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The Up-and-Coming Recruitment Platform That’s Set to Shake Up Web3 – Here’s How It Work

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The Up-and-Coming Recruitment Platform That's Set to Shake Up Web3 – Here's How It Work
The Up-and-Coming Recruitment Platform That's Set to Shake Up Web3 – Here's How It Work

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Globally, the workforce is moving toward freelancing at an astronomical speed, with over 65% of job holders desiring to work full-time, but on a remote basis.

Recent statistics reveal that the global gig economy is now well passed $450 billion and is expected to grow at an even higher rate to reach $12 billion by 2028.

Despite this tremendous growth, very few marketplaces have been able to solve some of the longstanding problems in the industry. LinkedIn, Upwork, and Toptal are the biggest Web2 players in the freelance space.

DeeLance is built on blockchain, incorporating decentralized Web3 technology to ensure the world works seamlessly.
Freelance marketplaces

They offer a wide range of services including pre-screened gigs, 24/7 customer support, and payment protection systems. However, the services they offer are barely up to standard in addition to offering little to no control over data ownership and use.

Consumer information is frequently exploited by targeted marketing firms, turning it into a valuable asset for centralized Web2 freelance marketplaces.

These platforms generate income through substantial commission fees on secured payments, promoting low-quality services, and utilizing users’ personal data.

Moreover, web2 freelance platforms exhibit some striking characteristics: Extended payment schedules, imposing steep commission rates, functioning within a centralized framework, demanding supplementary documentation and skill evaluations prior to listing services, and the presence of unscrupulous individuals.

Introducing DeeLance – The Future Of Freelance and Remote Work

In light of the many problems, a team of industry experts is presenting a lasting solution under a new decentralized project referred to as DeeLance. The platform runs on blockchain under the principles of decentralization.

As a Web3 platform, DeeLance is certain it is the answer to most if not all the problems weighing the freelance industry down.

In a recently published whitepaper, this new project presents a robust framework on how it can trigger a paradigm shift by fostering openness, safety, security, and global accessibility.

With DeeLance, the world can usher in a new dawn for the freelance economy, where intermediaries like Fiverr and Upwork will have no space to strongarm workers with centralized control and high commissions.

For the first time, freelance will benefit from full ownership of their work. This “is why DeeLance is built on decentralized Web3 technology,” the team writes in the whitepaper.

Freelance, as the name suggests, is an alternative arrangement where people work independently, mainly on a project-to-project framework as opposed to being employed under a strict contract.

DeeLance recognizes freelance as the freedom to work anywhere. Workers have more control over their time, they set their schedules and choose their clients.

For that reason, one of the company’s main objectives is to keep freelancing open to everyone, regardless of their location, background, or perceived skill level.

The platform puts more money into the workers’ pockets due to low fees and fast crypto payments.

Unlike Web2 platforms which do not encourage interaction between the seller and the buyer, DeeLance is building a metaverse where micro-communities can grow, meet to discuss ideas, network and create bonds.

Investors are already engaging with this forward-looking crypto platform via an ongoing presale. In a matter of days, DeeLance has raised $83k to become one of the best crypto presales for 2023.

Discounted DLANCE tokens are selling at $0.025, which means investors are looking at a substantial paper gain ahead of the expected launch price of $0.053.

Why DeeLance Is The Next-Generation Web3 Freelancing And Recruitment Platform

DeeLance is built on blockchain, incorporating decentralized Web3 technology to ensure the world works seamlessly.

By employing three key pillars: A cutting-edge NFT marketplace, a revolutionary metaverse, and an innovative freelancing and recruitment platform, DeeLance would have completely redefined the industry for both recruiters and workers.

When combined, these pillars bring up a comprehensive suite of tools and services, tailor-made to streamline workflow in the gig economy and create a straightforward experience for all users on the platform.

Freelancers who sign up to use DeeLance will no longer feel robbed or manipulated as this innovative Web3 platform upholds transparency and digital ownership.

“Our Web3-based digital ecosystem opens up new pathways for professionals and creators to profit from the ever-growing metaverse,” DeeLance’s team states in the whitepaper.

Key Features DeeLance Distinguishing DeeLance

The freelance marketplace is simple for everyone to navigate; it takes less than a minute for employers to post a job and for workers to apply for one. “The process is fast, efficient, and easy – the way blockchain is meant to be,” the DeeLance team explains.

DeeLance stands out for its strong stance on transparency as the ecosystem is built on an automated dispute system. All buyer and seller reputations are built into blockchain.

An escrow service ensures freelancers get their pay as long as they deliver services as agreed upon with the sellers. Employers must place orders with money, which is securely stored until delivery has been made and the work is up to the agreed standard.

As a Web3-powered platform, DeeLance is the only platform with the ability to convert freelance work into digital tokens in the form of NFTs. This way, recruiters have ownership of the work, while protecting them against payment fraud and other copyright violations.

DeeLance is the only freelance ecosystem built from the ground up on a decentralized smart platform where sellers and employers interact in a peer-to-peer system. Both sellers and workers save on fees while not compromising on quality and experience.

Unlike existing freelance marketplaces, payments on DeeLance are secure, fast, and guaranteed. Crypto payments are supported to ensure users avoid exchange currency risk or hefty commissions.

The staff recruitment dashboard offers access to top-tier talent and job opportunities from anywhere around the world. DeeLance is truly a decentralized freelance marketplace with a global reach.

Early predictions from experts foresee extensive adoption of DeeLance in India, a country with a bursting freelance workforce. Hundreds of graduates are joining the job market every year with most of them turning to freelance marketplaces to seek opportunities.

The emergence of DeeLance provides a direct solution for India’s growing workforce. According to recent statistics, the recruitment service industry is worth more than $761 billion in terms of global revenue, the IBISWorld report outlines.

DeeLance intends to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize recruitment, thereby ensuring safety and maximizing efficiency. The challenge of recruiting the ideal candidate continues to be the primary concern for employers and organizations.

DeeLance runs on the Ethereum industry and combines the power of decentralization, metaverse, and NFTs to support a vibrant ecosystem where everybody benefits.

Investors piquing interest in DeeLance can buy the platform’s native token $DLANCE with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or with a carp using the Transak payment network.

Experts in the crypto market have been eyeing DeeLance as the next project to explode, bolstered by its real-world use cases.

It is worth mentioning that the total supply of $DLANCE tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), of which up to 30% (300 million) is available in the presale for the general public.

How NFTs Power Digital Ownership Rights On DeeLance

The value of $DLANCE comes from its usefulness as the sole currency that enables the purchase of land within the DeeLance metaverse and transactions in the NFT marketplace.

It also facilitates office leasing, payment of ads, and utilization of other features in the ecosystem.

The ownership of digital works is represented by an NFT token, ensuring that recruiters have secured ownership of the work paid for.

Unlike other recruitment platforms that treat NFTs and the metaverse as an afterthought, DeeLance integrates them at a foundational level.

Freelancers can safely store their work as an NFT until payment and settlement have been accomplished, verifying their ownership.

Rethinking Freelance Economy with Web3 and The Metaverse

DeeLance’s approach to the recruitment and freelance market starts from the ground up with all the pillars in place, including an expansive metaverse.

Freelancers on DeeLance will have a unique yet priceless opportunity to have an office in the metaverse, where they’ll engage with recruiters directly. Interactions will be supported through voice or video conference calls in the meeting rooms.

The $DLANCE token can help freelancers explore their creativity and build their dream metaverse, by allowing the purchase of virtual land or creating immersive networking experiences.

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