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Top 5 Coins Dead? 3 Better Alternatives

Top Crypto Gaming Platforms
Top Crypto Gaming Platforms

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The cryptocurrency market fell in early trade hours on Thursday. Bitcoin narrowly stayed over $20,000, while altcoins suffered greatly.

The worldwide cryptocurrency market value was trading at $892.72 billion, down more than 2% in the previous 24 hours. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other tokens connected with internet memes have been particularly heavily affected.

Doge has dropped over 80% from its all-time high of 74 cents in May. Shiba has fallen more than 65% since its October top of fractions of a penny.

Trading volumes have decreased and are now measured in millions rather than billions. Additionally, fears of a global recession and growing inflationary pressure are dampening optimism in the digital token market.

All this has instilled in investors the fear of their cryptocurrencies becoming the next “dead coin.”

The 5 Dead Coins

The phrase “dead coin” refers to cryptos that no longer exist for various reasons. Their failure might be attributed to their inability to generate sufficient finances or fraud.

For example, they could have been a scam, their website may be offline, or they may have nodes or wallet difficulties. Typically, these are the outcome of unsuccessful ICO ventures.

Some well-known dead coins are:

  • Achievecoin – ACH: Deceased
  • Acros – ACRO: Deceased
  • AeroCoin – AERO: Scam
  • Aiden – ADN: Scam
  • AiOtoken – AIO: Scam

List of 3 Better Alternatives For Your Crypto Investment

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is a recent and promising cryptocurrency to invest in. It is the native token of Battle Infinity Metaverse-based gaming platform. Its first focus is on fantasy sports, in which players form teams and compete against others to achieve the highest rating in their leagues.

Users of the platform will profit from a stake pool; this is why the revenue source is completely open.

Battle Infinity users get a secure and unfettered immersive experience. The platform ecology for the Battle endless game comprises six distinct components that are functional, practical, and simple.

  • IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE is the world’s first Decentralized Blockchain NFT-based Fantasy Sports Game, combined with metaverse, in which you may design your own squad and compete with others from all over the globe to win money.
  • IBAT BATTLE MARKET – All assets and characters in the game are tokenized on the platform to NFT using an ERC721 smart contract.

This tokenization of resources and characters makes them distinctive and adds value based on their rarity.

  • IBAT BATTLE GAMES – It is a multiplayer game shop where players on this platform may access various NFT games to play and earn money.

In the combat market, players may purchase and sell all their game assets and characters and their winning NFTs.

  • IBAT Combat ARENA – In the Battle Arena, players will have their own unique avatar that they may improve from the battle market, such as their clothes and hair.

Battle Infinity Presale

If the players want to add a hat or sunglasses to their avatar or character, they can do so from the battle market. We feel that the moment has come to start working on a project. The possibility of your money increasing in value over time is relatively high.

The initiative has a fixed BNB/USD exchange rate of USD 250, suggesting that the ecosystem’s IBAT token costs USD 0.0015. Early buyers should realistically expect 100x returns given the value offer Battle Infinity represents.

Battle Infinity will be launched shortly, and now is the most excellent time to participate because it is now on presale for a discounted price.

Participate in IBAT Pre-sale Now

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2. DeFi Coin (DEFC)

DeFi Coin is at the top of the best DeFi coins to purchase list. DeFi Coin, as the name suggests, is a cryptocurrency token deeply embedded in the rapidly emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

The coin is native to the new DeFi Swap DEX, which provides essential exchanging, staking, and yield farming services. DeFi Swap also offers some of the most incredible DeFi interest rates for DEFC token holders.

Even though DeFi Swap has already been in preparation for months, the exchange’s staff eventually granted the exchange the green light to start in early May, causing the DeFi Coin (DEFC) price to skyrocket by more than 300%.

Buy DEFC coin

Although DEFC is the exchange’s native token, it offers various other fascinating use cases, such as ‘static rewards’ for holders. These benefits are made possible by a 10% tax charged anytime someone buys or sells DeFi Coin.

Half of the collected money is returned to DEFC holders as an incentive, creating a consistent passive income stream. The remaining 50% is automatically returned to DeFi Swap’s liquidity pools, improving liquidity.

Buy DeFi Coin Now

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3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is undoubtedly the best crypto investment for 2022, with a team of marketing, engineering, and economics experts working to revolutionize the blockchain lottery system.

Lucky Block was initially established on the Binance Smart Chain with the goal of harnessing decentralized technology to provide customers with better lottery experiences.

Not only that, but it also allows investors to generate passive income even if they aren’t playing the lottery. This currency improves game participants’ chances of winning by emphasizing openness and fairness.

The native token (LBLOCK) is an important piece of the jigsaw since it is utilized to pay transaction fees efficiently and lets users obtain their prizes promptly.

Buy Lucky block

During the presale period, this project received around $5.7 million in cash and investments and had a trading volume of more than $3.4 million on the first day it was launched. The Lucky Block Telegram group has acquired many subscribers in a relatively short amount of time, with over 25,000 active members.

The lottery draw was officially launched on March 25th, with the team intending to obtain a spot on Binance within the first quarter of 2022. If everything goes as planned, the current price per token may never be this low again, making now the ideal moment to invest in Lucky Blocks.

Buy Lucky Block Crypto Now

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