE below the global cryptocurrency market, which has seen a 3.60% increase, and behind similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, recording an increase of 12.70%.

Despite recent fluctuations, the community sentiment towards Spectre AI (SPECTRE) remains predominantly positive, with over 82% of users expressing optimistic views about the cryptocurrency today. Investors and stakeholders remain attentive to Spectre AI’s price movements and future developments within the crypto landscape as market conditions evolve.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

The LPX token allows major crypto investors to explore a significant AI application. At Launchpad XYZ, the Apollo bot is set to analyze extensive datasets, optimizing trading strategies in ways that could revolutionize predictive crypto trading.

Recent strides by Microsoft in the AI domain validate Launchpad XYZ’s overarching mission. The capability to rigorously test strategies against years of market data holds substantial potential. Recognizing the burgeoning prospects of AI in crypto trading, industry insiders are seeking avenues to engage in this space actively.

Launchpad XYZ’s presale offers LPX tokens at a considerable discount, presenting an enticing prospect for early investors. Moreover, the project’s roadmap includes plans for gaming, NFTs, and other features to enrich its ecosystem, broadening the utility of LPX beyond just trading algorithms.

As AI continuously refines novel financial models, the attention from industry titans like Microsoft and notable crypto investors toward Launchpad XYZ and LPX emphasizes the seismic influence AI could wield on global markets.

Nevertheless, LPX seems well-prepared to capitalize on the ongoing surge in the significance of artificial intelligence within the trading landscape. It has undoubtedly become the most trending cryptocurrency even before its launch.

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