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Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Shared Their Bitcoin Profit

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Time after time, a lot of people became the next new celebrity, and the person who everyone else wants to look like them. With Bitcoin is no different. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that was invented by the unknown “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2009 has made a lot of people some insane profit.

People who have invested into this volatile asset, and who strongly believed in it since the beginning of time are now called visionaries. We will share with you in this article some of the people who have Shared their Bitcoin Profit, and became celebrities over night.

  • 50Cent

Despite having filed bankruptcy in 2015, apparently 50 cent had accepted Bitcoin back in 2014 when he sold his “Animal Ambition” album. 50 Cent has said he earned 700 Bitcoin in the album, but he had forgotten he had it, and kept it safely stored. In recent years, 50 Cent remembered he received the amount for the album, which makes him a fortune of over $6 Million USD.

50Cent has since deleted the tweet and instagram publication he’s made on the matter, and he swore under oath that he had never heard or dealt with Bitcoin in his life. Seems kind of strange, but maybe that’s a way to avoid the tax being paid on any earnings made with Bitcoin?

  • Bill Gates

Bill Gates has openly said many times in interviews that he supports Bitcoin and thinks it could help solve many of the financial issues in the world. He’s claimed that Bitcoin is the future, and that it will make things more accessible from a user’s perspective.

Though he acknowledges that Bitcoin’s price is crazy speculative, Bill Gates has claimed he’s got one Bitcoin as a gift, and sold it a few years afterwards. Gates has said, however, that he would short Bitcoin if he could.

Although it’s not clear whether Bill Gates has invested in Bitcoin, there are many speculative news about him joining Bitcoin backed projects, and trading robots like Bitcoin Profit. It’s not certain, however, if Bill Gates has endorsedBitcoin Profit or any other cryptocurrency trading software tool.

  • Winklevoss Twins

The former Harvard Graduates and internet entrepreneurs Winklevoss Twins have been early adopters of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have been pioneers into the internet and social engineering space. They founded the first conception of Facebook, which was then later plagiarised by Mark Zuckerberg, and led them to winning a judicial battle against Zuckerberg.

Tyler and Cameron have launched an exchange called Gemini and have been recklessly applying for a Bitcoin exchange-trade fund. The pair have also purchased seats into the Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic shuttle with the profits of Bitcoin. It is estimated that each of the Winklevoss Twins has around $600 million USD in “crypto riches”.

  • Richard Branson

The owner of the Virgin Group Richard Branson has expressed his interest and support for Bitcoin in open media. Just like Bill Gates, Richard Branson thinks that the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain, will solve most of the world’s financial crisis.

Branson has even invested $30 Million into the BitPay project, and adopted Bitcoin in many of his services like flying with his Virgin Galactic service. It’s uncertain how much profit Branson has made from investing in Bitcoin, but he’s definitely an adopted and assiduous user of the digital currency.

Also following the same trend of fake advertisement and scams, It has been said that Richard Branson endorses Bitcoin Revolution, an automatic trading robot. The same has confirmed he hasn’t invested in any trading companies like the such, and told the users and investors to beware of scams.

  • Ashton Kutcher

The actor Ashton Kutcher has been one of the celebrities that believed in Bitcoin’s true potential from the beginning. He’s invested in BitPay, the same company that Richard Branson has also invested, and he is constantly fighting to raise awareness to cryptocurrencies.

Kutcher and his team recently donated $4 million USD in Ripple to “The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund”. He’s an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, and invests constantly in companies that have blockchain technology.

It’s uncertain how much profit he’s got from investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it must be an extraordinary amount since he made such a huge donation in Ripple.

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