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The Sandbox Joins Parapluie Studio To Showcase Thai Cultural Festival In The Metaverse

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Thai Cultural In Metaverse
Thai Cultural In Metaverse

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The Sandbox, an online gaming platform that offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, has partnered with Parapluie Studio and Advanced Info Service (AIS) to showcase the much-awaited Thainese cultural festival in the metaverse.

The Sandbox To Showcase Songkran In The Metaverse

In an April 12 blog post, The Sandbox confirmed partnering with Parapluie Studio, a blockchain-powered firm involved in the video gaming and metaverse, to showcase the highly anticipated Thai cultural festivity. The Sandbox will work alongside Thainese telecom market leader Advanced Info Service (AIS) to offer the metaverse experience.

Under the new integration, the joint team will showcase Songkran holiday celebrations in the metaverse. The water festival is an important event on the Buddhist calendar, marking the start of the traditional Thai New Year. The holiday is celebrated on April 9 every year, but the period may extend from 14 to April 15.

The annual Thai cultural holiday event involves one-of-a-kind experiences such as driving a Tuk-tuk through splashing water, among other activities. While commenting about the new metaverse integration, Tenn Suriyapat, the co-founder of Parapluie, remarked:

“Thanks to The Sandbox for spreading the word about our passion project from Parapluie Studio. We’re bringing traditional festivals to the metaverse. Community and influencers are welcome to join. Let’s make history and create an epic virtual celebration.”

The Sandbox Launches Thainese Cultural-Themed NFTs

The new metaverse adventure will be live on The Sandbox from April 13 to May 13. The joint team has also launched a non-fungible token collection, “Amaze Collection,” showcasing the beauty and flavour of Thai tradition. The new NFT collection is live on The Sandbox NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox is not the first platform to showcase cultural events live in the metaverse. Earlier this year, Decetraland partnered with Uplands to showcase the Brazilian cultural festival in the metaverse. The Brazilian Carnival took place from February 17 up to February 25.

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