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This Revolutionary Play-to-Earn Crypto Is Set to Disrupt the Health and Wellness Industry Forever – Here’s Why

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

FightOut project
FightOut project

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Building upon the Play-to-Earn mechanism in the crypto market, Fight Out has garnered a lot of attention in the little time it has been live. The project has raised close to $6 million, and it’s well on its way to disrupting the health and wellness industry by revolutionizing the entire fitness landscape. Join the presale now to become a part of the revolution.

What Is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a fitness-related platform that strives to change the way people approach fitness. Traditionally an individual has to make a significant investment to reach their fitness goals, including gym membership, diet counselling, and possibly equipment.

Fight Out completely changes this by gamifying the process of maintaining an active fitness routine. Every time a user completes a challenge on the platform or achieves a milestone in their fitness journey, they will be proportionally rewarded with REPS tokens.

Buy FightOut tokens

REPS is an off-chain currency of the platform that can be used to earn rewards and make purchases inside the Fight Out metaverse. REPS tokens can be converted to FGHT tokens if users wish to cash out their earnings, and this distinction from an on-chain token protects the ecosystem from the volatility present in the market.

Users will get a Soulbound NFT avatar that represents their fitness profile. This NFT cannot be sold or traded but will be used for the unique identification of every user inside the Fight Out ecosystem.

Fight Out has designed the platform in a way that excites participation and keeps it exclusive to the platform. For instance, the platform welcomes all users by giving them a unique NFT upfront, unlike other platforms that demand users to purchase expensive NFTs to get started. Plus, users can advance their digital avatar by purchasing NFT assets to customize and stylize their Soulbound NFT, while upgrading it based on their real-life training.

Train With MMA Champions With Fight Out

Fight Out does not limit itself to an online platform but goes beyond the average by offering more than just tracking fitness metrics. Users who are new to the platform, and particularly beginners, can access the in-depth content & educate themselves about different exercises & routines. These videos have been curated by industry experts with decades of experience in the fitness industry.

Users who are comfortable with the basics of their workout routine after completing the videos can choose personalized guidance or training by professionals on the Fight Out app. In addition to offering digital content, Fight Out also has plans to come out with physical gyms where users can exercise and interact with the community.

Ambassadors FGHT

Initially, the project plans to open up 20 physical gyms in different locations by Q4 and will be expanding from there. Fight Out gyms offer a great way for individuals to find their fitness companion, to stick to their fitness goals.

Fight Out has onboarded professional athletes including MMA Fighter Amanda Ribas and Talia Santos, and fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch. They will be hosting challenges on the Fight Out app and physical gyms, and participants who top the leaderboard will be rewarded with REPS tokens.

Users will be able to access these gyms with the Fight Out applications and get various subscriptions in the app itself. FGHT tokens will be used for any purchases inside the application or in Fight Out gyms. FGHT is the native utility token of the project that’ll be central to its operation.

The token can be purchased for 0.0333 USDT in a presale on the Fight Out website & it has raised over $5.93 million so far. The presale will conclude in less than 4 days, and now would be a great time to get your hands on FGHT tokens & become a part of Fight Out. Refer to the guide below to purchase FGHT tokens.

How To Purchase FGHT Tokens?

Purchasing FGHT tokens is super simple and it can be done within minutes. All you need is a crypto wallet loaded with USDT or ETH, and an internet connection on a device. Follow the quick tutorial below to purchase FGHT tokens from the Fight Out website.

Step 1: Set up a Crypto Wallet

Set up a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask (for desktop users) or Trust Wallet (for mobile users), or use Web3Auth to create a one-click wallet through their partner.

Step 2: Get USDT or ETH

FGHT website

Obtain either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT), which are the three digital currencies supported by Fight Out’s presale dashboard. These currencies can be purchased through most centralized and decentralized exchanges and transferred to your crypto wallet. Visit the official Fight Out website.

Step 3: Link Wallet To Dashboard

Link your crypto wallet to the Fight Out presale by clicking the ‘Connect’ icon on their website and following the instructions.

Step 4: Purchase FGHT tokens

Purchase FGHT tokens by choosing to buy them with ETH or USDT, enter the amount to be purchased, and confirm the transaction with your wallet provider. Different purchase amounts trigger different bonuses.

Step 5: Choose to Refer

Get your unique referral link by pressing the ‘5% Referral Link’ button while connected to the Fight Out website. Share this link with others to earn 5% USDT for every new investor.

Step 6: Claim FIGHT Tokens

Claim your FGHT tokens after the presale ends on April 5, 2023, by visiting the Fight Out website. Tokens can be claimed directly through their site. Additionally, buyers have the option to vest their tokens, which come with extra bonuses.

And just like that, you’ve purchased Fight Out’s FGHT tokens within minutes. The presale is selling fast and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity, get in as soon as you can. Fight Out is expected to make exponential gains as it hits the exchanges on April 5th.


Fight Out has hosted one of the most successful presales this year, and has raised a massive amount of funds so far. Although the presale has been live for months, you still have the opportunity to get in on the project early and make significant gains. Investors are expecting the token to make up to 10x gains as it lists on Centralised exchanges on April 5th.

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