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Top Crypto Gainers Today, May 1 – CSPR, HBAR, AiDoge, LHINU, DLANCE, BNB, ECOTERRA, BTT

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Top crypto gainers today
Top crypto gainers today

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What a way to start a new month with bullish trends! The crypto space has finished the fourth consecutive green month, according to data from Coinglass. Bitcoin has enjoyed a bullish period. A similar trend happened in 2019 when markets escaped from the hands of bears to produce five successive greens starting February to June.

If factors remain constant, the events might replicate what happened in 2019. Therefore, it is much anticipated that May will continue the bullish trend. However, May 2021 saw China prohibit crypto in its jurisdiction, and in May 2022, Terra Luna, a $60 billion empire, went to its knees.

Although April had its downfalls, with Bitcoin having one of the worst daily tradings, the bear did not catch up with the growth. Every crypto enthusiast expects the market to be smooth throughout the month without significant drawbacks.

The anticipation for better growth can be seen early from some of the day’s top gainers. As an investor, diversification is a virtue, and as, we are working hard to give you the best information to aid in market and crypto choices. Here are the top crypto gainers today.

Top 8 Crypto Gainers Today



After surprising many with a more than 60% rise in a month, Casper (CSPR) is maintaining the grip of bullishness by trading above 3.4% in the last 24 hours. The gem’s price on May 1st was $0.060368 while recording a trading volume of over $22.7 million, representing 48.1% growth.

Some analysts thought that CSPR had shattered the buoyant energy, but the 68th-ranking coin in CoinMarketCap keeps asserting its growth. It ranks among the top bullish contestants of the year after breaking the 0.045 dollar price to now trading at $0.060368. The token is attracting investor confidence in its exclusive trend.

Casper (CSPR) is a project geared towards providing proper security and high-level scalability of the applications at the enterprise level. The project has maintained its trading above the $0.06 level for a long time.

Keeping a positive sentiment among investors will result in better growth and maintaining the $0.06 mark.

CSPR/USD daily chart

Casper utilizes the hybrid consensus that combines the Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanisms to validate transactions. The consensus is known for its quick processing rate and minimum consumption of power, thus making the process seamless.

Casper’s platform is efficient and ensures maximum protection against risks associated with blockchains. In addition, the transaction charges are eliminated, while the smart contract ecosystem enhances the use of multiple programming languages.

HBAR – Prepares for Glory as Price Correction is Underway

hbar chart May 1: Top Crypto Gainers Today

Hedera (HBAR), an hashgraph platform, has shown the crypto industry its growth potential in the past times it has been in operation. According to rankings in CoinMarketCap, Hedera ranks at number 32. Hedera’s growth arises from its robust platform that enables users to get news peaks. Over the last weeks, Hedera has been showing an upward trend.

Hedera has a native token, HBAR, which is used to power the decentralized economy of the platform. The platform uses virtual voting to validate transactions instead of PoW algorithms. Additionally, the platform eliminates data-sending modes by allowing nodes to transmit gossip about data. The gossiping criteria and asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT) give the mechanism a 100% consensus reach.

Hedera came into the crypto space in 2018 when Lemon Baird created the ecosystem which enjoys the governance of big multinationals such as Google, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, and LG, among others.

The proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism helps eliminate gas fees as the blockchain enhances its operation speed and low bandwidth consumption and achieves high-security levels. According to Hedera, the Hashgraph element enables the platform to complete 10,000 transactions per second which are thousands higher than the 2.8 per second utilized by Bitcoin, while Ethereum has 15 transactions per second.

Developers use the HBAR tokens to cater to HBAR transfer, handling fungible and non-fungible tokens and data copying. The tokens also facilitate reimbursing network nodes, transaction storage, and computing exercises.

The platform announced changing its Hashgraph code to become an open source to tap into public DLT blossoming demand. The platform has attracted more than $127.8 million from fundraisers comprised of 21 distinguished investors. Boeing HorizonX Ventures is among the latest investor to join the forum as an investor.

 AIDoge Bubble Widens as it Surpasses the $650K Milestone

AIDoge continues to scale the crypto market after the opening of the presale on April 26. It makes it among the top in the list of new projects for investment.

The project uses a strategy of rewarding investors who will come to the market earlier. There are 20 stages set by the project initiators, with the first stage offering the token for $0.000026, and the 20th stage will see the token selling at $0.0000336 representing a 29.23% premium. Get your AIDoge token now before the price skyrockets.

The strategy has worked since the token raised more than $100,000 in the commencing hour of the presale. Funding continues to grow; as of May 1st, the project had already raised more than $650,000.

The hype and rally of AIDoge continue to attract more investors willing to participate in the new venture embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project’s Twitter account, which was opened in April, has attracted more than 23,400 followers by May 1st, with the numbers expected to rise.

AIDoge’s growing momentum is too quick, motivating developers to list the project in a centralized exchange in the third quarter of 2023. The listing might become highly explosive based on the current trend of events.

LHINU Shows Dominance in the Presale

Love Hate Inu is one of the new projects that have taken the crypto world by storm. Most investors have joined the voting bandwagon through Love Hate Inu to earn its native token LHINU.

The latest update from the project indicated the presales of LHINU have raised more than $8 million, leaving only about 25% for those who have yet to participate.

The project utilizes the voting strategy to attract more presale participants. The project sold over 75% of the tokens in the seven concluded stages. Stage 8, the last stage, will result in the maximum sale of the remaining tokens.

The generous allocation of tokens to the voting participants makes the project more interesting because it eliminates cases of rug pulls. The project team allocated 90% of the 100 billion tokens in supply to the public. The move signifies the commitment towards the success of Love Hate Inu.

The Love Hate Inu project is a platform that entices consumers, retailers, and corporations. The voting system is transparent and utilizes blockchain technology to make it effective and secure.  Buy LHINU today before time elapses.

DEELANCE Hits the $550K Milestone


The Future of Recruitment Is Here And It’s Powered by the Blockchain – How Does it Work?

DeeLance is the new avenue for freelancers who can multiply the freelancing economy and revolutionize the environment for the better of employers and workers.

The platform utilizes Web3 technology to create a dedicated freelancer marketplace where efficiency and security are the key ingredients. New advancements will step out of the confines of conventional freelancing by adopting innovative aspects.

The platform has announced today that it has hit a $550k milestone, with investors showing their love and commitment to DeeLance’s native token in DLANCE. Click here to get DLANCE at a lower price today.

DeeLance community officially unveiled its first monthly report today. Detailing on the activities that have occurred in April.

According to the report, DeeLance indicated they successfully conducted the first presale round and commenced the second round. Five top buyers were rewarded during presale 2. The 5% referral reward is ongoing, and the platform is making rounds on Twitter.

Other matters reported include its presence on Reddit, the announcement of a sticker contest, pre-listing in CMC, and strategic partnerships. The platform also boasts over 8,000 group members in telegram, audited Solidproof and Coinsult, 18K Twitter followers, featuring in several PR & Youtubers and raising more than $540,000 in presale.

The auspicious start shows that investors trust DeeLance’s capability to turn around the freelancing world. DLANCE token now retails at $0.029 USDT with a 40% discount for early investors. The presale is ongoing, and interested investors can accumulate the newly launched token.

Here is how you can get DLANCE today.

DeeLance is now one of the new projects in 2023 that are enticing the eyes of investors. The DeeLance ecosystem offers investors more comprehensive benefits and secures an atmosphere for free operations.



BNB PRICE CHART MAY 1: Top Crypto Gainers Today

Binance coin has started the month with a blast by going up by 2..86% in the last 24 hours. The fourth-ranked cryptocurrency in CoinMarketCap is bullish, with traders buying it at $333.01. BNB enjoyed a vast trading volume of $1.18 billion in the market.

The coin finds itself on’s list of top-performing crypto because of its uptrend in the last 24 hours, backed by its operations during the previous seven days. BNB has been consistent in the market for the last month by attracting more than $1 billion in daily volumes.

The 30-day trend portrayed by BNB shows consistent growth that attracts investor confidence. BNB’s bullish nature might push for more days as projections indicate an upward trend.

If today’s trend by BNB stands in the coming days, then the bullish season for BNB may continue. BNB has been showing an upward trend for the last three months except for some days in March when its price declined.

The crypto market looks forward to when BNB goes above the $350 mark and holds to experience a higher bullish market for some time. Investors can put their money on the current bullish BNB for higher benefits.


Ecoterra's Recycle-2-Earn Platform

The environmentally friendly project, Ecoterra, is another project attracting many investors not because of its policies but the benefits arising from its ECOTERRA token.

The platform is set to unveil EcoTerra, a mobile app that allows users to scan recyclables and put them in Recyclable Vending Machines (RVMs) to receive ECOTTERA instantly. The amount of ECOTERRA earned results from the number of items discarded.

Ecoterra is working to reduce the levels of carbon footprints in the world. Participants will gain NFTs after accomplishments. Investors and environmentally friendly people have lauded Ecoterra for the idea, and many are ready to participate in the exercise.

The presale has attracted more than $2.6 million since its launch, with more participants expected.

Ecoterra unveiled a presale for its 1 billion out of the 2 billion ECOTERRA tokens in supply to the public. Every person is eligible to purchase the tokens in presale. Click here to participate in the environmentally friendly Ecoterra presale.

BitTorrent (BTT)

BTT PRICE MAY 1: Top Crypto Gainers Today

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer network for sharing files that has attained a decentralized over the years. BitTorrent(‘s native token, BTT, has seen a bullish trend today, rising by 2.12% in the last 24 hours. BTT was trading at $0.000000637 with a total trading volume of $28.38 million.

The platform came into the market in 2001 but was purchased by the TRON network in 2018. BitTorrent has evolved since 2018, unveiling the BTT token in 2019. The platform is presumed to be the world’s most extensive P2P decentralized protocol.

BTT continues to catch the eyes of investors and crypto enthusiasts due to its stability and bullish nature. In the past few days, the platform unveiled Storage3, a vital upgrade that enhances storage in the blockchain. Its price climbed high, reaching $0.000000915 but came down to $0.0000007 quickly.

At the current price of $0.000000637, BTT has started to experience another bullish season. However, the volatile nature of crypto might not display better ways of determining whether BTT will sustain a bullish trend.

It might be early to predict an upward trend for BTT as the coin continues to face instances of trend correction with time. BTT is looking for more liquidity to stabilize its actions in the market.



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