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MetaMask Creator ConsenSys Drops New NFTs To Celebrate Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade

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ConsenSys, the blockchain software company behind the popular MetaMask crypto wallet, has launched a new non-fungible token collection to celebrate the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. The highly anticipated Ethereum Capella upgrade went live just a few hours ago.

The Ethereum Shanghai/Capella Upgrade Explained

The Shanghai upgrade is a technological milestone in the history of the internet that will enable users to withdraw staked Ethereum assets. The activation will reduce barriers to entry for retail and institutional stakers, encouraging increased participation, and precipitating further decentralization and security of the Ethereum network.

To celebrate this historic moment, ConsenSys has launched a new NFT collection, “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai,” which will feature two editions. The first commemorative edition consists of an art NFT depicting the themes of liquidity and security.

The second open edition is an NFT depicting the theme of decentralization, a benefit of the Shanghai/Capella upgrade. To thank all the Core Devs and contributors, ConsenSys will airdrop the new commemorative NFTs to the Ethereum Core Devs on April 13.

ConsenSys Launches Commemorative NFTs

As part of the celebrations, ConsenSys has announced to airdrop the new NFTs to members of the Protocol Guild, including 130 Ethereum core protocol contributors, for the years of decentralized coordination and their effort to make the Shanghai/Capella Upgrade a reality.

Ethereum, one of the world’s largest programmable blockchains, performed another significant upgrade, “Merge,” in September last year, enabling it to move to the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The upgrade reduced the network’s energy consumption by 99.99%, among other significant implications.

Again, ConsenSys launched a similar NFT collection, “Regenesis,” to celebrate the Ethereum Merge upgrade. The NFT collection featured two sets of commemorative NFTs. The first was presented to the Ethereum Core Developers (Core Devs), researchers, and client teams, who participated in the Ethereum upgrade.

The second set of NFTs in the collection was an open edition NFT of Regenesis that anyone with a web3 wallet could mint. The open edition NFT remains one of the most distributed NFT drops in the history of Ethereum, with 327,600 mints.

In the meantime, the NFT claim window is open, and it will run for 72 hours. ConsenSys requires shortlisted users to have MetaMask wallets to mint the free open-edition commemorative NFTs. Nonetheless, MetaMask has cautioned over possible scams during this celebration period.

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