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Top 3 Shitcoins That Could Blow Up In 2023

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top 3 Shitcoins That Could Blow Up In 2023
Top 3 Shitcoins That Could Blow Up In 2023

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The trends of the crypto market are always shifting, and in the past month, memecoins have been taking the spotlight, attracting a great deal of interest. Tokens like Love Hate Inu, L, and Ben have sparked an uproar of interest and enthusiasm among cryptocurrency aficionados and meme fans.

Ben ($BEN)

Ben.eth, a fan of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gained popularity in the cryptocurrency industry when he released his own version of the PEPE memecoin, $BEN. There was a major setback for his supporters not long after the initiative went live.

Despite the obstacle, the BEN token has been able to keep its leading place throughout the HotPairs list of DEXTools. Ben.eth didn’t let the failure of his first project discourage him, and he carried on to his next PSYOP quickly.

He drew a significant amount of liquidity to the project by promising a different outcome, and the initiative was successful as a result. On the other hand, he eventually liquidated the supply, leaving investors with nothing while pocketing millions of dollars for himself.

Then came the LOYAL token, for which Ben.eth gave a big chunk of the supply to people who bought in advance. He took most of it for himself. He tried to rebuild trust by teaming up with the well-known advocate BitBoy. But this project also turned out badly, which harmed his image even more.

Even with all of these drawbacks, Ben.eth has just released the Orange NFT series. The limited edition collection was sold out within just 15 minutes, despite having only 10,000 pieces and a minting charge of 0.1 ETH. Some of the hauls were set aside for $PSYOP and $LOYAL token owners as an added incentive.

The Orange NFTs are more than simply a collection, owners gain an advantage over special amenities and future releases before the general public. In addition, $LOYAL token holders can prove they are part of the group by connecting their Twitter accounts and displaying a special FF6000 affiliate badge.

Ben.eth hopes to regain people’s faith with this current endeavor. It also enables him to provide excellent service to his Web3 fan base. This possibly explains the upsurge that has occurred in the price of BEN tokens. The current value of BEN on DEXTools is 0.0709, with a market capitalization of $29.83M.

Its overall liquidity is $2.09M, with a total volume of $806.95K in the last 24 hours, and it has resulted in 78.9% Community Trust. Visit our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

L ($L)

$L is a one-of-a-kind airdrop token that is designed to reward Twitter usage and is directed particularly toward Twitter Blue subscribers. The greater a user’s following and influence on Twitter, the more people will get their airdrop. The L community is made up of people who believe in Elon Musk and who back him in all of his undertakings.

Through the use of incentives, L hopes to cultivate a community of genuine supporters on Twitter rather than one composed of automated users or trolls. In 2021, Elon tweeted that he enjoys the Japanese anime and manga series Death Note and that his preferred character is L, the main protagonist, and this served as a source of inspiration for the new memecoin $L.

To increase the number of Twitter Blue subscribers and demonstrate widespread enthusiasm for Elon, the L project has announced its intention to airdrop tokens to all such users. As a result, the $L token is yet another memecoin to develop a community that is dependable and trustworthy.

The new meme L had a meteoric rise in value during its debut exchange offering on Uniswap, with the price of $L shooting up by more than 7,500% before seeing a brief period of consolidation. There are a total of 1 trillion $L tokens in circulation.

While one-half of the tokens have been set aside for distribution on Twitter, the remaining one-quarter of the tokens are being made accessible for trading on the decentralized exchange known as Uniswap. Visit our guide to the best altcoins to buy now for 2023 here.

The remaining tokens, which amount to 20%, have been set aside for listing on controlled exchanges (CEX), while the remaining 5% of tokens are set aside for the project team. By providing its distinctive value proposition and actively engaging its intended user base, the $L token hopes to carve out a niche for itself in the competitive meme currency market.

The most recent airdrop reservation period took place between the 12th and the 26th of June, and partakers can redeem their airdrops through the website between the 26th and the 3rd of July. Some people are skeptical of L the memecoin because they fear it is just another bogus scheme.

Popular cryptocurrency expert Alex Kruger remarked that the coin could be an Andrew Lee fraud. Kruger also warned prospective buyers to steer clear of Lee’s coins because they have historically all been worthless. Andrew Lee, the creator of multiple low-market-cap cryptocurrencies, has a questionable reputation for honesty.

Yet another Twitter user, drawing on an earlier Andrew Lee coin to demonstrate a rug pull, labeled L the memecoin as a hoax. Investors are being cautious about placing money into $L in light of these issues, given the risks involved.

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU)

The Love Hate Inu (LHINU) token is an entertaining meme currency that allows users to earn incentives simply by casting votes for causes they think are important. Views on governance, society, and anything else that generates a stir can be dropped onto the platform.

Voting is also entirely fair, open, and safe because of the blockchain logic that drives it. Users can stake $LHINU tokens to take part in customized polls and possibly win enticing prizes. They can also offer their poll topics and participate in the community buzz if they would like to.

There are a total of one hundred billion $LHINU tokens available for use with the Love Hate Inu platform. After the successful completion of the presale, they distributed 90% of the $LHINU tokens, reserving 10% of the total supply for liquidity, exchange listings, community prizes, and maintaining the flow of positive energy.

This strategy tries to develop confidence and a stable foundation for the community, thereby preventing any rug pulls from occurring. Traders are interested in the coin since there is no charge or fee associated with buying or selling it.


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